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If you have received a damaged or defective product, or if you have any other reason to file a claim with us, please follow the instructions below. Please make sure to provide ALL of the requested items to insure a quick and effective claim. This will help us minimize our total processing time, fortify our case against any freight carrier we may need to file against, and get your final claim resolution to you faster!

How to File a Claim with Patio Productions:

First of all: We're sorry that your order didn't arrive to you in perfect condition!

Sometimes this happens. Usually it doesn't. But when it does, we know how irritating it can be. Our goal is to get your claim processed and filed, and get you a satisfying resolution as quickly as possible. You can help us in this endeavor by following these instructions as thoroughly as possible.

Step 1

Write an e-mail to our Claims department at " claims [at] ". Write the Subject Line of your Email to read: "Patio Productions Claim".

Step 2

In your email, please include the following details:

  • Your Order Number and Name
  • Date of Delivery
  • Description of the Damage or Defect (please be as descriptive as possible)

Step 3

Please attach the following items to your email:

  • A photo or scan of the Bill of Lading (your freight receipt).
  • Photos of the Damage or Defect (as many as possible, at least 1 - please make sure the photos CLEARLY show the damage)

Thank you very much for being a valued customer! We look forward to assisting you with your claim and making sure you are completely satisfied. We promise we will make the process as stress-free and painless as possible, and we will work with you every step of the way. Thanks for your business and for giving us this chance to make things right!