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Outdoor Dining Tables

It is sometimes difficult to find a dining set that fits your needs completely. If this is the case, our selection of outdoor dining tables may provide you with an alternative that will allow you to make the dining set that is 100% you! Our selection ranges from wicker outdoor dining tables to the all natural, eco-friendly teak outdoor dining table! With so many dining sets to choose from, you'll start finding it more difficult to choose just one!

Our catalog of patio dining tables offers a great selection of styles to choose from. Many of our wicker dining tables incorporate a glass top for easy clean-up and a sparkling surface for the sun to shine its glorious rays upon. Choose a simple square or rectangular dining table to make finding matching dining chairs an easy process or a more elegant dining table for maximum style enhancement.

Cast aluminum dining tables offer the most durability in harsh weathers with its tough construction and rust-proof finishes. Our cast aluminum dining tables offer simple, yet poised styles that combine weather-resistance with stylish designs to give you a dining table that will transform your outdoor setting.

If you're looking to minimalize your carbon footprint on our planet, then our teak dining tables are the perfect option. With a great deal of customizable options for you to choose from and utilizing eco-friendly materials, teak dining tables give you the most personalized and environmentally conscious dining table in the market.

No matter what you choose, we guarantee that outdoor furniture from Patio Productions is the right fit for you!

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  1. Arbor 59x36" Rectangular Dining Table HL-AR-CB-6RCDT
    was $945.00 Special Price $649.00
  2. Arbor 83x42" Rectangular Dining Table HL-AR-CB-8RCDT
    was $1,455.00 Special Price $939.00
  3. Cast Slats Rectangular Dining Table C014482-01-TBPN
    was $1,185.00 Special Price $790.00
  4. Center Ring Slats Rectangular Dining Table L124484-01-FPCN
    was $1,803.00 Special Price $1,099.00
  5. Embossed Wood Grain Slat Rectangular Dining Table 17004589
    was $1,467.00 Special Price $978.00
  6. Fauxwood Rectangular Dining Table 17004961
    was $2,487.00 Special Price $1,699.00
  7. Fauxwood 84" x 44" Rectangular Fire Pit Dining Table 17005531
    was $4,383.00 Special Price $2,922.00
  8. Island Breeze 60x36" Rectangular Dining Table (PJO-1001-ESP-RT)
    was $597.00 Special Price $439.00
  9. Lisbon 6-Seat Dining Table HL-LIS-WHT-6RCDT
    was $419.00 Special Price $299.00
  10. Teak 72" Dining Table 5201-T72
    was $1,497.00 Special Price $1,048.00
  11. Oslo 6-Seat Dining Table HL-OSL-WHT-6RCDT
    was $290.00 Special Price $229.00
  12. Post Leg Slats Rectangular Dining Table L884484-01-TBTN
    was $1,392.00 Special Price $799.00
  13. Soho 65x36" Rectangular Dining Table (903-3304-JBP)
    was $1,137.00 Special Price $799.00
  14. Traditional Cast Rectangular Dining Table C884484-01-TBPN
    was $864.00 Special Price $576.00
  15. 76" Hampton Dining Table HA76TA
    was $1,450.00 Special Price $1,189.00
  16. 118" Athos Dining Table 501FT134P2W
    was $7,470.00 Special Price $5,478.00
  17. Seville Cast Rectangular Dining Table 18008563
    was $1,728.00 Special Price $1,152.00
  18. Classic Teak 6-Seater Rectangular Dining Table HL-CLSC-TK-6RCDT
    was $1,370.00 Special Price $899.00
  19. 63" Travira Table TV63TA
    was $1,156.00 Special Price $947.92
  20. Monterey 96" Dining Table 3001-T96
    was $2,307.00 Special Price $1,615.00
  21. 48" Travira Round Dining Table TV48T
    was $1,660.00 Special Price $1,361.20
  22. MGP 36" x 72" Dining Table AT320
    was $1,555.00 Special Price $1,089.00
  23. Tango 6-Seater Rectangular Dining Table HL-TAN-TK-6RCDT
    was $1,500.00 Special Price $999.00
  24. 67" Round Dining Table RD67TA
    was $1,433.00 Special Price $1,175.06
  25. MOD MGP 36" x 73" Dining Table 8320
    was $1,570.00 Special Price $1,099.00
  26. 88" Oval Dining Table OV88TA
    was $1,584.00 Special Price $1,298.88
  27. 39" x 78" Dining Table 8300H
    was $2,850.00 Special Price $1,995.00

27 Items

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