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Aluminum Lounges and Daybeds

If your idea of fun is sitting back and soaking up the sun (or shade), you're likely in the market for a high-quality lounge chair! Cast aluminum outdoor lounges provide the comfort and style you're looking for, and many of them coordinate with our other outdoor sofa and dining sets -- pair up some pieces for your own customized look! Don't waste your time and money buying a cheap plastic lounge chair that will fall apart after only a few seasons. Our outdoor lounges are sturdy, convenient, and gorgeous.

Aluminum lounge chairs are a very popular choice for outdoor seating. Their light weight, first of all, makes them easy to transport and to arrange. Moving your lounge chair out of (or into) the sun is a breeze. Many of our aluminum lounge chairs even feature wheeled bases to make moving even easier! Cast aluminum furniture is also extremely long-lasting and durable. Unlike materials such as wrought iron, a favorite for outdoor furniture (and a heavy one!), aluminum outdoor lounges will not rust. Many of our aluminum pieces are guaranteed for five to ten years against rust and weather damage, although you can plan on them lasting much longer. Cast aluminum has naturally replaced wrought iron because it lasts so much longer and is much lighter. With the technology used in designing cast aluminum outdoor furniture, the aluminum can be made to look like a variety of decorative materials -- even wood! A variety of powder coats may give your cast aluminum outdoor furniture a deep gray or black finish, an antique patina in a bronze or wine color, or many other options.

Most of our outdoor lounge chairs feature premium Sunbrella cushions or Outdura cushions in many different colors for you to choose from -- pick the perfect color for your outdoor space! These comfortable cushions are resistant to fading and mildew, making them perfect for your long-lasting outdoor furniture. End tables are also a great addition to aluminum outdoor lounges, providing the perfect place to rest your magazine, book, or ice-cold drink. Let us help you find the perfect lounge chair for your needs!

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  1. Island Cove 3 Pc. Chaise Lounge Set (PJO-8001-ESP-3PCC)
    was $1,210.00 Special Price $899.00
  2. Albany Cushion Chaise AB-415
    was $1,744.00 Special Price $1,133.60
  3. Bazza Sling Double Chaise Z020
    was $2,482.00 Special Price $2,233.80
  4. Bazza Sling Contour Chaise Z030
    was $1,308.00 Special Price $1,177.20
  5. Island Breeze 3 pc. Sling Chaise Lounge Set PJO-1001-ESP-3PCL
    was $1,089.00 Special Price $799.00
  6. Island Breeze Chaise Lounge (PJO-1001-ESP-CL)
    was $447.00 Special Price $329.00
  7. Island Cove Single Chaise Lounge (PJO-8001-ESP-CL)
    was $505.00 Special Price $375.00
  8. La Jolla Chaises with End Table 401-9-SET
    was $2,967.00 Special Price $2,225.25
  9. Laguna Chaise Lounge 3501-9
    was $1,677.00 Special Price $1,257.75
  10. Laguna Double Chaise Lounge 3501-99
    was $2,697.00 Special Price $2,022.75
  11. Metropolitan Chaise Lounge 703187
    was $1,436.00 Special Price $718.00
  12. Monterey Chaise Lounge 3001-9
    was $1,680.00 Special Price $1,260.00
  13. Primera Single Chaise Lounge 962
    was $652.00 Special Price $586.80
  14. Oslo Cushion Chaise OS-415
    was $1,983.80 Special Price $1,526.00
  15. Palisades Cushion Chaise PE-715
    was $2,178.80 Special Price $1,676.00
  16. Palisades Sling Chaise PE-117
    was $1,172.60 Special Price $902.00
  17. Travira Sling Chaise Lounge TVL80
    was $864.00 Special Price $708.48
  18. Argento Sling Armless Chaise Lounge TVWAL
    was $946.08 Special Price $775.79
  19. Cayman Chaise 281020
    was $2,684.00 Special Price $1,878.80
  20. Antilles Dream Chaise 620FT018P2DGT
    was $4,920.00 Special Price $3,608.00
  21. Monterey Double Chaise 3001-99
    was $2,697.00 Special Price $2,022.75
  22. Newport Adjustable Chaise with sling in Textilene Cast Silver 4801-9
    was $1,197.00 Special Price $897.75
  23. Mandala Lounge Chair - Chaos HL-MALA-CHAOS-LC
    was $615.00 Special Price $449.00
  24. Echo Bay Chaise Lounge ECH201
    was $2,000.00 Special Price $1,800.00
  25. Mandala Lounge Chair - Cosmos HL-MALA-COSMOS-LC
    was $615.00 Special Price $449.00
  26. Echo Bay 3 Pc. Chaise Lounge Set ECH010SGR
    was $4,525.00 Special Price $4,072.50
  27. Redondo Adjustable Chaise 3801-9
    was $1,197.00 Special Price $897.75

27 Items

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