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Urbana Collection, by Harmonia Living

The Urbana Collection from Harmonia Living is a unique collection of patio furniture because of how seamlessly and beautifully it integrates with both indoor and outdoor spaces. The collection features powder-coated aluminum frames wrapped in synthetic HDPE wicker, which is the most durable and versatile synthetic wicker available today.

Unlike cheaper all-weather wicker materials, HDPE is not simply dyed plastic; the fibrous strands are all dyed individually before they are woven together, giving a consistent and vibrant color signature that doesn't fade with extended wind, rain, or sun exposure. This adds tremendous longevity to your patio set, whether you use it indoors or outside.

The Urbana Collection is also the perfect choice for you if you plan on entertaining large groups of people, or if you plan to use your patio furniture in a commercial setting. The wicker is resistant to cracking, peeling, and fading, and the aluminum frame is rustproof and very sturdy while also being lightweight; all of which are crucial for the long lifespan of your patio furniture. The lightweight and tough aspects of the Urbana Collection make them perfect pieces of commercial patio furniture as they are a lasting investment that aren't a pain to move around.

There are multiple sets available now for purchase within the Urbana Collection. Some of the sets go all the way up to 18 pieces, perfect for a large space. If you’re working with a smaller outdoor space, there are sets to accommodate that. The Urbana Eclipse set is a curved sectional, perfect for garden meet-and-greets or small-scale celebrations. Urbana Chaise Lounges and Club Chairs are perfect for relaxing by the pool or on a balcony or deck with a view. Urbana bar height chairs and tables are excellent for commercial settings, but also for a fun and casual atmosphere on your patio.

The Urbana Collection by Harmonia Living features chat sets, dining sets, deep seating and much more! We're sure you'll find the perfect piece to complement your outdoor space with the Urbana Collection. What's more, you'll have a great time customizing your furniture with the hundreds of Sunbrella cushions and pillow fabric options we have available! Patio Productions is pleased to offer more fabric options and customizations for your Urbana Collection furniture than any other manufacturer, so you can Bring Your Outdoors to Life! And be sure to check out our other exciting collections from Harmonia Living.

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  1. Urbana 3 Pc. Extended Curved Sectional Set HL-URBN-CB-3MCSEC
    was $4,720.00 Special Price $3,249.00
  2. Urbana 6 Pc. Curved Sectional Set HL-URBN-CB-6CSEC
    was $6,660.00 Special Price $4,499.00
  3. Urbana 5 Pc. Double Sofa Set HL-URBN-CB-5S2S
    was $6,760.00 Special Price $4,599.00
  4. Urbana 5 Pc. Double Loveseat Set HL-URBN-CB-5LS2S
    was $5,390.00 Special Price $3,699.00
  5. Urbana 5 Pc. 4-Seat Club Chair Set HL-URBN-CB-5CC4
    was $4,150.00 Special Price $2,899.00
  6. Urbana 10 Pc. Club Chair Sectional Set HL-URBN-CB-10CCSEC
    was $7,070.00 Special Price $4,799.00
  7. Urbana 10 Pc. Surround Sectional Set HL-URBN-CB-10SEC
    was $7,550.00 Special Price $5,099.00
  8. Urbana 7 Pc. Sectional Set HL-URBN-CB-7SEC
    was $4,875.00 Special Price $3,299.00
  9. Urbana 8 Pc. 5-Seat Sectional Set HL-URBN-CB-8M5SEC
    was $4,740.00 Special Price $3,199.00
  10. Urbana 8 Pc. 4-Seat Sectional Set HL-URBN-CB-8M4SEC
    was $4,110.00 Special Price $2,799.00
  11. Urbana 5 Pc. Sectional Set HL-URBN-CB-5SEC
    was $3,835.00 Special Price $2,599.00
  12. Urbana 9 Pc. Square Arm Dining Set HL-URBN-CB-9ASDS
    was $2,920.00 Special Price $1,999.00
  13. Urbana 5 Pc. Arm Dining Set HL-URBN-CB-5ADS
    was $1,540.00 Special Price $1,099.00
  14. Urbana 5 Pc. Bar Set HL-URBN-CB-5BS
    was $1,585.00 Special Price $999.00
  15. Urbana Ottoman - Coffee Bean HL-URBN-CB-OT
    was $400.00 Special Price $279.00
  16. Urbana Armless Chaise Lounge HL-URBN-CB-L
    was $1,285.00 Special Price $899.00
  17. Urbana 79x39" Rectangular Dining Table HL-URBN-CB-8RCDT
    was $800.00 Special Price $599.00
  18. Urbana 59" Square Dining Table HL-URBN-CB-8SQDT
    was $800.00 Special Price $599.00
  19. Urbana 59x39" Rectangular Dining Table HL-URBN-CB-6RCDT
    was $650.00 Special Price $499.00
  20. Urbana 39" Square Dining Table HL-URBN-CB-4SQDT
    was $480.00 Special Price $399.00

87 items

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