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Aluminum Bar Chairs and Tables

Cast aluminum bar chairs and tables make great additions to any outdoor patio space. For large patios, counter-height table and chair sets are a great way to add another lounge area that's separate from the main outdoor seating area. This provides a little extra privacy for hosting guests and adds to the atmosphere of your patio. If you’ve got a small space, this is a great option for a few drinks and relaxing at the end of the day. Not everyone has the space to purchase a huge lounge set. This is a fun, space-saving option. If you’d like to check out our other aluminum patio furniture pieces, check out our full collection!

This category is where you will find our a la carte bar chair and tables, so you don't need to commit to a full set. Perhaps you already have a counter-height patio set and are just missing an extra stool or swivel chair? Whatever your need, we have you covered.

We have many material options for our outdoor bar chairs and bar tables, but cast aluminum is one of our favorites. It has a whole lot of positives and almost no negatives when it comes to patio furniture. One of our favorite aspects of cast aluminum is its strength and durability. Cast aluminum doesn’t ever rust. If you’re living in a region with inclement weather, cast aluminum is the perfect choice for you. Having to move furniture under cover every time it might rain is a huge pain, but being able to leave your bar chairs outside without worrying about rust is awesome! If you’re still a little concerned, don’t worry, all of our aluminum patio bar chairs are powder coated for extra protection from the elements. Whether you are looking for thick-gauge extruded aluminum bar chairs or cast aluminum tables, our bar sets are weather-proofed and guaranteed to last!

Aluminum is also very low maintenance. With other materials, you may have to perform a yearly refinish or take extra care to protect it from rusting or fading. Outdoor aluminum is a material you’ll never have to worry about, and it requires very little maintenance. If your bar chair is looking a little dirty, it’s a very simple process to clean it. All you have to do is give it a quick rinse and then dry it with a clean rag. That’s it! Not having to perform maintenance on aluminum patio tables and chairs is part of what makes this material so popular.

Finally, aluminum is one of our most lightweight outdoor furniture options. That might seem like a bad thing if you live in windy regions, but there are plenty of easy methods to weigh down your patio bar chair and table sets. The benefit of lightweight bar chairs is that it gives you the ability to move it easily. If your patio is starting to feel a little stale, moving bar-height aluminum furniture sets into a new arrangement is a breeze. If you have any other questions or concerns about our aluminum chairs, feel free to reach out and contact us. We are the web's most knowledgeable team of patio furniture experts!

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  1. Albany Cushion 30" Barstool AB-470
    was $1,336.00 Special Price $868.40
  2. Avant Balcony Side Chair 883
    was $441.00 Special Price $396.90
  3. Avant Bar Side Chair 884
    was $441.00 Special Price $396.90
  4. Island Breeze 30" Bar Chair (PJO-1001-ESP-BS)
    was $297.00 Special Price $219.00
  5. Island Breeze 30" Swivel Bar Chair (PJO-1001-ESP-SB)
    was $447.00 Special Price $329.00
  6. Island Breeze 36" Pub Table (PJO-1001-ESP-PT)
    was $375.00 Special Price $279.00
  7. Island Breeze Slatted Aluminum Sling Bar (PJO-1001-ESP-BR)
    was $657.00 Special Price $489.00
  8. Island Cove Bar Chair (PJO-8001-ESP-BS)
    was $342.00 Special Price $249.00
  9. Island Cove Swivel Bar Chair (PJO-8001-ESP-SB)
    was $475.00 Special Price $349.00
  10. La Jolla Swivel Counter Stool 401-7C
    was $624.00 Special Price $456.46
  11. La Jolla Swivel Barstool 401-7B
    was $624.00 Special Price $456.46
  12. La Jolla Pub Table 401-PT
    was $450.00 Special Price $337.05
  13. Laguna Barstool 3501-7B
    was $687.00 Special Price $502.54
  14. Laguna Counter Stool 3501-7C
    was $687.00 Special Price $502.54
  15. Laguna Pub Table 3501-PT
    was $1,077.00 Special Price $806.67
  16. Megapolis Bar Arm Chair 703185
    was $477.00 Special Price $318.00
  17. Megapolis Bar Chair 703186
    was $447.00 Special Price $298.00
  18. Megapolis Bar Table 703184
    was $1,107.00 Special Price $738.00
  19. Monterey Counter Stool 3001-7C
    was $837.00 Special Price $612.27
  20. Monterey Barstool 3001-7B
    was $837.00 Special Price $612.27
  21. Monterey Pub Table 3001-PT
    was $687.00 Special Price $514.56
  22. Primera Sling Swivel Bar Arm Chair 905
    was $649.00 Special Price $584.10
  23. Primera Swivel Balcony Arm Chair 908
    was $649.00 Special Price $584.10
  24. Volare Cushion 26" Barstool VO-870S
    was $1,522.00 Special Price $989.30
  25. Volare Cushion 30" Barstool VO-870
    was $1,522.00 Special Price $989.30
  26. 32" Travira Square Bistro Table TV32STA
    was $917.00 Special Price $751.94
  27. Newport Barstool 4801-7B
    was $702.00 Special Price $513.51
  28. Barbados 5 Pc. 36" Square Pub Table Set FP-BAR-5PUB
    was $2,794.00 Special Price $1,555.00
  29. 24" Travira Bar Table TV24BR
    was $775.00 Special Price $635.50
  30. 36" Sonoma Bar Table SB36TA
    was $406.64 Special Price $333.44
  31. Horizon Bar Stool FP-HOR-BS-BS
    was $592.00 Special Price $329.00
  32. Laurel Bar Chair 18000122
    was $834.00 Special Price $499.00
  33. Newport Counter Stool 4801-7C
    was $702.00 Special Price $513.51
  34. 36" Travira Cafe Bistro Table TV36FTA
    was $950.00 Special Price $779.00
  35. 24" Travira Cafe Bistro Table TV24FTA
    was $667.00 Special Price $546.94
  36. Travira 72in Rectangular Bar Table TV72BR
    was $1,560.00 Special Price $1,279.20
  37. 24" Travira Bistro Table TV24TA
    was $649.00 Special Price $532.18
  38. Redondo Barstool 3801-7B
    was $702.00 Special Price $513.51
  39. Cavalier 30" Armless Bar Stool FP-CAV-BS-BUF
    was $592.00 Special Price $329.00
  40. Newport 40" Pub Table 4801-PT
    was $1,077.00 Special Price $806.67
  41. 36" Travira Square Bistro Table TV36STA
    was $983.00 Special Price $806.06
  42. Betty Bar Table HL-BET-2BT
    was $385.00 Special Price $269.00
  43. Redondo Counter Stool 3801-7C
    was $702.00 Special Price $513.51
  44. 32" Travira Bistro Table TV32TA
    was $891.00 Special Price $730.62
  45. Horizon 25" Swivel Counter Stool FP-HOR-CHSS-BS
    was $630.00 Special Price $350.00
  46. 36" Travira Bistro Table TV36TA
    was $1,005.00 Special Price $824.10
  47. 24" Travira Square Bistro Table TV24STA
    was $685.00 Special Price $561.70

52 items

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