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  1. Wink Canopy Day Bed - Chestnut HL-WINK-CH-DB
    was $2,980.00 Special Price $1,899.00
  2. Wink Canopy Day Bed - Coffee Bean HL-WINK-CB-DB
    was $2,980.00 Special Price $1,899.00
  3. Wink Canopy Day Bed - Textured Slate HL-WINK-TS-DB
    was $2,980.00 Special Price $1,899.00
  4. Nimbus Hanging Chair And Stand - Textured Slate HL-NMBS-TS-2SW-ST
    was $1,375.00 Special Price $749.00
  5. Nimbus Outdoor Hanging Chair And Stand HL-NMBS-CB-2SW-ST
    was $1,375.00 Special Price $749.00
  6. Oceanus Chaise Lounge
    was $1,309.00 Special Price $980.00
  7. District Day Lounger HL-DIS-TS-DL
    was $2,535.00 Special Price $1,625.00
  8. Urbana Day Lounger - Coffee Bean HL-URBN-CB-DL
    was $2,535.00 Special Price $1,625.00
  9. Apollo Sun Bed
    was $2,375.00 Special Price $1,780.00
  10. Athena Floor Pad
    was $909.00 Special Price $680.00
  11. Atlas Daybed
    was $2,669.00 Special Price $2,000.00
  12. Marin Chaise Lounge
    was $2,713.00 Special Price $1,758.00
  13. Oceanus Double Chaise Lounge
    was $2,240.00 Special Price $1,680.00
  14. Salacia Chaise Lounge
    was $1,549.00 Special Price $1,160.00
  15. Helios Lounge
    was $5,600.00 Special Price $4,200.00
  16. Soho Canopy Daybed with Grey Curtains (903-9235-JBP)
    was $2,397.00 Special Price $1,749.00
  17. 2 Pc. Outdoor Haven Lounge Set
    was $5,194.00 Special Price $3,996.00
  18. 3 Pc. Tides Lounge Set
    was $8,954.00 Special Price $6,888.00
  19. 5 Pc Olympus Chaise Lounge Set
    was $4,800.00 Special Price $3,600.00
  20. 5 Pc Olympus Daybed Set
    was $5,200.00 Special Price $3,900.00
  21. Aerie Daybed
    was $4,812.00 Special Price $3,369.00
  22. Aether Queen Sized Daybed
    was $3,200.00 Special Price $2,400.00
  23. Cardiff Daybed 2901-99
    was $2,697.00 Special Price $1,888.00
  24. Dijon Canopy Double Bed (DJ.825-B99)
    was $6,119.00 Special Price $4,280.00
  25. Eros Twin Sized Daybed
    was $1,815.00 Special Price $1,360.00
  26. Hampton Single Adjustable Chaise Lounge FP-HAM-ACL
    was $1,311.00 Special Price $874.00
  27. Key Biscayne Canopy Daybed (PJO-7001-ATQ-CD)
    was $2,247.00 Special Price $1,679.00
  28. Leucadia Daybed 2601-99
    was $2,697.00 Special Price $1,888.00
  29. Venice Double Chaise 1089-99
    was $2,307.00 Special Price $1,615.00

29 Items

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Outdoor Daybed and Lounge Furniture

An outdoor daybed makes a bold statement on any patio or pool deck and may be the final piece that truly brings your outdoor design together! And when it comes to finding the best-quality daybeds, you are in good hands with Patio Productions.

Our daybed collection features only the finest and most comfortable products we’ve come across in our 10+ years of business. Each bed is tested by our staff for material quality, longevity, durability, ease-of-assembly, and comfort. We only carry products from the manufacturers we trust the most and have a proven track-record of quality and customer service, including Harmonia Living, Sunset West, and La Fete.

Most of our daybeds are finished with premium-grade all-weather resin wicker, guaranteed to be long-lasting, fade-resistant, scratch-resistant, and weatherproof. They feature all-weather powder-coated aluminum frames that are renowned for their lightweight design and superior durability. Other products are finished with marine-grade yacht vinyl and weatherproof textilene fabrics, and some feature recycled or reclaimed materials in their construction.

All daybeds and patio lounges are crowned with ultra-comfortable foamcore cushions encased in Sunbrella fabric pillow cases. The Sunbrella Difference means you will enjoy relaxing on these luxurious cushions for years and years to come, no matter the weather!

As always, our U.S. based sales team is standing by eager to help if you have any questions regarding any of these products. You can Livechat with our San Diego sales team anytime during the regular showroom hours listed on our Contact page, call us anytime during regular call center hours, or email us 24/7 and we will reply within the next business day.