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Outdoor Umbrellas

Umbrellas are absolutely necessary patio furniture accessories in your backyard if you plan on hosting any outdoor events this summer, and it’s not just because they provide ample shade for your guests. These outdoor umbrellas are beautiful accents in your backyard, and they will instantly improve the aesthetic appeal of any deck or garden. Whether you’re looking for small, medium, or large canopy umbrellas, our selection has what you need to outfit your patio. offers two essential types of outdoor umbrella: cantilever umbrellas and market umbrellas. Common shapes include square, rectangular, and circular umbrellas, with many different variations.

Market umbrellas are the “classic” umbrellas that might stand in the middle of a patio table. The stem of the umbrella is situated in the center of the canopy. These are often featured in outdoor bistros, commercial settings, and other "en plein air" establishments.

Cantilever umbrellas, on the other hand, are offset behind the patio furniture. You’ll often find cantilever umbrellas in modern outdoor spaces.The umbrella is suspended over the seating area with a sort of crane or curved arm. In this way, cantilever umbrellas provide plenty of cool shade without being intrusive. This type of umbrella is perfect for a poolside patio arrangement.

Either way, our umbrellas are designed to conform to the highest quality standard. They are specifically built to withstand the worst that nature has to offer, as they are water-resistant, fade-proof, and heavy duty. The material used for our umbrella canopies is similar to canvas, but sturdier and more waterproof. They require minimal maintenance, and the umbrella arms are crafted in cast aluminum to be sturdy enough to last a lifetime.

The durability of our umbrellas make them a perfect addition to any residential or commercial space. Our commercial patio umbrellas are particularly equipped to handle excess wear and tear! Weighted bases are available for those who live in windier climates. Additionally, be sure to browse through the portable outdoor umbrella options, perfect for those always on the go.

Your perfect outdoor dining area is just a few clicks away! Find a beautiful, high-quality outdoor umbrella for your patio today, and start making the most of your outdoor space!

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly and dedicated staff of outdoor patio furniture experts. We look forward to assisting you!

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  1. 10' Octagon Cantilever Umbrella AG19
    was $770.00 Special Price $512.05
  2. 10' x 13' AKZ PLUS Cantilever Rectangular Umbrella AKZPRT
    was $1,750.00 Special Price $1,163.75
  3. 11' Octagon Cantilever Umbrella AG28RK
    was $1,190.00 Special Price $791.35
  4. 13' AKZ PLUS Cantilever Octagon Umbrella AKZP13
    was $1,755.00 Special Price $1,167.08
  5. 13' Octagon Cantilever Umbrella AKZ13
    was $1,650.00 Special Price $1,097.25
  6. 10' Round Shanghai Collar Tilt Umbrella USA459
    was $685.00 Special Price $455.53
  7. 11' Octagon Auto-Tilt Umbrella UM812
    was $580.00 Special Price $385.70
  8. 11' Octagon Collar-Tilt Umbrella UM801
    was $660.00 Special Price $438.90
  9. 7' Square Commercial Umbrella UCP407SQ
    was $410.00 Special Price $272.65
  10. 7.5' Octagon Push Button Tilt Umbrella UM907-SWV
    was $260.00 Special Price $172.90
  11. 8' x 10' Rectangular Auto-Tilt Umbrella UM8810RT-SWV
    was $550.00 Special Price $365.75
  12. 8' x 11' Rectangular Crank-Lift Umbrella UM8811RT-SWV
    was $555.00 Special Price $369.08
  13. 8.5' Square Cantilever Umbrella AG19SQ
    was $785.00 Special Price $522.03
  14. 9 Ft. Island Breeze Crank Lift Umbrella (PJO-6001-ESP-UM)
    was $265.00 Special Price $179.00
  15. Luna Umbrella Light w/ Bluetooth Speaker LUNA-00
    was $170.00 Special Price $119.00
  16. Panama Jack Island Breeze 10 ft Cantilever Umbrella PJO-6001-ESP-CU
    was $1,192.00 Special Price $879.00
  17. Vega-L LED Umbrella Light
    was $105.00 Special Price $73.50
  18. 16.3' Galaxy Aluminum Sidepost Octagon Umbrella GALAXY-50
    was $6,280.00 Special Price $4,176.20
  19. Galtech 9' Octagon 4-Pulley Teak Umbrella 532tk
    was $1,015.00 Special Price $459.00
  20. 8.75' Sirius Aluminum Sidepost Square Tilt Umbrella SR-27S
    was $2,575.00 Special Price $1,712.38
  21. Galtech 9' Octagon Rotational-Tilt Teak Umbrella 537tk
    was $1,040.00 Special Price $469.00
  22. 9.75' Sirius Aluminum Sidepost Square Tilt Umbrella SR-30S
    was $2,865.00 Special Price $1,905.23
  23. Galtech 11' Octagon Crank-Lift Teak Umbrella 587tk
    was $1,215.00 Special Price $549.00
  24. 9.75' Sirius Aluminum Sidepost Octagon Tilt Umbrella SR-30
    was $2,485.00 Special Price $1,652.53
  25. 11.4' Sirius Aluminum Sidepost Octagon Tilt Umbrella SR-35
    was $2,770.00 Special Price $1,842.05
  26. 9.75' Polaris Aluminum Sidepost Square Tilt Umbrella POLARIS-30S
    was $3,295.00 Special Price $2,191.18
  27. 11.4' Polaris Aluminum Sidepost Square Tilt Umbrella POLARIS-35S
    was $3,735.00 Special Price $2,483.78
  28. Jardinico 201 Series 15' Octagon Centerpost Umbrella JCP201-45
    was $5,770.00 Special Price $3,837.05
  29. 13' Polaris Aluminum Sidepost Square Tilt Umbrella POLARIS-40S
    was $4,140.00 Special Price $2,753.10
  30. Jardinico 301 Series 10' Square Sidepost Tilt Umbrella JCP301-30S
    was $3,090.00 Special Price $2,054.85
  31. Jardinico 101 Series 7.5' Square Centerpost Umbrella w/ Base JCP101-23S
    was $2,435.00 Special Price $1,619.28
  32. Jardinico 301 Series 11.5' Octagon Sidepost Tilt Umbrella JCP301-35
    was $3,090.00 Special Price $2,054.85
  33. Jardinico 101 Series 9' Hexagon Centerpost Umbrella w/ Base JCP101-28
    was $2,435.00 Special Price $1,619.28
  34. Jardinico 401 Series 13' Octagon Sidepost Tilt Umbrella JCP401-40
    was $6,360.00 Special Price $4,229.40
  35. 13' Starlux AKZ PLUS Octagon Cantilever AKZP13LX
    was $2,020.00 Special Price $1,343.30
  36. 11' AKZ PLUS Cantilever Octagon Umbrella AKZP
    was $1,625.00 Special Price $1,080.63
  37. 10' x 13' Rectangular Cantilever Umbrella AKZRT
    was $1,630.00 Special Price $1,083.95
  38. 11.5' Octagon Cantilever Umbrella AG25T
    was $1,365.00 Special Price $907.73
  39. 9' Octagon Collar-Tilt Umbrella UM800
    was $435.00 Special Price $289.28
  40. 10' Square Cantilever Umbrella AG25TSQ
    was $1,320.00 Special Price $877.80
  41. 9' Octagon Push Button Tilt Umbrella UM920
    was $290.00 Special Price $192.85
  42. 10' Stardust Star-Shaped Umbrella UCP410-ST
    was $585.00 Special Price $389.03
  43. 9' Octagon Auto-Tilt Umbrella UM810
    was $390.00 Special Price $259.35
  44. 9' Milan Octagon Auto-Tilt Umbrella UM810-ML
    was $555.00 Special Price $369.08
  45. 9' Octagon Quad Pulley Lift Umbrella UM8091
    was $310.00 Special Price $206.15
  46. 9' Octagon Commercial Umbrella w/ Valance UCP409-SWV-V
    was $510.00 Special Price $339.15
  47. 9' Octagon Commercial Umbrella UCP409-SWV
    was $440.00 Special Price $292.60

79 items

per page
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