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Fire Pits

It's hard to use our patios or backyards when the weather makes it so unbearably cold for us to actually enjoy our time there. The perfect solution for this is to have a wonderful fire to warm our hands as we sit around it in a cozy and comfortable setting. Fire pits are a wonderful investment for your outdoor setting because they do everything you want it to and more!

Outdoor fire pits range from traditional to sophisticated to wacky and contemporary styles. Some gas fire pits are gas-powered and include a grill so that your fire pit not only brings warmth into your patio, but also doubles as a cooking area. There is a vast variety of styles of fire pits that you'll surely find an outdoor fire pit that's right for you and your backyard.

Chimineas are a sophisticated type of fire pits that gives your backyard personality, warmth, light, and in some types, a perfect pizza oven to make your soon-to-be-famous homemade pizzas. Whether you're simply looking for an accent piece to complete your patio, or one that doubles as a functional asset to the comfort of your home – a fire pit will surely satisfy all of these and more!

For brand-specific fire pits, be sure to check out our Modfire and Real Flame pages!

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  1. Chat Height Octagon Firetable w/ Granite Inset 625
    was $4,810.21 Special Price $3,675.00
  2. Chat Height Octagon Firetable w/ Concrete Top 626
    was $3,128.27 Special Price $2,390.00
  3. Rectangular Firetable 650
    was $2,925.39 Special Price $2,235.00
  4. Marseille 32" Fire Bowl 753
    was $1,896.60 Special Price $1,449.00
  5. Etruscan Fire Urn 762
    was $2,167.54 Special Price $1,656.00
  6. Reclaimed Wood Contempo Tank Cover / End Table 8510-BA
    was $467.28 Special Price $357.00
  7. Paso Robles N-Top Rectangular Fire Table LF262-N260F
    was $3,145.00 Special Price $2,044.25
  8. Paso Robles F-Top Rectangular Fire Table LF262-F260FS
    was $3,107.00 Special Price $2,019.55
  9. Marseille 48" Fire Bowl 751
    was $2,573.30 Special Price $1,966.00
  10. Inverted Dining Firetable w/ Concrete Top 675
    was $4,416.23 Special Price $3,374.00
  11. Lotus Bar Firetable w/ Polished Top 655
    was $5,472.51 Special Price $4,181.00
  12. Amphora Firetable w/ Concrete Top 610
    was $2,814.14 Special Price $2,150.00
  13. Versailled Firetable w/ Ball Feet 744
    was $4,195.02 Special Price $3,205.00
  14. Lyon Square Pyramid Fyre Bowl 420
    was $2,952.88 Special Price $2,256.00
  15. Bordeaux Rectangle Fire Bowl 435
    was $3,785.34 Special Price $2,892.00
  16. Louvre Rectangle Fire Pit 689
    was $3,697.64 Special Price $2,825.00
  17. Tavola VI Fire Table PH-415
    was $4,308.00 Special Price $3,590.00
  18. Pentola II Fire Bowl PH-414
    was $933.60 Special Price $778.00
  19. Inverted Firetable w/ Concrete Top 629
    was $2,912.30 Special Price $2,225.00
  20. Versailles 24" Fire Bowl w/ Ball Feet 745
    was $2,167.54 Special Price $1,656.00
  21. Tavola IV Fire Table PH-408
    was $3,348.00 Special Price $2,790.00
  22. Marseille 24" Fire Bowl 755
    was $1,625.65 Special Price $1,242.00
  23. Wave Fire Urn 530
    was $2,167.54 Special Price $1,656.00
  24. Rain Drum Tank Cover / End Table 8199
    was $744.76 Special Price $569.00
  25. Paso Robles N-Top Rectangular Counter Height Table LF265-N260F
    was $3,284.00 Special Price $2,134.60
  26. Inverted Firetable w/ Earth-Tone Small Pebbles Top 631
    was $4,352.09 Special Price $3,325.00

122 items

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