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  1. 4 Pc. Urbana Sofa Set HL-URBN-CB-4SS
    was $3,950.00 Special Price $2,499.00
  2. 5 Pc. Urbana Sofa Set HL-URBN-CB-5SS
    was $5,820.00 Special Price $3,499.00
  3. 8 Pc. Urbana Sectional Set HL-URBN-CB-8SEC
    was $5,990.00 Special Price $3,499.00
  4. 3 Pc. Arden Club Chair Set HL-ARD-CH-3CC
    was $1,775.00 Special Price $1,099.00
  5. 3 Piece Arden Eclipse Sectional Set HL-ARD-CH-3CSEC
    was $7,170.00 Special Price $3,999.00
  6. 3 Pc. Arden Sofa Set HL-ARD-CH-3SS
    was $3,985.00 Special Price $2,499.00
  7. 3 Pc. District Club Chair Set HL-DIS-TS-3CC
    was $1,660.00 Special Price $999.00
  8. 3 Pc. District Sofa Set HL-DIS-TS-3SS
    was $3,720.00 Special Price $2,299.00
  9. 3 Pc. Urbana Sofa Set HL-URBN-CB-3SS
    was $3,720.00 Special Price $2,299.00
  10. 4 Pc. Arden Sofa Set HL-ARD-CH-4SS
    was $4,270.00 Special Price $2,599.00
  11. 4 Pc. District Sofa Set HL-DIS-TS-4SS
    was $3,950.00 Special Price $2,499.00
  12. 5 Pc. Arden Sectional Set HL-ARD-CH-5SEC
    was $4,235.00 Special Price $2,599.00
  13. 5 Pc. Arden Sofa Set HL-ARD-CH-5SS
    was $6,220.00 Special Price $3,799.00
  14. 5 Pc. District Club Chair Set HL-DIS-TS-5CC
    was $3,075.00 Special Price $1,899.00
  15. 5 Pc. District Sofa Set HL-DIS-TS-5SS
    was $5,820.00 Special Price $3,499.00
  16. 7 Piece Urbana Curved Sectional Set HL-URBN-CB-7CSEC
    was $10,060.00 Special Price $5,899.00
  17. 3 Pc. Barbados Curved Sectional Set FP-BAR-3SEC-EB
    was $4,995.00 Special Price $3,771.00
  18. 3 Pc. Barbados Sofa Set FP-BAR-3SS-EB
    was $3,450.00 Special Price $2,595.00
  19. 3 Pc. Catalina Rocking Chat Set FP-CAT-3RCH
    was $1,402.00 Special Price $1,043.00
  20. 3 Pc. Catalina Sofa Set FP-CAT-3SS
    was $2,784.00 Special Price $2,102.00
  21. 3 Pc. Cypress Sofa Set FP-CYP-3SS-HR
    was $4,180.00 Special Price $3,131.00
  22. 3 Pc. Rockport Sofa Set FP-ROC-3SS
    was $1,764.00 Special Price $1,316.00
  23. 4 Pc. Cypress Sofa Set FP-CYP-4SS-HR
    was $4,524.00 Special Price $3,383.00
  24. 4 Pc. Hampton Sofa Set FP-HAM-4SS
    was $5,272.00 Special Price $3,965.00
  25. 4 Pc. Rockport Sofa Set FP-ROC-4SS
    was $1,804.00 Special Price $1,347.00
  26. 4 Piece Carlisle Loveseat Set with Teak Table FP-LAS-4LS-AL-TK-LC
    was $2,951.00 Special Price $2,433.00
  27. 4 Piece Carlisle Loveseat Set with Woven Tables FP-LAS-4LS-AL-LC
    was $2,692.00 Special Price $2,224.00
  28. 4 Piece Winslow Sofa Set FP-WIN-4SS-CO
    was $2,495.00 Special Price $2,069.00
  29. 5 Pc. Rockport Sofa Set FP-ROC-5SS
    was $2,410.00 Special Price $1,796.00
  30. 6 Pc. Barbados Sofa Set FP-BAR-6SS-EB
    was $5,645.00 Special Price $4,246.00
  31. 6 Pc. Cypress Sofa Set FP-CYP-6SS-HR
    was $6,801.00 Special Price $5,093.00
  32. 5 Pc. Coronado Sofa Set
    was $9,925.00 Special Price $6,951.00
  33. 4 Pc. Coronado Sofa Set
    was $11,088.00 Special Price $7,761.00
  34. Solana 6 Pc. Sofa Set
    was $4,770.00 Special Price $3,339.00
  35. 10 Pc. Heritage Woven Deep Seating Sectional
    was $11,289.00 Special Price $7,526.00
  36. 3 Pc. Cardiff Sofa Set
    was $5,229.00 Special Price $3,661.00
  37. 3 Pc. Indo Sofa Set
    was $5,237.00 Special Price $3,394.00
  38. 3 Pc. Key Biscayne Sofa Set
    was $4,073.00 Special Price $3,665.70
  39. 3 Pc. Marin Sofa Set
    was $6,138.00 Special Price $3,977.00
  40. 4 Pc. Key Biscayne Sofa Set
    was $7,723.00 Special Price $6,950.70
  41. 4 Pc. King Sofa Set SO-2001-4SS
    was $5,650.00 Special Price $4,237.00
  42. 4 Pc. Lake Shore Sofa Set
    was $4,723.00 Special Price $4,250.70
  43. 4 Pc. Leucadia Sofa Set
    was $6,654.00 Special Price $4,659.00
  44. 4 Pc. Miami Sofa Set ISP845-4S
    was $1,749.00 Special Price $1,032.00
  45. 4 Piece Winslow Loveseat Set FP-WIN-4LS-CO
    was $2,443.00 Special Price $2,028.00
  46. 5 Pc. Ashbee Sectional Sofa Set
    was $3,340.00 Special Price $3,006.00
  47. 5 Pc. Island Cove Chat Set (PJO-8001-ESP-5GAT)
    was $1,302.00 Special Price $969.00
  48. 5 Pc. Island Cove Sofa Set (PJO-8001-ESP-5PCS)
    was $1,471.00 Special Price $1,099.00

77 items

per page
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Wicker Sofa Sets

Our most popular material for outdoor sofa sets, outdoor wicker furniture is the latest trend in outdoor seating. Our outdoor wicker sofa sets will show you just how luxurious outdoor seating can be. Gone are the days of wicker furniture that would peel, fade, and warp when exposed to the weather. Natural rattan looks beautiful in the store, but does not hold up well once you get it home. Fortunately, the latest technology has created better outdoor wicker furniture. Our outdoor wicker sofa sets are made from either polyethylene or polyurethane. Both materials are weather resistant, won't fade or peel, and will allow you to enjoy your outdoor sofa for years to come.

The best part is that our all weather outdoor wicker furniture look beautiful. Incorporating modern styles and designs, along with outdoor wicker so beautiful you'd never guess it was synthetic, you're sure to get the look you love in furniture that's built to last. Outdoor wicker furniture has evolved a great deal from the stuffy furniture sitting on your grandparents' porch. While we offer many traditional styles for those who appreciate the timeless classics, we pride ourselves in finding modern looks that will pair seamlessly with your contemporary home. Outdoor wicker is now available in more geometric and streamlined styles, often with many different colors of outdoor fabrics such as Sunbrella and Outdura, to add a fashion-forward dose of sophistication to your outdoor space. Many customers enjoy our outdoor wicker modular sofa sets, which pair the beauty and durability of outdoor wicker with the ability to customize your outdoor space. Modular sofa sets are ideal for outdoor spaces that see a wide variety of uses and numbers of guests -- when you buy a modular sofa set, you can arrange your furniture however you wish!

Finally, it pays to invest in an outdoor wicker sofa set. The corresponding pieces of the set will go together beautifully, taking the guesswork out of your purchase. We are also able to offer volume discounts on most of our sets, making them more economical than purchasing individual outdoor wicker furniture pieces. Browse our collection of outdoor wicker seating to see how many options we offer! We at Patio Productions are sure you'll find the perfect outdoor sofa set for your needs, and you'll rest assured knowing you invested in outdoor wicker.