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Outdoor Sofas

Turn your patio into a relaxing and inviting space with a comfortable outdoor sofa. Whether you want to relax by yourself with a nice drink on a Sunday afternoon, or want to invite friends over to hang out on the patio for drinks, an outdoor sofa will keep you and your guests comfortable and happy. Lounging in outdoor patio chairs is nice, but sofas can bring a different dynamic to your patio. Outdoor sofas will make your guests feel more at home and comfortable. Rather than moving inside after 30 minutes, the comfort they provide will help you entertain your guests outside for hours. These sofas are part of larger collections so you can always add more in the future, such as club chairs and a coffee table, to create a complete outdoor seating area. Their versatility is great because you can mix and match different tables, chairs, and lounges to create your perfect outdoor patio space.

We offer a wide variety of styles from the top patio furniture manufacturers for you to choose from, such as Sunset West, Harmonia Living, North Cape International, and Forever Patio. You’re sure to find something to match your style, whether you like something modern, traditional, or contemporary. We pride ourselves in the amount of options we offer, we’re confident that we have something for everyone in our selection. Whether you like the natural look of teak sofas, or the clean look of synthetic wicker sofas, we look for products that are not only stylish, but durable too. These products are made with high-quality outdoor materials such as aluminum, and made to last thanks to quality construction methods. The wicker and aluminum furniture is also nice and lightweight, so if you feel like redecorating, it’ll be a breeze! If you’re still wondering what kind of patio furniture material is the best fit for you, we have some buyers guides that are extremely helpful. They detail the pros and cons of each material as well as what you can expect when purchasing them. Check out our wicker, wrought iron, and cast aluminum buyers guides!

If you are looking for something with a custom look, many of these sofas offer cushions made with Sunbrella fabric. Sunbrella is the most reliable outdoor fabric and offers hundreds of color and pattern options for your sofa cushions. We know that having so many options can be overwhelming, so our team of patio furniture experts is ready to help. It’s our goal to make sure that you can put together the patio of your dreams!

Be sure to check out our robust collection of full outdoor sofa sets and sofa sectional sets as well!

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  1. Urbana Sofa - Coffee Bean HL-URBN-CB-S
    was $2,365.00 Special Price $1,499.00
  2. Arden Sofa HL-ARD-CH-S
    was $2,495.00 Special Price $1,699.00
  3. Coronado Sofa 2101-23
    was $4,032.00 Special Price $3,024.00
  4. District Sofa HL-DIS-TS-S
    was $2,365.00 Special Price $1,499.00
  5. Element Sling Sofa HL-ELE-TP-S
    was $2,290.00 Special Price $1,399.00
  6. Cardiff Sofa 2901-23
    was $3,117.00 Special Price $2,337.75
  7. Catalina 3-Seater Sofa FP-CAT-3S
    was $1,808.00 Special Price $1,006.00
  8. Ando Sofa HL-ANDO-TK-S
    was $2,835.00 Special Price $1,899.00
  9. Barbados Sofa FP-BAR-3S
    was $2,356.00 Special Price $1,311.00
  10. Cypress 3-Seater Sofa FP-CYP-3S-HR
    was $2,854.00 Special Price $1,589.00
  11. Leucadia Sofa 2601-23
    was $3,117.00 Special Price $2,337.75
  12. Montecito Sofa 2501-23
    was $4,032.00 Special Price $3,024.00
  13. Hampton Straight Sofa FP-HAM-3S
    was $3,020.00 Special Price $1,681.00
  14. La Jolla Sofa 401-23
    was $2,352.00 Special Price $1,764.00
  15. Miramar Plantation Teak 3 Seater Sofa FP-MIR-3S-TK
    was $2,236.00 Special Price $1,244.00
  16. Solana Sofa
    was $2,067.00 Special Price $1,550.25
  17. Monterey Sofa 3001-23
    was $2,967.00 Special Price $2,225.25
  18. Provence Sofa 3201-23
    was $2,352.00 Special Price $1,764.00
  19. Albany Cushion Sofa AB-481
    was $2,859.00 Special Price $1,858.35
  20. Biscay Wicker Sofa A083000-01-FCAC
    was $3,201.00 Special Price $1,499.00
  21. Club Sofa CLC71
    was $2,555.00 Special Price $1,789.00
  22. Georgetown Cushion Sofa GT-481
    was $3,912.00 Special Price $2,542.80
  23. Indo Sofa
    was $2,990.00 Special Price $1,938.00
  24. Key Biscayne Sofa (PJO-7001-ATQ-SF)
    was $1,317.00 Special Price $979.00
  25. Laguna Sofa 3501-23
    was $2,967.00 Special Price $2,225.25
  26. Lake Shore Sofa 2L50
    was $2,561.00 Special Price $2,304.90
  27. Laurel Sofa w/ 3 Pc. Seat Cushions A123000-01-FCCE
    was $2,757.00 Special Price $1,399.00
  28. Leeward Sofa 865
    was $3,569.00 Special Price $3,212.10
  29. Manhattan Sofa 3301-23
    was $2,937.00 Special Price $2,202.75
  30. Marin Sofa
    was $3,237.00 Special Price $2,098.00
  31. Mission Sofa CMC71
    was $2,785.00 Special Price $1,949.00
  32. Monterey Outdoor Sofa
    was $3,608.00 Special Price $2,338.00
  33. Sarasota Cushion Sofa SO-481
    was $3,414.00 Special Price $2,219.10
  34. Soho Sofa (3PC-SET-903-SOFA)
    was $3,921.00 Special Price $2,899.00
  35. St. Catherine Sofa 8T50
    was $2,857.00 Special Price $2,571.30
  36. Venice Sofa 1089-23
    was $1,947.00 Special Price $1,460.25
  37. Volare Cushion Sofa VO-881
    was $3,183.00 Special Price $2,068.95
  38. Fuego 3-Seat Sofa 504FT302P2BDW
    was $2,490.00 Special Price $1,826.00
  39. Mariner 3 Seat Sofa FP-MAR-3S-STE-HT
    was $1,811.00 Special Price $1,008.00
  40. Carlisle 3 Seat Sofa FP-CAR-3S-AL
    was $1,861.00 Special Price $1,036.00
  41. Martinique Sofa 272055
    was $5,205.00 Special Price $3,643.50
  42. Havana Sofa 1701-23
    was $3,882.00 Special Price $2,911.50
  43. Oslo Cushion Sofa OS-481
    was $3,044.60 Special Price $2,342.00
  44. Explorer Sofa EXP103CGR
    was $3,000.00 Special Price $2,700.00
  45. Hampton Sofa 3601-23
    was $3,117.00 Special Price $2,181.90
  46. Antilles 3-Seat Sofa 620FT016P2DGT
    was $4,140.00 Special Price $3,036.00
  47. Newport Sofa 4801-23
    was $2,877.00 Special Price $2,157.75
  48. Kashgar 3-Seater Sofa 303FT602P2
    was $7,350.00 Special Price $5,390.00

90 items

per page
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