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Outdoor Wicker Bar Sets

If you like entertaining friends, enjoying time outdoors, and enjoying coffee, beer, or cocktails in the sunshine, you may want to consider investing in an outdoor bar set. Bar sets are versatile and practical, perfect for watching the sunset over drinks or sipping a morning coffee while reading the newspaper. For styles that blend in with all decor and look luxurious and sophisticated, outdoor wicker bar sets are a wonderful choice. Place yours on a poolside patio, on a backyard deck, or anywhere you can enjoy the outdoors and relax.

Outdoor wicker furniture is perfect for a wide variety of climates because it is made of synthetic materials such as polyurethane and polyethylene. These synthetic wicker fabrics are then wrapped around a powder-coated aluminum frame which is both lightweight and rust-proof. The result is sturdy, durable outdoor wicker bar sets which feature beautiful, natural-looking designs. These outdoor bar sets feature outdoor wicker covered bar stools and wicker-embellished bars, with tops made either of wicker with a glass top or of luxurious granite. For maximum comfort, choose an outdoor wicker bar set that includes Sunbrella or Outdura outdoor fabrics for customized style.

Outdoor wicker bar sets also do double duty. They are perfect for intimate outdoor dining, while their tall bar height adds a sophisticated bistro appeal. Bar sets are available in various heights and styles, ranging from traditional styles to contemporary designs to classic looks perfect for any outdoor space. We're sure you'll find the perfect bar set for your needs -- if you wish to customize a set or can't find what you need, just let us know! Patio Productions is here to help.

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  1. 5 Pc. Urbana Bar Chair Set HL-URBN-CB-5BCS
    was $2,245.00 Special Price $1,109.00
  2. 5 Piece Urbana Bar Set HL-URBN-CB-5BS
    was $1,585.00 Special Price $999.00
  3. 7 Pc. Urbana Bar Set HL-URBN-CB-7BS
    was $3,480.00 Special Price $1,799.00
  4. 5 Pc. Arden Bar Set HL-ARD-CH-5BCS
    was $2,245.00 Special Price $1,109.00
  5. 5 Pc. District Bar Set HL-DIS-TS-5BCS
    was $2,245.00 Special Price $1,109.00
  6. 7 Pc. Arden Bar Set HL-ARD-CH-7BS
    was $3,480.00 Special Price $1,799.00
  7. 7 Pc. District Bar Set HL-DIS-TS-7BS
    was $3,480.00 Special Price $1,799.00
  8. Arden Bar Chair HL-ARD-CH-BC
    was $310.00 Special Price $190.00
  9. District 4-Seater Bar Table HL-DIS-TS-4BT
    was $605.00 Special Price $399.00
  10. District 6-Seater Rectangular Bar Table HL-DIS-TS-6BT
    was $1,020.00 Special Price $699.00
  11. District Bar Chair HL-DIS-TS-BC
    was $310.00 Special Price $190.00
  12. 5 Pc. Hampton Swivel Counter Height Bar Set FP-HAM-5BAR
    was $2,495.00 Special Price $1,862.00
  13. 3 Pc. St. Barths Bar Set PJO-3001-BRN-3PCP/3PSB
    was $1,245.00 Special Price $895.00
  14. 3 Pc. Indo Bar Set
    was $2,309.00 Special Price $1,496.00
  15. 3 Pc. Soho Bar Set (3PC-SET-903-P)
    was $1,575.00 Special Price $1,149.00
  16. Arden 4-Seater Bar Table HL-ARD-CH-4BT
    was $605.00 Special Price $399.00
  17. Arden 6-Seater Bar Table HL-ARD-CH-6BT
    was $1,020.00 Special Price $699.00
  18. Cornwall Woven Wood Bar Set with 36" Square Table 46-3000
    was $5,215.00 Special Price $3,999.00
  19. Hampton Swivel Counter Stool FP-HAM-SBS
    was $482.00 Special Price $360.00
  20. Indo Bar Stool
    was $738.00 Special Price $478.00
  21. Indo Bar Table
    was $833.00 Special Price $540.00
  22. Manhattan Barstool 3301-7B
    was $627.00 Special Price $439.00
  23. Manhattan Counter Stool 3301-7C
    was $627.00 Special Price $439.00
  24. Tutto All Weather Wicker Bar Height Dining Set 43-1309
    was $3,549.00 Special Price $2,299.00
  25. Tutto All Weather Wicker Mezzo Bar Set 43-1312
    was $2,998.00 Special Price $2,398.00
  26. All Seasons 5 Pc. Bar Set 124305-SET
    was $6,065.00 Special Price $4,245.50
  27. 3 Pc. Key Biscayne Bar Set (PJO-7001-ATQ-3PCP)
    was $1,317.00 Special Price $979.00
  28. 3 Pc. Key Biscayne Bistro Set (PJO-7001-ATQ-3PC)
    was $951.00 Special Price $699.00

28 Items

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