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Outdoor Pillows And Cushions

If you want to give your outdoor furniture a custom look that will make it stand out from the rest, outdoor pillows and cushions are the key. Available in hundreds of colors and patterns, you can create the look you’re looking for. Whether you want cushions that are colorful and eclectic, or ones that have a more sophisticated color palette, there are more than enough options to choose from.

Our Custom Decorative Sunbrella Cushions are a best seller and for good reason. Sunbrella is the top marine grade fabric in the industry because of its unique properties that make it perfect for enduring years under the sun without losing color. It is used in a variety of applications including boat covers, convertible automobile tops, and outdoor awnings. Sunbrella is engineered to be low maintenance, easy to wash, and mold/mildew resistant. It is so durable, it can even be bleached and won’t lose any color!

Many of our products are available with cushions in Quick-ship Sunbrella fabrics. We keep these color cushions stocked and ready to go so you can have your furniture as quickly as possible. If you don’t mind waiting, you can choose from hundreds of custom Sunbrella fabric options and give your patio a one-of-a-kind look.

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  1. Custom Decorative Sunbrella Throw Pillows
    was $84.00 Special Price $56.00
  2. Club Chair Replacement Cushion HL-CUSH-CC
    was $349.00 Special Price $239.00
  3. Corner Section Replacement Cushions HL-CUSH-CS
    was $419.00 Special Price $289.00
  4. Left & Right Arm Section Replacement Cushions HL-CUSH-AC
    was $359.00 Special Price $249.00
  5. Loveseat Replacement Cushions HL-CUSH-LS
    was $698.00 Special Price $478.00
  6. Middle Section Replacement Cushions HL-CUSH-MS
    was $349.00 Special Price $239.00
  7. Ottoman Replacement Cushion HL-CUSH-OT
    was $219.00 Special Price $149.00
  8. Sofa Replacement Cushions HL-CUSH-S
    was $1,047.00 Special Price $717.00
  9. Curved Loveseat Cushion HL-CUSH-CLS
    was $1,110.00 Special Price $749.00
  10. Adjustable Chaise Lounge Cushion HL-CUSH-RCL
    was $350.00 Special Price $269.00
  11. Dining Chair Cushion HL-CUSH-DC
    was $90.00 Special Price $69.00
  12. Arbor Dining Arm Chair Cushion HL-CUSH-AR-DAC
    was $120.00 Special Price $89.00
  13. Arbor Dining Side Chair Cushion HL-CUSH-AR-DSC
    was $100.00 Special Price $69.00
  14. Arbor Dining Bench Cushion HL-CUSH-AR-DB
    was $210.00 Special Price $149.00
  15. Arden & Dune Dining Chair Cushion HL-CUSH-ARD-DAC
    was $100.00 Special Price $69.00
  16. Veranda Acrylic Poly Pillow (Set of 2) PLP100016
    was $154.00 Special Price $110.00
  17. Veranda Polyester Poly Pillow (Set of 2) PLP100025
    was $154.00 Special Price $110.00
  18. Veranda Polyester Poly Pillow (Set of 3) PLP100047
    was $165.00 Special Price $117.00
  19. Veranda Tribal Pattern Pillow (Set of 3) PLW101740
    was $192.00 Special Price $138.00
  20. Veranda Tribal Pattern Pillow (Set of 3) PLW102009
    was $165.00 Special Price $117.00
  21. Veranda Tribal Pattern Pillow (Set of 3) PLW102010
    was $165.00 Special Price $117.00
  22. 16" Outdoor Throw Pillow XPWP0067
    was $40.00 Special Price $29.00
  23. 19 x 19 Throw Pillow with Fiber Down
    was $135.00 Special Price $101.25
  24. 24 x 24 Throw Pillow with Fiber Down
    was $173.00 Special Price $129.75
  25. 12 x 20 Lumbar Pillow
    was $116.00 Special Price $87.00
  26. 15 x 15 Square Throw Pillow
    was $104.00 Special Price $78.00
  27. 19 x 19 Square Throw Pillow
    was $116.00 Special Price $87.00
  28. 24 x 24 Square Throw Pillow
    was $151.00 Special Price $113.25
  29. 16 x 20 Rectangular Pillow
    was $128.00 Special Price $96.00

30 Items

per page
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