Outdoor Fountains

If you’re looking to add some attractive decor and ambiance to your patio, outdoor fountains are a smart idea. Whether you prefer a traditionally elegant look, or something with a little more modern appeal, we offer a variety of outdoor fountains for you to look at. From sleek wall fountains to elegant garden fountains, you’ll find something to match your style. Made with durable materials such as grade fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) and natural slate, these pieces are made to last and endure the elements.

Want a unique fountain that will make an attractive centerpiece? The unique designs and artful construction makes these pieces stand out and are simply beautiful to look at. Perfect for a garden, adding the soothing sights and sounds of flowing water. Or right on your patio as a conversation piece for your guests to admire.

There are many benefits to outdoor fountains beyond their artful appeal. The soothing sound of water is known to help people to relax and relieve stress. Many are available with adjustable water pumps to control the level of sound. If you’re the type of person who loves the outdoors to relax, an outdoor fountain will serve you well.

The sound of flowing water is also great for blocking out unwanted noises from your surroundings such as traffic, neighbors, and barking dogs. They also help with privacy by drowning out voices in conversation. Animals love outdoor fountains too because they provide a fresh source of water. This is particularly useful during hot summers when pets need a constant fresh source of water. Just make sure the water isn’t treated with any chemicals.

For business owners, outdoor fountains are a great way to attract attention to your space, especially for restaurants, bars, yoga studios, acupuncture centers, massage centers, etc. Not only do they help customers to relax and unwind, they also add a sense romance and create an emotionally uplifting ambiance. Fountains purify the air naturally and add humidity to the air, making them great for spas and hotels.

If you’re a follower of Feng Shui, you already know that flowing water is important to creating a positive flow of energy, especially when it comes to prosperity and abundance. Adding a water element to your outdoor space will help keep that energy flowing.
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Copper Vines Outdoor Floor Fountain
Sale price: $340.20 (Save 26%)

Vestaglia Wall Fountain
Sale price: $190.00 (Save 16%)

72" Watergarden Ancient Stone with Bronze Mirror
Sale price: $595.00 (Save 8%)

Alaster Outdoor Floor Fountain
Sale price: $1499.00

Alaster with Ball Fountain
Sale price: $1713.99

Amphora Floor Fountain
Sale price: $1339.00

Aristotle Stone Fountain
Sale price: $249.99 (Save 13%)

Atri Falls Floor Fountain
Sale price: $1499.00

Atrophy Floor Fountain
Sale price: $3099.00

Augusta Floor Fountain
Sale price: $1199.00

Ball and Ring Base Floor Fountain
Sale price: $1499.00

Ball and Wok Floor Fountain
Sale price: $1499.00

Bell Outdoor Floor Fountain
Sale price: $1199.00

Bellezza Stone Wall Fountain
Sale price: $395.00 (Save 12%)

Bello Floor Fountain
Sale price: $2109.00

Bi-Level Jug Floor Fountain
Sale price: $1585.00

Bi-Level Jug with Planter Floor Fountain
Sale price: $1585.00

Block Floor Fountain
Sale price: $1069.00