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Aluminum Outdoor Tables - Coffee Tables, End Tables, and More

Our aluminum outdoor occasional tables come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They make the perfect end table for your current outdoor sofa set. They can also be used as low coffee tables! The possibilities are endless. There are large sizes for bigger patio spaces and smaller sizes if you’re working with a smaller balcony space. Our selection ranges from traditional to modern, so anyone can find something that will fit in with the rest of their patio furniture! If you’d like to see some more aluminum patio furniture options, check out the rest of our collection!

Aluminum patio tables are a great choice for anyone looking for high-quality, low maintenance accent furniture to complement their outdoor space. We offer a wide range of pricing options, so you don’t have to stress if you’re decorating on a budget. As always, our carefully-curated collection includes piece we have determined meet or exceed our high standards for balance between quality and affordability.

Why choose outdoor aluminum for your occasional tables? There are a few benefits to aluminum that are worth noting. The first is the strength and durability that aluminum brings to your sofa tables. One of the biggest perks of our weather-proofed aluminum is that it doesn’t rust! Whether you choose our beautiful cast aluminum tables, or one of our thick-gauge extruded metal models, you won't have to worry about rain or having to move your furniture undercover - our tables hold up to the elements. If that’s not enough to convince you, all of our aluminum furniture comes with a powder coating, for extra protection. What beats double defense against Mother Nature?

One of our favorite aspects of aluminum patio tables is the extremely low maintenance that is involved with them. Other materials are great too, but they might need to be refinished or protected from rust a few times a year. Cast aluminum doesn’t need anything like that. If your coffee table starts to look a little dirty, the simple fix is to give it a quick splash with the hose and then pat it down with a dry rag. It’s as easy as that! Spend more time relaxing and less time putting work into your patio furniture. Aluminum tables should last you decades!

Finally, aluminum patio tables are extremely lightweight. This is great news if you love to rearrange your patio furniture. Too much time in one arrangement starts to feel a little stale, we get that! Luckily, you won’t have to break your back to move this patio furniture around. You probably don’t even need a second person. If you have any questions or concerns about our aluminum occasional table pieces, please reach out to us. Our team of patio professionals would love to help you out!

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  1. Cast Slats Coffee Table C013244-01-CRPN
    was $573.00 Special Price $382.00
  2. Cast Slats End Table C012424-01-CRPN
    was $573.00 Special Price $382.00
  3. Center Ring Slats Coffee Table L123244-01-FPCN
    was $867.00 Special Price $499.00
  4. Center Ring Slats Round Side Table 17005586
    was $336.00 Special Price $224.00
  5. Center Ring Slats Side Table L122424-01-FPCN
    was $561.00 Special Price $299.00
  6. Cosmopolitan Coffee Table 701860
    was $597.00 Special Price $398.00
  7. Embossed Wood Grain Slat Coffee Table 17004657
    was $687.00 Special Price $458.00
  8. Embossed Wood Grain Slat End Table 17004725
    was $333.00 Special Price $222.00
  9. Fauxwood Coffee Table 17004985
    was $912.00 Special Price $699.00
  10. Fauxwood End Table 17004992
    was $624.00 Special Price $429.00
  11. Island Breeze Coffee Table (PJO-1001-ESP-CT)
    was $357.00 Special Price $259.00
  12. Island Breeze End Table (PJO-1001-ESP-ET)
    was $195.00 Special Price $139.00
  13. Island Breeze Ottoman (PJO-1001-ESP-O)
    was $285.00 Special Price $199.00
  14. La Jolla Coffee Table 401-CT
    was $426.00 Special Price $319.07
  15. La Jolla End Table 401-ET
    was $243.00 Special Price $182.01
  16. Laguna 48" Square Table 3501-T48
    was $1,197.00 Special Price $896.55
  17. Laguna Coffee Table 3501-CT
    was $747.00 Special Price $559.50
  18. Laguna End Table 3501-ET
    was $507.00 Special Price $379.74
  19. Laguna Sofa Table 3501-ST
    was $897.00 Special Price $671.85
  20. Mixed Material Cast Coffee Table C143244-01-CRCN
    was $1,026.00 Special Price $684.00
  21. Mixed Material Cast End Table C142424-01-CRCN
    was $687.00 Special Price $458.00
  22. Monterey Coffee Table 3001-CT
    was $456.00 Special Price $341.54
  23. Monterey End Table 3001-ET
    was $303.00 Special Price $226.95
  24. Portal Coffee Table HL-PORT-CT
    was $335.00 Special Price $229.00
  25. Portal End Table HL-PORT-ET
    was $210.00 Special Price $149.00
  26. Post Leg Slats Coffee Table L823244-01-FPTN
    was $720.00 Special Price $399.00
  27. Post Leg Slats Side Table L842424-01-FPPN
    was $435.00 Special Price $249.00
  28. Traditional Cast 54" Round Chat Table C8354RD-01-CRPN
    was $582.00 Special Price $388.00
  29. Traditional Cast Coffee Table C823244-01-CRPN
    was $414.00 Special Price $276.00
  30. Traditional Cast End Table C842424-01-CRPN
    was $261.00 Special Price $174.00
  31. Mariner Square End Table w/Wood Finish Texture FP-MAR-ET-STE
    was $273.00 Special Price $152.00
  32. Redondo Coffee Table 3801-CT
    was $897.00 Special Price $671.85
  33. Verona 31.5" Round Cocktail Table 277044
    was $1,000.00 Special Price $700.00
  34. Atlantic Square End Table FP-ATL-ET-SQ-RAV
    was $341.00 Special Price $189.00
  35. Redondo End Table 3801-ET
    was $507.00 Special Price $379.74
  36. Atlantic Rectangle Coffee Table FP-ATL-CT-REC-RAV
    was $358.00 Special Price $199.00
  37. Travira End Table TVET
    was $250.00 Special Price $205.00
  38. Selene Aluminum Square End Table w/Wood Finish Texture FP-SEL-ET-STE
    was $273.00 Special Price $152.00
  39. Elements Side Table 203316
    was $680.00 Special Price $476.00
  40. Ashbee Coffee Table 1A9
    was $543.00 Special Price $488.70
  41. Mariner Rectangle Coffee Table w/Wood Finish Texture FP-MAR-CT-STE
    was $487.00 Special Price $271.00
  42. Seville Cast Side Table 18008587
    was $354.00 Special Price $236.00
  43. Seville Cast Coffee Table 18008570
    was $792.00 Special Price $528.00
  44. Verona 23.5" Round End Table 277043
    was $695.00 Special Price $486.50

45 Items

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