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A Guide to Wrought Iron Patio Furniture

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A Guide to Wrought Iron Patio Furniture

Wrought iron furniture is built to be tough, but it can still look absolutely beautiful as well

What is Wrought Iron?

Wrought Iron is an iron alloy that became popular during the turn of the 20th century as the choice metal of blacksmiths. It's a very pure iron containing more than 99% iron, eliminating the chance of impurities that can weaken the frames as with cast iron or steel.

Not only is it extremely durable, it is also a highly malleable metal. This means that at high temperatures, the metal can be hammered, bent, or pressed without breaking or cracking. For this reason, it is easy to weld and formed into unique furnishings. The word "wrought" actually means "worked" in that wrought iron is "worked by hand."

Wrought iron has been used for centuries and continues to be a very popular material used to make patio furniture. It has a low carbon content, giving it a grain similar to wood. This means the different finishes can be used to achieve faux wood finishes and other distinctive textures.

Alongside its inherent decorative qualities, wrought iron is a very strong metal that has been used to make tools, ironclad warships, railways, horseshoes, and other products. If you're looking for patio furniture that will last the longest, wrought iron has withstood the test of time with a level of durability that's been proven through the ages.

Wrought Iron can make for some pretty beautiful patio furniture combinations

Why Wrought Iron is a Worthy Investment

Wrought iron furniture is a mainstay in patio decor. From chat sets to full-service dining tables, wrought iron is used to make an assortment of furnishings. With a superior level of strength, there are more than a few reasons why you should consider wrought iron furniture.:

  • Resistant to Fading
  • Resistant to Rust
  • Resists corrosion better than steel
  • Heavy so it won't fly away
  • Optimum Comfort & Support
  • Decorative Styling and Craftsmanship

Wrought iron sofa sets like this one are a great addition to any backyard design

Durability and Weather Resistance

Just how tough is wrought iron, anyway? Well, here are a few ways it holds up to the elements:

Ideal for Areas that Experience High Wind Gusts

Frames made from wrought iron are tough enough to endure the beating that your kids (and pets) can put on it. One benefit wrought iron has over plastic or aluminum is that it is heavier. This means that during high winds or storms, your patio set won't blow over and become scattered across the yard or even in the pool. Not something you want to wake up to every morning.

These sturdy iron furnishings resist all sorts of weather

Rust and Corrosion Resistance

Wrought iron owes its rust proof properties to its fibrous nature. This is not to say that it will never rust if you don't take care of it and leave it exposed to heavy rainfall. No matter what advertisers tell you, all metals can and will rust over time if exposed to inclement weather. However, wrought iron does much better than other types of furniture and this is why some people like it.

To protect frames, almost all wrought iron patio furniture arrives painted in order to prevent rust. Exposed metal will rust so that's why it's important to protect the paint. In this way, the paint or powder-coating on the frames do more than just add color.

How long does it last?

Over long periods of time, paint may chip away and expose bare metal. If not protected, the these spots will begin to rust. To prevent this, you can refinish with a rust-proof paint of a similar hue to touch up problematic areas. Basic preventative maintenance will help your wrought iron furniture last a very long time. If taken care of properly, wrought iron can last for decades and stay with you for the rest of your life. Think of this as your final patio set!

This stunning dining set is gorgeous and durable enough to last a lifetime

Beauty, Form and Style

Wrought iron is exquisite in style and taste, capable of fulfilling your personal longing for an elegant and relaxing outdoor living space to come home to every evening. It's often seen as a traditional material that is only capable of vintage designs, but one look at our diverse collection and you will see that this notion wrong. You see, wrought iron is heated and hammered into shapes and can thus be formed into anything that the mind can imagine. This is why you wrought iron furniture is so visually enticing.

Fans of traditional design and architecture will have plenty to be happy about. Elegant curves and graceful arches are a common feature in wrought iron furnishings. If bold contemporary lines are your preference, you may enjoy the solid, industrial look that wrought iron affords.

Beautiful, stylish, and modern wrought iron furniture exists - it doesn't all have to be antique and Victorian!

Browse From Home

We invite you to browse our collections and see for yourself how wrought iron patio furniture can transform your outdoor space. If you have any questions, please contact us and our Outdoor Furniture Specialists will be happy to assist you. See contact information below.

Cleaning Wrought Iron Furniture

Maintenance and cleaning is fairly simple. Wipe down frames with a soft cloth and a mixture of water and dish soap. You can use a touch up kit to repair small areas. The best way to keep any type of outdoor furniture in good condition is to invest in furniture covers. While this additional item may add to your initial total, it's guaranteed to save you money in the long run by extending the life of your furniture set.

Keep your wrought iron bar furniture sets clean to ensure a long and happy lifespan!

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