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Outdoor Pergolas

Add shape and style to your patio or poolside with some stunning pergolas from Patio Productions! Whether you’re barbecuing in your own backyard or outfitting your commercial patio or quad with some cool shady accessories, Patio Productions has the perfect DIY pergola kits for you.

Pergola Kits and Grids

Some of our pergola kits come with everything you need to assemble a pergola or awning right away. Within hours, you’ll have a beautiful new pergola out of the box. Other kits, like Toja Grid kits, feature hardware and pergola joinery - everything but the posts. This gives you greater freedom and flexibility to construct your pergola to your own exact specifications, but requires more time and planning on your part. What are some of the most popular ways to use pergolas? Here are just a few:

  • Shade your deck, patio, balcony, or poolside
  • Protect your car (carport)
  • Cover an outdoor kitchen or barbecue area
  • Cool off your hot tub
  • Add a touch of charm to your garden

Attached or Free Standing

Pergolas may be constructed as stand alone structures, making them suitable for use as central features in your landscape (think of something like a gazebo). They are then anchored directly into the ground for stability. Other pergolas are designed to attach to a wall or existing structure. Whichever style better suits your needs, we have you covered.

Soak Up Some Shade

Traditionally, pergolas feature open slatted roofs, perfect for catching just a little sunlight while you enjoy your patio. With modern pergola kits, shade sails are becoming vogue additions. Keep your patio cool and shaded while you enjoy the beauty of your backyard! Toja grid shade sails are tailor made to work with Toja grid pergola systems and are beautiful, useful additions to your poolside or deck. Like an umbrella - but bigger and more structured!

Some shades are even retractable - giving you full control over how much sun or shade gets to your deck.


Custom pergolas built on-site can cost you thousands. If you consider yourself a bit handy with common household tools, buying a precisely-built pergola kit can save you a lot of money! For a non-professional, we typically estimate kit construction to take between 6 and 12 hours - perfect for a fun and rewarding weekend project.

Assembly instructions for all pergola kits are straightforward and easy to follow. You can build your pergola anywhere you want and you have lots of room for customization!

Make it Your Own

Most of our pergola kits are completely customizable. With any Toja Grid kit, you choose your own posts and wood type, post lengths, end shape, and whether the pergola is standalone or attached to a patio wall. Fiberglass posts are great for a more modern, poolside look, while cedar and oak posts are the standard for classic decks and gardens. Mix and match Toja joinings for a custom build shape that works perfectly for your home, and purchase a shade sail to match! Hammocks are also popular choices for pergola kit builds.

Have questions about any of our patio furniture? Feeling stuck or need more information on a product? Perhaps you'd like to use our Free Design Services? Call or email us today! Our team of patio furniture industry experts can't wait to help you build the patio of your dreams.

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