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Aluminum Patio Furniture

Nothing makes your modern outdoor entertaining space shine quite like durable and beautiful aluminum patio furniture. Outdoor aluminum is incredibly versatile, being both lightweight enough for easy re-arranging, and at the same time tough enough to withstand even the roughest weather. Our aluminum patio sets also require minimal maintenance - they are designed to stay outdoors all year round - unlike most other patio furniture, which is meant for covered areas and should be moved inside when not in use.

Our beautiful cast, extruded, or powder-coated aluminum furniture pieces come in a variety of styles, shapes, and colors to help you complete your perfect patio. We are very selective about what furniture pieces we feature in our catalog, so whether your style is modern or vintage, flashy or subtle, rustic or mid-century - we offer the best aluminum furniture to complete your patio and beautify your outdoor space.

We also offer the web's best selection of cushion fabrics to completely customize your aluminum patio set! No one else online offers as many genuine Sunbrella fabrics to choose from for your furniture. The combinations are practically limitless -

About Outdoor Aluminum Furniture

We offer essentially two different kinds of aluminum furniture: extruded aluminum, and cast aluminum. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses. Extruded aluminum patio furniture is hollow, and it is machine-shaped to fit a certain frame. Our extruded sets include additional supports to prevent bending, and all extruded sets are powder-coated to seal them and protect them from the elements. Compare this to cheaper patio furniture manufacturers, who use a more standard seal or paint, which is more prone to damage, peeling, and bubbling. The benefit of extruded aluminum is that it tends to be lighter and more cost effective.

Cast aluminum patio furniture is made by pouring molten metal into a 3D mold. This means cast aluminum can be much more ornately-designed with more decorative flourishes, and it is also sturdier than extruded aluminum as there are no hollow parts. This also makes it heavier, and tends to make it more expensive, as well.

The Benefits of Aluminum

Either way, cast or extruded aluminum patio furniture provides a variety of advantages over traditional outdoor furniture – aluminum in general is lightweight, meaning that it will be easy for you to arrange, stack, and store pieces as you wish. Aluminum furniture is also weather resistant, providing rust-proof year round beauty that wrought iron pieces can’t provide. That's right - aluminum never rusts. Perfect for damp climates!

Aluminum also tends to stay cooler than wrought iron, which absorbs more heat from its surroundings. Aluminum furniture, being solid pieces of metal, also tends to outlast most other types of outdoor furniture - unlike teak, it does not decay, and unlike resin wicker, it doesn't loosen over time. All these benefits translate into better value, which means saving you money as you invest in the outdoor furniture that you deserve. It's an economical, durable material that will make a huge impact on your outdoor space! Plus, their lightweight nature and casual, comfortable appearance makes them perfect for small spaces - time to cozy up that balcony and entertain your guests in style!

At a glance, our cast and extruded aluminum outdoor furniture features:

  • Lightweight Powder Coated Cast Aluminum Frames
  • Sunbrella Brand Outdoor Cushions
  • Free Cushion Customizations
  • Rust Proof and UV Shielded
  • All-weather construction for year round use
  • Pick any style - modern, industrial, vintage, mid-century - you name it!
  • Only the most acclaimed furniture brands are allowed in our catalog - we personally vet all products we sell

The Beauty of Aluminum on Your Patio

Now is a great time to buy the metal furniture of your dreams, because aluminum has never before come in so many beautiful styles! Because cast aluminum is made with three-dimensional molds, the variety of designs available in aluminum furniture today is absolutely stunning. Many cast aluminum patio sets look just like gorgeous antique wrought iron furniture, but without the downsides such as rust, weight, and cost. You can get that vintage retro look, but with a type of metal furniture that really holds up outdoors!

But because aluminum is so versatile, you aren't confined to only "old school" looks - cast aluminum and in particular thick-gauge extruded aluminum furniture are easily molded in a sleek contemporary style, as well. Flashy, modern, sleek, and utterly gorgeous - if you want to infuse your patio with a little nouveau style, look no further than aluminum dining sets, chairs, and lounges.

You will find plenty of aluminum outdoor furniture sets to choose from here at Patio Productions, ranging from traditional dining or sofa sets with ornate floral patterns or airy, breathable designs, to lounge chairs and daybeds that offer sleek industrial styling for contemporary patios and tastes. Some of our models feature hybrid designs, marrying powder-coated aluminum frames and accents with splashes of outdoor wicker or mesh sling fabric economical, durable material.

Regardless of your taste in outdoor furniture, chances are the set you pick will contain at least some extruded or cast aluminum.

Shop Our Sets!

Our line of cast aluminum outdoor dining sets, aluminum bar sets and aluminum patio sofa sets is built for a life outdoors year round without rusting, molding or fading. Say goodbye to high maintenance outdoor furniture and hello to a summer of relaxation! Our powder coated extruded and cast aluminum frames carry a 15 year warranty and are combined with Sunbrella brand cushions: the world's most durable outdoor cushions, available in more than 200 colors and patterns!

So if you are looking for outdoor furniture that can truly withstand Mother Nature, and look fantastic doing it, treat yourself to the maintenance-free durability and beauty of cast aluminum outdoor furniture. Spend more time relaxing outdoors!