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Outdoor Wicker Sectionals

If you enjoy relaxing outside and spending quality time with friends and family, consider the beauty and benefit of outdoor wicker sofa sets. Outdoor wicker is wonderful material for a wide range of design styles and preferences, and it is a great way to transform your patio or deck into a beautiful and chic outdoor space! Made from synthetic materials such as polyethylene and polyurethane, outdoor wicker will not fade, peel, or warp like natural rattan. Its colors, ranging from brilliant white to rich browns to deepest black, are resins that are infused into the material itself, so they will never chip like painted wicker. The outdoor wicker is wrapped around a powder coated aluminum frame, which is also rust-proof, and lightweight as well. If you choose outdoor wicker furniture, you'll see why so many customers have chosen this new trend in outdoor seating.

One of the most popular design trends in outdoor wicker furniture is the modular sofa set. Why settle for seating just one way, with just one good method for arranging furniture? With outdoor wicker modular sofa sets, you don't have to make sacrifices in your design choices. Modular sofa sets are made up of corner sections and club chairs that can be placed together to form sofas of any size and shape, or left apart for individual seating. Like other outdoor wicker sofa sets, modular sofa sets often come included with outdoor wicker coffee tables and end tables, and can be accentuated with outdoor wicker lounge chairs, dining sets, or daybeds. The possibilities are endless. Whether you are enjoying a family night of four or entertaining additional guests, an outdoor wicker modular sofa set is the perfect solution.

Modular sofa sets, while a new fashion in outdoor design, are available in a wide range of colors and styles. More traditional styles feature the curves and natural colors of classic wicker, while more contemporary styles feature geometric designs, bold colors, and a wide variety of ways to arrange your modular sofa. All of our outdoor wicker modular sofa sets come included with premium outdoor cushions, many of which are the Sunbrella or Outdura brands -- known in the industry for their resistance to fading, shredding, and damages caused by moisture and mildew. Come see what we have to offer and find the modular sofa set you're looking for!

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  1. Avion 5 Pc. Sectional Set HL-AVN-SL-5SEC
    was $3,630.00 Special Price $2,399.00
  2. Avion 8 Pc. Sectional Set HL-AVN-SL-8SEC
    was $5,440.00 Special Price $3,599.00
  3. 8 Pc. Urbana Sectional Set HL-URBN-CB-8SEC
    was $5,990.00 Special Price $3,499.00
  4. 4 Piece Arden Eclipse Sectional Set HL-ARD-CH-4CSEC
    was $5,585.00 Special Price $3,199.00
  5. 5 Pc. District Sectional Set HL-DIS-TS-5SEC
    was $3,850.00 Special Price $2,299.00
  6. 5 Pc. Element Sectional Set HL-ELE-TP-5SEC
    was $4,345.00 Special Price $2,599.00
  7. Manhattan 3 Piece Sectional 3301-SEC
    was $5,148.00 Special Price $3,604.00
  8. 3 Pc. Coronado Sectional Set
    was $5,727.00 Special Price $4,009.00
  9. 8 Pc. Arden Sectional Set HL-ARD-CH-8SEC
    was $6,550.00 Special Price $3,999.00
  10. 4 Pc. Cypress Sectional Set FP-CYP-4SEC-HR
    was $5,570.00 Special Price $4,184.00
  11. 4 Pc. Urbana Eclipse Sectional Set - Coffee Bean HL-URBN-CB-4CSEC
    was $5,210.00 Special Price $2,999.00
  12. 6 Pc. Urbana Sectional Set HL-URBN-CB-6SEC
    was $4,130.00 Special Price $2,499.00
  13. 3 Pc. Urbana Eclipse Sectional Set - Coffee Bean HL-URBN-CB-3CSEC
    was $6,735.00 Special Price $3,799.00
  14. 3 Pc. Monterey Sectional Set 3001-SEC
    was $5,517.00 Special Price $3,862.00
  15. 7 Piece Urbana Curved Sectional Set HL-URBN-CB-7CSEC
    was $10,060.00 Special Price $5,899.00
  16. 8 Pc. District Sectional Set HL-DIS-TS-8SEC
    was $5,990.00 Special Price $3,499.00
  17. 4 Pc. Arden Sectional Set HL-ARD-CH-4SEC
    was $3,775.00 Special Price $2,299.00
  18. 4 Pc. District Curved Sectional Set HL-DIS-TS-4CSEC
    was $5,210.00 Special Price $2,999.00
  19. 5 Pc. Arden Sectional Set HL-ARD-CH-5SEC
    was $4,235.00 Special Price $2,599.00
  20. 7 Pc. Cypress Sectional Set FP-CYP-7SEC-HR
    was $7,794.00 Special Price $5,859.00
  21. 6 Pc. Arden Sectional Set HL-ARD-CH-6SEC
    was $4,490.00 Special Price $2,699.00
  22. 3 Piece Arden Eclipse Sectional Set HL-ARD-CH-3CSEC
    was $7,170.00 Special Price $3,999.00
  23. 6 Pc. District Sectional Set HL-DIS-TS-6SEC
    was $4,130.00 Special Price $2,499.00
  24. 18 Pc. District Eclipse Set HL-DIS-TS-18ES
    was $12,705.00 Special Price $7,499.00
  25. 18 Piece Urbana Eclipse Set HL-URBN-CB-18ES
    was $12,705.00 Special Price $7,499.00
  26. 7 Pc. District Curved Sectional Set HL-DIS-TS-7CSEC
    was $10,060.00 Special Price $5,899.00
  27. 6 Pc. Element Sectional Set HL-ELE-TP-6SEC
    was $4,630.00 Special Price $2,699.00
  28. 7 Piece Arden Eclipse Sectional Set HL-ARD-CH-7CSEC
    was $10,765.00 Special Price $5,999.00
  29. 3 Pc. District Curved Sectional Set HL-DIS-TS-3CSEC
    was $6,735.00 Special Price $3,799.00
  30. 3 Pc Leucadia Sectional Set 2601-SEC
    was $5,787.00 Special Price $4,051.00
  31. 4 Pc. Barbados Sectional Set FP-BAR-4SEC-EB
    was $4,818.00 Special Price $3,633.00
  32. 8 Pc. Hampton Sectional Set FP-HAM-8SEC
    was $6,767.00 Special Price $5,103.00
  33. 3 Pc. Montecito Sectional Set 2501-SEC
    was $5,727.00 Special Price $4,009.00
  34. 3 Pc. Cardiff Sectional Set 2901-SEC
    was $5,787.00 Special Price $4,051.00
  35. 3 Pc. Barbados Curved Sectional Set FP-BAR-3SEC-EB
    was $4,995.00 Special Price $3,771.00
  36. 4 Pc. Hampton Sectional Set FP-HAM-4SEC
    was $3,621.00 Special Price $2,738.00
  37. 7 Pc. Solana Sectional Set
    was $5,391.00 Special Price $3,775.00
  38. 5 Pc. Solana Sectional Set
    was $5,145.00 Special Price $3,602.00
  39. 6 Pc. St. Barths Sectional Set (PJO-3001-BRN-6SEC)
    was $3,642.00 Special Price $2,699.00
  40. 7 Pc. Barbados Sectional Set FP-BAR-7SEC-EB
    was $6,544.00 Special Price $4,940.00
  41. 13 Pc. Olympus Sectional Set
    was $11,735.00 Special Price $8,800.00
  42. 3 Pc. Lucaya Sectional Set SO-2012
    was $2,944.00 Special Price $2,208.00
  43. 5 Pc. Cypress Sectional Set FP-CYP-5SEC-HR
    was $7,968.00 Special Price $6,095.00
  44. 5 Pc. Soho Sectional Set (5PC-SET-903-S)
    was $5,271.00 Special Price $3,899.00
  45. 10 Pc. Heritage Woven Deep Seating Sectional
    was $11,289.00 Special Price $7,526.00
  46. 13 Pc. Eros Lounge Sectional Set
    was $11,469.00 Special Price $8,600.00
  47. 3 Pc. Cypress Sectional Set FP-CYP-3SEC-HR
    was $5,610.00 Special Price $4,186.00
  48. 3 Pc. St. Barths Armless Set PJO-3001-BRN-3ACT
    was $1,521.00 Special Price $1,099.00

94 items

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