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Outdoor Planters

Outdoor planters and garden beds are the perfect way to introduce a little more flora to your patio design! All of our hardscape accessories are made from the highest quality concrete, ceramic, natural wood, and resin materials to last a lifetime and bring new life to your outdoor space.

Patio Productions offers a highly curated catalog of planters that are hand-picked by our American staff of patio furniture experts and designers for their quality and excellence in design. If you need help finding the perfect planter for your home, please don't hesitate to contact us for a quote or to take advantage of our free design services! If you are a commercial client, ask us about our bulk trade deals for planters and garden boxes to make your business's outdoor areas truly stand out.

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  1. 19" x 38" English Planter PL38
    was $435.00 Special Price $356.70
  2. Cube Planter (Set of 2) 308GU368P2AGM
    was $1,290.00 Special Price $946.00
  3. English Planter 308GU367P2B
    was $990.00 Special Price $726.00
  4. Traditional Garden 16" Planter GP16
    was $210.00 Special Price $149.00
  5. Mason 2 Pc. Pedestal Planters Set HL-MAS-2PED-IVR
    was $150.00 Special Price $99.00
  6. Arafura Vase - Small 308GU377P2AG-47/57
    was $690.00 Special Price $506.00
  7. Azov Planter 308FT372P2B
    was $1,200.00 Special Price $880.00
  8. 18" Square Planter (includes insert) SP18
    was $508.00 Special Price $406.00
  9. 22" Square Planter (includes insert) SP22
    was $603.00 Special Price $482.00

9 Items

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