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Sunbrella Fabrics

Sunbrella Fabrics - A History of Excellence

Since its 1961 debut on the fabrics scene, Sunbrella has worked tirelessly to develop and produce the world's most durable and elegant fabrics for myriad uses, from indoor armchairs and outdoor wood furniture to convertible boat covers and water repellant, sun-proof tops.

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Innovative Beginnings

As pioneers of performance fabrics, Sunbrella has the experience and the resources necessary to continuously innovate and inspire the market. Their stylish and enduring products can be traced back to their beginnings creating awning fabrics: cotton was the most popular awning material in 1961, but Sunbrella was set to rattle the fabric world with a new material that could last up to ten times longer than cotton, with less maintenance and no color fading. Their patented fibers are not dyed, but use instead "color-to-the-core" technology. This means the colors of all Sunbrella fabrics are integral to the fibers themselves, rather than just superficial stains on the fabric exterior.

With innovative engineering and clever new coloring methods, Sunbrella quickly became the awning industry's most desired fabric. It was not long before the material was adopted by sailors and companies in the boating industry, as Sunbrella had gained a reputation for its water-repellency as well as its fade-resisting quality. Now, just a few years later, Sunbrella is the most popular, long-lasting fabric material for outdoor wood furniture cushions as well as the number one choice for awnings and watercraft covers.

Built to Last

Sunbrella fabrics come in several styles, each with their own unique weights and functions, but they all share in common an enviable longevity that puts most other fabrics to shame. The fabric is quite tear resistant and is intended for active outdoor use. And Sunbrella's resistance to color fading is legendary in the industry: because the colors in every piece of Sunbrella fabric are "color saturated," even when the outermost color layers are damaged by sunlight, the true colors of the fiber will continue to show throughout. You never have to worry about your Sunbrella fabrics fading out of style!

Sunbrella is meticulously crafted for a typical lifespan of up to 10 years, which is more than twice as long as most other outdoor fabrics. This means it will keep your patio furniture sets looking brilliant long past the typical expiration date of most consumer-grade fabrics.

Inspired Designs

Sunbrella fabrics are available in a multitude of gorgeous colors and designs, from richly-hued solids to intricate and eye-catching multi-color patterns. Sunbrella is constantly updating their catalog of appealing designs to guarantee consumers the perfect accent for their quality patio furniture. Many of the patterns themselves are created by top-tier artists and designers like Joe Ruggiero and Richard Frinier.

Perhaps the best quality of these gorgeous fabrics is that they are completely worry-free! You needn't be concerned about drinking wine in your Sunbrella-fitted outdoor sofa set, nor should you fret if your kids sit down in a patio dining set after playing in the mud: Sunbrella fabrics are stain-proof, due to the same characteristics that make them water-resistant and weatherproof.

Good for Our Earth

Sunbrella fabric is remarkably eco-friendly, unlike so many other fabrics in the industry. Even in its humble beginnings, Sunbrella has been a company committed to environmental stewardship, far surpassing industry expectations with their conservation efforts and sustainable manufacturing.

The fabric itself is produced in accordance with manufacturing best practices for efficiency and minimal environmental impact. And significantly, there is no water wasted in the color-saturation process. This coloring process, unique in the industry, drastically reduces water consumption and energy consumption all while avoiding the devastating effluents with which traditional dying processes are commonly associated.

Sunbrella goes even further in its green mission, however, with its own proprietary recycling and re-purposing program. "Recycle My Sunbrella" reclaims pre-consumer waste associated with the manufacturing of Sunbrella fabrics, as well as post-consumer waste once a piece of Sunbrella fabric has outlived its usefulness. These are re-purposed into a variety of recycled products, including but not limited to future Sunbrella items.

Sunbrella and Patio Productions: The Perfect Pairing for Outdoor Furniture That Lasts

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