Outdoor Deep Seating

If you like to relax and spend time outdoors, and also like to entertain guests or just put your feet up at home, you might benefit from an outdoor deep seating set. These outdoor sofa sets often include a loveseat, chairs, and coffee table and/or end tables, each designed for use as a cohesive seat to beautify your patio, balcony, deck, or outdoor space! Outdoor seating sets are perfect for watching sunsets or sunrises, enjoying a magazine or newspaper outdoors, talking with family and friends, playing board games, sitting around a fire pit, or just about any activity you can think of. Being outdoors naturally makes people feel more energetic, at peace, and connected with nature – but why not spend outdoor time in comfort and style?

Outdoor deep seating sets and club sets come in a wide variety of styles and shapes for all outdoor spaces and design tastes. Many customers enjoy the freedom and luxurious look of outdoor wicker sofa sets, where polyethylene synthetic weave in beautifully natural colors such as bamboo, white, and black are molded over strong but lightweight aluminum frames. Sofas, coffee tables, and even dining tables can all be manufactured from this highly durable material and provided with details like glass tops and swivel legs. Teak outdoor furniture is another popular choice for outdoor seating sets. Teak outdoor sofa sets are resilient and all-natural as well as environmentally friendly, made from a hardwood that grows very quickly and is plantation-raised.

Regardless of the material, many outdoor seating sets are modular. Modular outdoor furniture is designed to be moved and used as you need it. Many pieces may stack on top or inside of one another for easy storage. This type of outdoor seating set is popular because it can be customized on a day-to-day basis for each occasion, and it provides customers with choices for seating options. You’ll love all the different options available to you for your outdoor seating, and we’re sure you’ll find the outdoor sofa set that is the perfect solution for your needs. Be sure to check out the rest of our catalog as well!

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Outdoor Sofa Sets

5 Pc. Urbana Sofa Set HL-URBN-CB-5SS
Sale price: $3499.00 (Save 30%)

4 Pc. Element Sofa Set HL-ELE-TP-4SS
Sale price: $2599.00 (Save 30%)

5 Pc. District Sofa Set HL-DIS-TS-5SS
Sale price: $3499.00 (Save 23%)

Kingston 4 Piece Sofa Set HL-KNG-AG-4SS
Sale price: $1699.00 (Save 35%)

Lane 4 Piece Poly Resin Wood Sofa Set HL-LN-AL-4SS
Sale price: $899.00 (Save 35%)

Oslo 5 Piece Sofa Set HL-OSL-WHT-5SS-ASH
Sale price: $1999.00 (Save 36%)

Sophie 4 Piece Lounge Set HL-SPH-AG-4SS
Sale price: $999.00 (Save 39%)

Circa 4 Piece Lounge Set HL-CIRC-CHR-4SS
Sale price: $1799.00 (Save 38%)

Torrey 4 Piece Sofa Set HL-TOR-SD-4SS
Sale price: $1799.00 (Save 37%)

3 Pc. Arden Sofa Set HL-ARD-CH-3SS
Sale price: $2499.00 (Save 30%)

5 Pc. Coronado Sofa Set
Sale price: $7121.00 (Save 23%)

5 Pc. La Jolla Sofa Set
Sale price: $3349.00 (Save 26%)

3 Pc. Element Sofa Set HL-ELE-TP-3SS
Sale price: $2299.00 (Save 30%)

5 Pc. Montecito Sofa Set
Sale price: $4520.00 (Save 24%)

3 Pc. Cardiff Sofa Set
Sale price: $3756.00 (Save 28%)

4 Pc. District Sofa Set HL-DIS-TS-4SS
Sale price: $2499.00 (Save 23%)

4 Pc. Provence Sofa Set
Sale price: $3292.00 (Save 28%)

5 Pc. Element Sofa Set HL-ELE-TP-5SS
Sale price: $3699.00 (Save 30%)