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Outdoor Chaise Lounges

The ultimate in poolside relaxation, an outdoor chaise lounge is perfect for laying back and putting your legs up while soaking up all that wonderful summer sunshine. A great lounge chair truly captures the essence of outdoor living and makes your patio a welcoming and relaxing place to visit! But why keep this to yourself? Available in 3 piece sets with a matching end table, our chaise lounges are perfect for kicking back with your best friend and sharing some quality time by the pool together. Add an outdoor umbrella and you’ve got the perfect setup for all-day outdoor relaxation. Just add the drinks!

If you only want one chaise, no problem. We have those too, in our carefully hand-picked collection! Whether you want to enjoy a nice outdoor nap or read your favorite book out in the open air, we have the ideal outdoor loungers for you.

At Patio Productions, we sell only the very best.

Paired with durable cushions made from top-quality weather resistant Sunbrella fabric, our chairs will keep looking good for years to come. We offer many types of chaise lounges in a variety of materials and styles. Whether you want something to match your outdoor wicker sectional, your sling patio furniture, or your garden, there are plenty of options to take a look at.

If you love the look of adirondack chairs made from recycled plastic or polywood, take a look at our matching polywood chaise lounge chairs. We also offer chaise lounges built on tough powder-coated aluminum frames for added flexibility and portability. These are wrapped in our all-weather polyethylene wicker designed to endure even the toughest weather. For a more classic look, check out our lounges made from all-natural teak wood. No matter what style you prefer, these lounge chairs are made to last a lifetime, looking and feeling great all the way!

The best material for a patio lounger is the one that’s tailor made to your needs. Teak looks beautiful, but is typically heavier than powder-coated aluminum and requires more maintenance to maintain its beauty. Outdoor wicker chaise lounges are very durable and look great, but recycled plastic may be a better fit for your home if you have dogs that like to chew on things or kids that like to play rough.

As far as options go, some chaise lounges have wheels for easy moving, while others have adjustable backrests. Some are completely collapsible for easy storage in the off season! So take some time to ask yourself what you need from a chaise lounge, and then give us a call. We’ll help you find the perfect one!

If you want even more versatility, double chaise lounges offer enough room for two people to relax comfortably. Perfect for hotels and resorts, these are very useful for couples who want to spend their time together, not apart. Essentially, they are similar to an outdoor daybed, just without the canopy and with adjustable backs.

Our patio chaise lounges are available in modern, contemporary, and traditional styles. We offer a wide selection of frame materials, colors, and textures, so you are sure to find the chaise lounge of your dreams right here in our store. We also offer the web’s largest selection of cushion fabric options, to complete your custom set in a highly personalized way! If you have any questions, or if you’d like some help deciding which chaise is best for you, please do not hesitate to call our toll-free number or shoot us an email - we are standing by to help you with any questions or comments!

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  1. 3 Pc. District Reclining Lounge Chair Set HL-DIS-TS-3RCLS
    was $2,265.00 Special Price $899.00
  2. 6 Pc. District Reclining Lounge Chair Set HL-DIS-TS-6RCLS
    was $4,530.00 Special Price $1,879.00
  3. District Reclining Chaise Lounge HL-DIS-TS-RCL
    was $635.00 Special Price $410.00
  4. Arbor Reclining Chaise Lounge HL-AR-CB-RCL
    was $1,290.00 Special Price $849.00
  5. Arden Reclining Chaise Lounge HL-ARD-CH-RCL
    was $660.00 Special Price $490.00
  6. 3 Pc. Urbana Chaise Lounge Set HL-URBN-CB-3RCLS
    was $2,265.00 Special Price $899.00
  7. 6 Pc. Urbana Chaise Lounge Set HL-URBN-CB-6RCLS
    was $4,530.00 Special Price $1,899.00
  8. District Armless Chaise Lounge HL-DIS-TS-L
    was $1,255.00 Special Price $890.00
  9. Urbana Reclining Chaise Lounge HL-URBN-CB-RCL
    was $635.00 Special Price $410.00
  10. 2 Pc. Arbor Stackable Chaise Lounge Set HL-AR-CB-2SLS
    was $1,215.00 Special Price $798.00
  11. Barbados Single Chaise Lounge FP-BAR-ACL-EB
    was $1,032.00 Special Price $874.00
  12. Rockport Single Adjustable Chaise Lounge FP-ROC-CL
    was $962.00 Special Price $765.00
  13. Oceanus Double Chaise Lounge
    was $2,240.00 Special Price $1,680.00
  14. Coronado Wicker Single Chaise Lounge 2101-9
    was $1,587.00 Special Price $1,111.00
  15. 3 Pc. Soho Chaise Lounge Set (3PC-SET-903-1324-JBP)
    was $3,059.00 Special Price $2,249.00
  16. Island Breeze 3 pc. Sling Chaise Lounge Set PJO-1001-ESP-3PCL
    was $1,089.00 Special Price $799.00
  17. Island Breeze Chaise Lounge (PJO-1001-ESP-CL)
    was $447.00 Special Price $329.00
  18. Soho Single Chaise Lounge (903-1324-JBP)
    was $1,347.00 Special Price $995.00
  19. Nautical Wheeled Chaise NAW2280
    was $756.00 Special Price $539.00
  20. 2 Pc. Pacific Chaise Lounge Set ISP089
    was $650.00 Special Price $558.00
  21. 2 Pc. Sundance Chaise Lounge Set ISP080
    was $400.00 Special Price $250.00
  22. 3 Pc. Barbados Chaise Lounge Set FP-BAR-3CLS-EB
    was $2,360.00 Special Price $1,964.00
  23. 3 Pc. Cypress Chaise Lounge Set FP-CYP-3CLS-HR
    was $3,077.00 Special Price $2,001.00
  24. 3 Pc. Hampton Chaise Lounge Set FP-HAM-3CLS
    was $3,287.00 Special Price $2,010.00
  25. Marin Chaise Lounge
    was $2,713.00 Special Price $1,758.00
  26. Montecito Double Chaise Lounge 2501-99
    was $3,192.00 Special Price $2,234.00
  27. Montecito Single Adjustable Chaise 2501-9
    was $1,587.00 Special Price $1,111.00
  28. 2-Pc Cairo Teak Lounger Set
  29. Monterey Double Chaise Lounge
    was $3,392.00 Special Price $2,198.00
  30. South Beach Chaise Lounge SBC76
    was $712.00 Special Price $499.00
  31. 2 Pc. Miami Chaise Lounge Set ISP860
    was $800.00 Special Price $598.00
  32. 3 Pc. Island Cove Chaise Lounge Set (PJO-8001-ESP-3PCC)
    was $1,210.00 Special Price $899.00
  33. 3 Pc. Key Biscayne Chaise Lounge Set (PJO-7001-ATQ-3PCL)
    was $2,385.00 Special Price $1,779.00
  34. 3 Pc. Miami Chaise Lounge Set ISP860-3CH
    was $950.00 Special Price $697.00
  35. 3 Pc. Rockport Lounge Set FP-ROC-3LS
    was $2,172.00 Special Price $1,710.00
  36. 3 Pc. South Beach Chaise Set PWS178-1
    was $1,557.00 Special Price $1,095.00
  37. 3 Pc. St Barths Chaise Lounge Set (PJO-3001-BRN-3PCC)
    was $1,851.00 Special Price $1,379.00
  38. 3 Pc. Tides Lounge Set
    was $8,954.00 Special Price $6,888.00
  39. 4 Pc. Aqua Chaise Lounge Set ISP076
    was $880.00 Special Price $660.00
  40. 4 Pc. Sunlight Chaise Lounge Set ISP077
    was $920.00 Special Price $700.00
  41. 4 Pc. Sunrise Chaise Lounge Set ISP078
    was $1,000.00 Special Price $716.00
  42. 5 Pc Olympus Chaise Lounge Set
    was $4,800.00 Special Price $3,600.00
  43. Albany Cushion Chaise AB-415
    was $1,744.00 Special Price $1,133.60
  44. Aragon 3-Pc. Cushion Chaise Lounge Set
    was $2,568.00 Special Price $1,712.00
  45. Aragon 3-Pc. Sling Chaise Lounge Set
    was $2,004.00 Special Price $1,336.00
  46. Cardiff Single Adjustable Chaise Lounge 2901-9
    was $1,497.00 Special Price $838.40
  47. Coronado Double Chaise 2101-99
    was $3,192.00 Special Price $2,234.00
  48. Cypress Single Adjustable Chaise Lounge with Arms FP-CYP-ACL-HR
    was $1,365.00 Special Price $874.00

109 items

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