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Shipping and Tracking

Shipping and Tracking

Delivery Appointments
To ensure that your order is delivered at your convenience, all customers will receive a call 1-3 days in advance of potential delivery to schedule a delivery appointment of your choosing. Please note that we do not provide tracking numbers - we have found that a phone call to schedule a delivery appointment is more convenient and accurate for our customers.

To calculate when your new patio set will be delivered, please add the quoted delivery time to your order date. Delivery times can be found on the information page of each patio set we sell. If your order has gone beyond the quoted delivery time, please send an e-mail to with your last name and order number so we may track your order and speed delivery. Please do not call for tracking as our sales staff does not have access to past orders.

Fastest Total Delivery Times!
Once you have selected the perfect outdoor set, you probably want to receive it ASAP. At we process orders the same day they are received and partner with the fastest and most reliable shipping carriers in the business. Many orders even ship out the same day! Every piece of outdoor furniture we carry has a quoted time until it reaches your home. Be wary of competitors who claim to "ship within 3 days" but do not tell you how long it takes once it ships. For speed and reliability, nobody beats

Delivery Estimates
Delivery Estimates vary from product to product and should be taken as merely estimates. You may reach out to customer service at any time for updates on your order. Furthermore, please be advised that we always strive to ship COMPLETE orders - we do not ship items individually in most cases. When estimating the delivery date for your order, please use the Delivery Estimate of the longest-delayed product as your delivery estimate for the entire order.

Sorry, we only ship products free within the lower 48 states. Alaska and Hawaii customers can order for an extra charge. Please call for details.

For complete shipping information, and more useful policies our customers should be aware of, please check our Policies page. Thank you for shopping with Patio Productions!