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Outdoor Chat Sets

If you’re the type of person who loves to go outside on the patio to chat with friends and enjoy some snacks and drinks together, an outdoor chat set will suit you well. Outdoor chat sets are also a good option if you have a patio or balcony with limited space. A lot of patio furniture has a tendency to take up a lot of room. Usually consisting of two club or dining chairs and an end table, they are perfect for people who just want to sit, relax, and enjoy the company of the people close to them. Add a couple of ottomans and you’ll never want to leave your patio!

Available in every style imaginable, Patio Productions offers plenty of options to choose from whether you prefer modern, contemporary, or traditional. The amount of styles and designs we carry allow you to make your outdoor chat sets a versatile addition to any patio. You’ll have no problem finding a set that matches your current patio furniture. Our popular Pineapple Chat Set features a space saving design that allows the chairs and end table to stack right on top of each other, saving you space when not in use. It features a clean modern style that adds stylish appeal to any patio.

We offer chat sets made from polywood that are guaranteed to last for as much as 20 years without any noticeable fading or cracking. Made from top quality materials such as powder coated aluminum frames and all-weather synthetic resin wicker, these pieces of outdoor furniture will keep looking good and serve you well for years to come. One of the benefits of synthetic wicker and cast aluminum frames is that they will last forever with minimal maintenance. A quick wipe down or a rinse with a hose will leave them looking almost brand new. They’re also lightweight options compared to wrought iron or wood. It’s convenient to buy wicker or cast aluminum for outdoor chat sets because since they’re so small, it’s common to move them around the patio.

For the majority of our outdoor chat sets, we use cushions with Sunbrella fabrics. Their fabrics are waterproof and extremely durable so you won’t have to worry about inclement weather. Another great feature is the customization you get when going with Sunbrella cushions. We carry over 200 different fabrics and prints so you’ll be able to find the perfect design for any patio.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our team of patio furniture experts. We’re here to help you create the patio of your dreams!

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  1. 5 Pc. Urbana Club Chair Set HL-URBN-CB-5CC
    was $3,075.00 Special Price $1,899.00
  2. Mandala Lounge Chair - Trance (Set of 2) HL-MALA-TRANCE-2LC
    was $1,169.00 Special Price $899.00
  3. Mandala Lounge Chair - Chaos (Set of 2) HL-MALA-CHAOS-2LC
    was $1,169.00 Special Price $899.00
  4. Mandala Lounge Chair - Cosmos (Set of 2) HL-MALA-COSMOS-2LC
    was $1,169.00 Special Price $899.00
  5. Sophie 3 Piece Lounge Set HL-SPH-AG-3CS
    was $923.00 Special Price $599.00
  6. 5 Pc. District Club Chair Set HL-DIS-TS-5CC
    was $3,075.00 Special Price $1,899.00
  7. 3 Pc. Arbor Chat Set HL-AR-CB-3CS
    was $1,220.00 Special Price $749.00
  8. 5 Pc. Arden Club Chair Set HL-ARD-CH-5CC
    was $3,290.00 Special Price $1,999.00
  9. 3 Pc. Arden Club Chair Set HL-ARD-CH-3CC
    was $1,775.00 Special Price $1,099.00
  10. 3 Pc. Urbana Club Chair Set HL-URBN-CB-3CC
    was $1,660.00 Special Price $999.00
  11. 3 Pc. Acapulco Chat Set HL-ACA-3CS
    was $875.00 Special Price $499.00
  12. 3 Pc. Element Club Chair Set HL-ELE-TP-3CC
    was $1,870.00 Special Price $1,099.00
  13. 4 Pc. Element Sofa Set HL-ELE-TP-4SS
    was $4,270.00 Special Price $2,599.00
  14. 5 Pc. Element Club Chair Set HL-ELE-TP-5CC
    was $3,415.00 Special Price $1,999.00
  15. 2 Pc. Barbados Chat Set FP-BAR-2CH-EB
    was $1,735.00 Special Price $1,305.00
  16. 2 Pc. Cypress Chat Set FP-CYP-2CH-HR
    was $2,184.00 Special Price $1,635.00
  17. 3 Pc. Catalina Rocking Chat Set FP-CAT-3RCH
    was $1,402.00 Special Price $1,043.00
  18. 3 Pc. Cypress Chat Set FP-CYP-3CH-HR
    was $2,962.00 Special Price $2,206.00
  19. 5 Piece Carlisle Chat Set FP-LAS-5CHT-PR
    was $3,886.00 Special Price $3,204.00
  20. 7 Pc. Salona Chat Set
    was $4,935.00 Special Price $3,395.00
  21. Island Breeze 5 pc. Gathering Group (PJO-1001-ESP-5GAT)
    was $1,157.00 Special Price $859.00
  22. 2 Pc. Belle Isle Chat Set
    was $940.00 Special Price $846.00
  23. 2 Pc. Key Biscayne Lounge Chair Set (PJO-7001-ATQ-2PCS)
    was $972.00 Special Price $699.00
  24. 3 Pc. Aruba Bistro Set ISP804-3BS
    was $950.00 Special Price $639.00
  25. 3 Pc. Aruba Chat Set ISP804-3CH
    was $700.00 Special Price $475.00
  26. 3 Pc. Aruba Chat Set ISP804-3PC
    was $700.00 Special Price $475.00
  27. 3 Pc. California Chat Set ISP8061S
    was $550.00 Special Price $349.00
  28. 3 Pc. Classic Adirondack Chat Set PWS214-1
    was $1,091.00 Special Price $595.00
  29. 3 Pc. Island Cove Balcony Set (PJO-8001-ESP-3AE/SD)
    was $665.00 Special Price $499.00
  30. 3 Pc. Island Cove Bistro Set (PJO-8001-ESP-3PC)
    was $769.00 Special Price $569.00
  31. 3 Pc. Long Island Chat Set PWS180-1
    was $1,309.00 Special Price $895.00
  32. 3 Pc. Long Island Chat Set PWS183-1
    was $1,195.00 Special Price $849.00
  33. 3 Pc. Palm Bay Chat Set
    was $8,838.00 Special Price $6,799.00
  34. 3 Pc. Terrace Chat Set
    was $8,072.00 Special Price $6,209.00
  35. 3 Pc. Triumph Chat Set SO-2021
    was $1,859.00 Special Price $1,559.00
  36. 3 Pc. Tuscanna Bistro Set SO-2013
    was $996.00 Special Price $835.00
  37. 4 Pc. Miami Sofa Set ISP845-4S
    was $1,749.00 Special Price $1,032.00
  38. 4 Pc. South Beach Adirondack Set PWS137-1
    was $1,434.00 Special Price $995.00
  39. 5 Pc. Classic Adirondack Chat Set PWS119-1
    was $2,072.00 Special Price $1,295.00
  40. 5 Pc. Island Cove Chat Set (PJO-8001-ESP-5GAT)
    was $1,302.00 Special Price $969.00
  41. 5 Pc. Long Island Chat Set PWS179-1
    was $2,695.00 Special Price $1,895.00
  42. 6 Pc. Miami Chat Set ISP991S
    was $1,500.00 Special Price $975.00
  43. 7 Pc. Artemis Sofa Set Set ISP004S7
    was $1,790.00 Special Price $1,149.00
  44. 7 Pc. California Chat Set ISP8062S
    was $1,300.00 Special Price $799.00
  45. 7 Pc. Jax Chat Set
    was $4,900.00 Special Price $3,185.00
  46. Aragon 3-Pc. Lounge Chair Set
    was $1,695.00 Special Price $1,130.00
  47. Aragon 4-Pc. Rectangular Fire Table Set
    was $5,988.00 Special Price $3,992.00
  48. Aragon 5-Pc. Round Fire Table Conversation Set
    was $6,411.00 Special Price $4,274.00

67 items

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