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Aluminum Sofa Sets

Do you love relaxing outdoors, maybe in a garden, on a patio or deck, or next to an outdoor fire pit? If so, you should know about the simple beauty of cast aluminum outdoor sofa sets. Aluminum sofa sets are the perfect solution for customers looking to infuse classic style into their outdoor space. Streamlined, simply styled, and virtually maintenance free, aluminum outdoor sofa sets are the perfect solution for those who want to spend their outdoor time relaxing and visiting with friends and family -- not cleaning or treating high-maintenance outdoor furniture.

aluminum patio furniture is a great solution for outdoor sofa sets because it is highly durable. Aluminum is much more light weight than cast iron, plus it will not rust, peel, or fade with exposure to the elements. Leave it outside and live worry-free! Due to the way it is manufactured, cast aluminum can also provide more options to your outdoor sofa set in terms of color and style. Many cast aluminum sofa sets are provided with a colored powder coat in such finishes as black, granite, antique wine, and other colors designed to fit in with your natural decor. Its light weight also provides customers with a wide range of styles, ranging from ornate and decorative to simple and chic. All of our outdoor sofa sets come included with Sunbrella or Outdura brand premium fabric cushions in the color of your choice, which are weather-resistant and will fend off fading and mildew.

We offer a wide range of sofa set styles and sizes perfect for your outdoor space. From generous seven-piece sets with seating for six to eight, to club sets around a chat table for quiet conversation, we're sure you'll find the right sofa set to match your needs and your style. Contact us today for customizable options - we're here to help! Patio Productions is your number one source for quality patio furniture.

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  1. Bridgetown Curved Seating Group BTDSG5
    was $5,386.00 Special Price $2,962.30
  2. 5 Pc. Island Breeze Sofa Set with Cushions (PJO-1001-ESP-5PCL)
    was $3,153.00 Special Price $2,359.00
  3. Island Breeze 5 pc. Sling Seating Group (PJO-1001-ESP-5PCS)
    was $1,326.00 Special Price $979.00
  4. 10 Pc. Dakoda Deep Seating Sectional
    was $13,096.00 Special Price $8,513.40
  5. 3 Pc. Monterey Sectional Set 3001-SEC
    was $5,517.00 Special Price $3,862.00
  6. 4 Pc. Cosmopolitan Sofa Set 701840-SET
    was $4,479.00 Special Price $2,986.00
  7. 4 Pc. Monterey Sofa Set
    was $5,877.00 Special Price $4,114.00
  8. 4 Piece Portal Seating Set - Coffee Bean HL-PORT-CB-SET
    was $2,980.00 Special Price $1,899.00
  9. 4 Piece Portal Seating Set - Textured Slate
    was $2,980.00 Special Price $1,899.00
  10. 5 Pc. Ashbee Sectional Set
    was $3,732.00 Special Price $3,358.80
  11. 5 Pc. Ashbee Sectional Sofa Set
    was $3,340.00 Special Price $3,006.00
  12. 5 Pc. Island Cove Chat Set (PJO-8001-ESP-5GAT)
    was $1,302.00 Special Price $969.00
  13. 5 Pc. Island Cove Sofa Set (PJO-8001-ESP-5PCS)
    was $1,471.00 Special Price $1,099.00
  14. 6 Pc. San Michelle Sofa Set
    was $5,205.00 Special Price $3,645.00
  15. 7 Pc. San Michelle Sectional Set
    was $5,950.00 Special Price $4,165.00
  16. Aragon 4-Pc. Rectangular Fire Table Set
    was $5,988.00 Special Price $3,992.00
  17. Aragon 5-Pc. Sofa Set
    was $4,590.00 Special Price $3,060.00
  18. Aragon 7-Pc. Sofa Set with Round Fire Table
    was $8,982.00 Special Price $5,988.00
  19. Bridgetown 4-Piece Deep Seating Group BTDSG4
    was $6,784.00 Special Price $3,731.20
  20. Circa 4 Piece Lounge Set HL-CIRC-CHR-4SS
    was $2,880.00 Special Price $1,799.00
  21. La Jolla Loveseat with Club Chair 401-22-SET
    was $3,894.00 Special Price $2,726.00
  22. Laguna 3 Pc. Sofa Set 3501-21-SET
    was $5,391.00 Special Price $3,774.00
  23. Laguna 5 Pc. Sofa Set 3501-23-SET
    was $6,795.00 Special Price $4,757.00
  24. Oslo 5 Piece Sofa Set HL-OSL-WHT-5SS-ASH
    was $3,146.50 Special Price $1,999.00
  25. Largo 8 Pc. Sofa Set 241055-SET
    was $11,480.00 Special Price $8,036.00
  26. Redondo Sectional 3801-SEC
    was $5,397.00 Special Price $3,778.00
  27. Avion 5 Pc. Sectional Set HL-AVN-SL-5SEC
    was $3,630.00 Special Price $2,399.00
  28. Sarasota 8 Pc. Sofa Set SO-481-SET
    was $12,144.00 Special Price $7,894.00
  29. Belize 6-Pc. Sofa Set
    was $7,989.00 Special Price $5,326.00
  30. Tobago 6 Pc. Sofa Set 426055-SET
    was $15,290.00 Special Price $10,703.00
  31. Albany 6 Pc. Sofa Set AB-481-SET
    was $7,639.00 Special Price $4,965.00
  32. Sarasota 6 Pc. L-Sectional Set SO-493-SET
    was $9,019.00 Special Price $5,863.75
  33. Avion 3 Pc. Sofa Set HL-AVN-SL-3SS
    was $3,435.00 Special Price $2,249.00
  34. Georgetown 7 Pc. Sofa Set GT-481-SET
    was $14,324.00 Special Price $9,312.00
  35. Pacifica 4 Pc. Sofa Set HL-PAC-SL-4SS
    was $2,855.00 Special Price $1,899.00
  36. Volare 7 Pc. Sofa Set VO-881-SET
    was $12,201.00 Special Price $7,931.00
  37. Avion 4 Pc. Sofa Set HL-AVN-SL-4SS
    was $3,585.00 Special Price $2,399.00
  38. Pacifica 3 Pc. Sofa Set HL-PAC-SL-3SS
    was $2,705.00 Special Price $1,799.00
  39. Georgetown 5 Pc. Round Sectional Set GT-492-SET
    was $12,256.00 Special Price $7,965.00
  40. All Seasons 5 Pc. Porch Rocker Set 124333-SET
    was $5,255.00 Special Price $3,678.50
  41. Pacifica 5 Pc. Sofa Set HL-PAC-SL-5SS
    was $4,095.00 Special Price $2,749.00
  42. Avion 5 Pc. Sofa Set HL-AVN-SL-5SS
    was $5,195.00 Special Price $3,449.00
  43. Avion 8 Pc. Sectional Set HL-AVN-SL-8SEC
    was $5,440.00 Special Price $3,599.00
  44. Oslo 7 Pc. Sofa Set OS-481-SET
    was $11,823.00 Special Price $7,882.00

44 Items

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