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Sunset West Patio Furniture

Based in Vista, California, Sunset West is a premier outdoor furniture brand specializing in luxury resin wicker patio sets. Sunset West brings together quality, comfort, style, and value into the outdoor living space; their goal is to provide luxury-class outdoor furniture at casual market prices, perfect for commercial and residential applications alike. And with just a few moments' perusal of their catalog, it is clear that they succeed!

Sunset West began in 2004, creating sleek and bold new outdoor furniture designs with their own in-house design team (the first few collections were designed by the founder himself). Based out of the sunny beach community of Vista, California, Sunset West knows well how to live life outdoors, and what it takes to make truly long-lasting patio furniture. Despite its relative youthfulness, the company is built on multiple generations of experience in the furniture industry. They offer the highest quality manufacturing, and some of the most innovative and breathtaking patio living designs on the market.

It is rare for furniture manufacturers to have as much passion for their products as Sunset West. The brand offers a wide spectrum of unique patio furniture styles to choose from, including sleek contemporary sets like the Solana collection to more classic designs such as the Leucadia collection. The Coronado Collection and the Montecito Collection were designed by Marcia Blake in 2012, and they continue to be the brand's best-sellers.

Sunset West spares no expense in the construction of their furniture, using the finest extruded aluminum and full HDPE all-weather wicker, as well as cushions made exclusively with Sunbrella fabrics, the leader in the all-weather marine-grade fabric industry. They offer an abundance of customization options with over 400 Sunbrella fabrics to choose from, so you can find a set that perfectly matches your outdoor living space. And Sunset West furniture is weatherized, so you can rest assured knowing it is safe against the elements, come rain or sleet or snow. Collections from this manufacturer truly give your patio a refined, modern, and incredibly welcoming appearance that will make you and your guests feel right at home. Whether you are lounging in a daybed, relaxing in your wicker outdoor sofa sectional, or sitting down for a nice outdoor dinner with your patio dining set, Sunset West offers unparalleled comfort and value that you will love.

But beyond delivering an exceptional product, Sunset West is also well-known for their commitment to stellar customer service. They are committed to fast and efficient deliveries, open communication, and consistent quality that goes above and beyond the norm. They work closely with their authorized dealers, such as Patio Productions, to truly deliver an excellent experience to every single customer. We are proud to work with Sunset West and look forward to helping you have the best, most satisfying patio furniture experience possible! We offer industry-leading, U.S.-based customer service, and we can't wait to help you find the perfect patio furniture set for your home! Call us today at (888) 994-9196 with any questions or comments.

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  1. Coronado Sectional 2101-SEC
    was $5,757.00 Special Price $4,317.75
  2. Montecito Sectional 2501-SEC
    was $5,757.00 Special Price $4,317.75
  3. Leucadia Sectional 2601-SEC
    was $5,568.00 Special Price $4,176.00
  4. Solana Sofa with Club Chairs, Nesting Tables and Ottoman
    was $4,770.00 Special Price $3,577.50
  5. Monterey Sectional 3001-SEC
    was $5,517.00 Special Price $4,137.75
  6. Cardiff Sectional 2901-SEC
    was $5,568.00 Special Price $4,176.00
  7. Cardiff Round Daybed 2901-99 (Set of 2)
    was $2,697.00 Special Price $2,022.75
  8. La Jolla Chaises with End Table 401-9-SET
    was $2,967.00 Special Price $2,225.25
  9. La Jolla Loveseat with Sofa 401-22-SET
    was $3,969.00 Special Price $2,976.75
  10. La Jolla Swivel Clubs with End Table 401-21R-SET
    was $2,247.00 Special Price $1,685.25
  11. Laguna Sofa, Club Chair, Swivel Club and Tables 3501-23-SET
    was $6,945.00 Special Price $5,208.75
  12. Laguna Sectional 3501-SEC
    was $5,433.00 Special Price $4,074.75
  13. Laguna Dining Chairs with Dining Table 3501-1-SET
    was $7,113.00 Special Price $5,334.75
  14. Laguna Sofa with Club Chairs 3501-21-SET
    was $5,541.00 Special Price $4,155.75
  15. Manhattan Sectional 3301-SEC
    was $5,397.00 Special Price $4,047.75
  16. Manhattan Club Chair with Ottoman and End Table 3301-21-SET
    was $2,151.00 Special Price $1,613.25
  17. Manhattan Loveseat with Club Chairs, Coffee Table and End Table 3301-22-SET
    was $5,475.00 Special Price $4,106.25
  18. Manhattan Teak Dining Table with Dining Chairs 3301-T72-SET
    was $5,349.00 Special Price $4,011.75
  19. Redondo Sectional 3801-SEC
    was $5,397.00 Special Price $4,047.75
  20. Coronado Dining Arm Chair 2101-1
    was $762.00 Special Price $571.50
  21. Coronado Counter Stool 2101-7C
    was $672.00 Special Price $504.00
  22. Coronado Barstool 2101-7B
    was $672.00 Special Price $504.00
  23. Coronado Club Chair 2101-21
    was $1,347.00 Special Price $1,010.25
  24. Coronado Swivel Rocker 2101-21SR
    was $1,497.00 Special Price $1,122.75
  25. Coronado Sofa 2101-23
    was $4,032.00 Special Price $3,024.00
  26. Coronado Loveseat 2101-22
    was $2,637.00 Special Price $1,977.75
  27. Coronado Wicker Curved Loveseat 2101-RS
    was $2,547.00 Special Price $1,910.25
  28. Coronado Wicker Right Arm Loveseat 2101-RAF
    was $2,442.00 Special Price $1,786.32
  29. Coronado Wicker Corner Section 2101-CR
    was $1,653.00 Special Price $1,209.17
  30. Coronado Wicker Left Arm Loveseat 2101-LAF
    was $2,442.00 Special Price $1,786.32
  31. Coronado Armless Club Chair 2101-AC
    was $1,122.00 Special Price $841.50
  32. Coronado Ottoman 2101-OTT
    was $597.00 Special Price $447.75
  33. Coronado Double Ottoman 2101-DBLOTT
    was $990.00 Special Price $742.50
  34. Coronado Coffee Table 2101-CT
    was $747.00 Special Price $560.25
  35. Coronado Round Coffee Table 2101-RCT
    was $777.00 Special Price $581.97
  36. Coronado Sofa Table 2101-ST
    was $717.00 Special Price $537.75
  37. Coronado End Table 2101-ET
    was $387.00 Special Price $290.25
  38. Coronado Wedge 2101-WDG
    was $387.00 Special Price $290.25
  39. Coronado Wicker Single Chaise Lounge 2101-9
    was $1,587.00 Special Price $1,190.25
  40. Coronado Double Chaise 2101-99
    was $3,192.00 Special Price $2,234.40
  41. Manhattan Dining Chair 3301-1
    was $642.00 Special Price $481.50
  42. Manhattan Counter Stool 3301-7C
    was $627.00 Special Price $470.25
  43. Manhattan Barstool 3301-7B
    was $627.00 Special Price $470.25
  44. Manhattan Club Chair 3301-21
    was $1,227.00 Special Price $920.25
  45. Manhattan Sofa 3301-23
    was $2,937.00 Special Price $2,202.75
  46. Manhattan Loveseat 3301-22
    was $2,097.00 Special Price $1,572.75
  47. Manhattan Armless Club 3301-AC
    was $927.00 Special Price $695.25
  48. Manhattan Ottoman 3301-OTT
    was $597.00 Special Price $447.75
  49. Manhattan Coffee Table 3301-CT
    was $597.00 Special Price $447.75
  50. Manhattan End Table 3301-ET
    was $327.00 Special Price $245.25
  51. Teak End Table 5201-ET
    was $447.00 Special Price $312.90
  52. Teak Sofa Table 5201-ST
    was $747.00 Special Price $522.90
  53. Manhattan Adjustable Chaise Lounge 3301-9
    was $1,497.00 Special Price $1,122.75
  54. Montecito Dining Arm Chair 2501-1
    was $762.00 Special Price $571.50
  55. Montecito Counter Stool 2501-7C
    was $672.00 Special Price $504.00
  56. Montecito Barstool 2501-7B
    was $672.00 Special Price $504.00
  57. Montecito Club Chair 2501-21
    was $1,347.00 Special Price $1,010.25
  58. Montecito Swivel Rocker Club Chair 2501-21SR
    was $1,497.00 Special Price $1,122.75
  59. Montecito Sofa 2501-23
    was $4,032.00 Special Price $3,024.00

321 items

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