Forever Patio

Forever Patio is a fairly new brand on the outdoor furniture scene, with only 10 years of experience to their name, but that hasn't stopped them from quickly becoming renowned for their dedication to cutting edge innovation, style, and comfort.

The outdoor furniture sets at Forever Patio feature timeless aesthetics and simplified sophistication that give modern homeowners free-license to boldly explore their backyards in exciting new ways. After all, everyone deserves to live luxuriously in their own home; Forever Patio facilitates such a dramatic outdoor transformation.

Evidence of industry-leading durability and longevity can be found in every detail of this brand's luxury furniture, from the carefully mended framework to the meticulously woven weather-proof and fade-proof resin wicker fibers.

Whether you are looking for a casual and relaxing look for your patio, or a more striking and impressive furniture centerpiece for your outdoor deck – rest assured Forever Patio furniture will last… well, forever.

The manufacturer proudly stands behind the quality and craftsmanship of every single piece of furniture they produce. With unbeatable warranties and commitment to excellence in customer service, they will help you make the most of your patio. They want to help homeowners everywhere find the perfect furnishings for their backyard, guaranteed to last a lifetime.

That's why Forever Patio's motto is: "our commitment to the beauty and comfort of your patio isn't just in our craft – it's in our name."

Patio Productions is proud to be one of the select few designated retailers of Forever Patio furniture products. If you have any questions regarding the furniture, please contact our team of customer service associates today! We look forward to hearing from you!

And be sure to check out the company's own website here:

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Forever Patio

2 Pc. Barbados Chat Set FP-BAR-2CH-EB
Sale price: $1165.00 (Save 33%)

2 Pc. Cypress Chat Set FP-CYP-2CH-HR
Sale price: $1479.00 (Save 32%)

20" End Table Furniture Cover FP-ET-FC
Sale price: $28.00 (Save 30%)

3 Pc. Barbados Bar Set FP-BAR-3BAR-EB
Sale price: $976.00 (Save 33%)

3 Pc. Barbados Chaise Lounge Set FP-BAR-3CLS-EB
Sale price: $1602.00 (Save 32%)

3 Pc. Barbados Chat Set FP-BAR-3CH-EB
Sale price: $1665.00 (Save 32%)

3 Pc. Barbados Curved Sectional Set FP-BAR-3SEC-EB
Sale price: $3447.00 (Save 31%)

3 Pc. Barbados Sofa Set FP-BAR-3SS-EB
Sale price: $2365.00 (Save 31%)

3 Pc. Capistrano Chaise Lounge Set FP-CAP-3CLS-MC
Sale price: $2891.00 (Save 31%)

3 Pc. Catalina Chaise Lounge Set FP-CAT-3CLS
Sale price: $2215.00 (Save 32%)

3 Pc. Catalina Chat Set FP-CAT-3CH
Sale price: $1825.00 (Save 32%)

3 Pc. Catalina Rocking Chat Set FP-CAT-3RCH
Sale price: $982.00 (Save 30%)

3 Pc. Catalina Sofa Set FP-CAT-3SS
Sale price: $1900.00 (Save 32%)

3 Pc. Cypress Chaise Lounge Set FP-CYP-3CLS-HR
Sale price: $2104.00 (Save 32%)

3 Pc. Cypress Chat Set FP-CYP-3CH-HR
Sale price: $2024.00 (Save 32%)

3 Pc. Cypress Sectional Set FP-CYP-3SEC-HR
Sale price: $3877.00 (Save 31%)

3 Pc. Cypress Sofa Set FP-CYP-3SS-HR
Sale price: $2876.00 (Save 31%)

3 Pc. Hampton Bar Set FP-HAM-3BAR
Sale price: $994.00 (Save 30%)