Outdoor Bar Sets

Cocktail hour? Yes please! If you enjoy spending time outdoors and sipping drinks, you’ll love having an outdoor bar set! Perfect for placing poolside and enjoying daiquiris or margaritas, or placing on a balcony and sipping morning cappuccinos, or just enjoying time being outside. Outdoor bar sets are set at a slightly higher height than outdoor dining sets, and so allow for better views and a more “cosmopolitan” feel. If you haven’t considered purchasing a bar set, then you haven’t considered the benefits it might bring to your outdoor space!

Outdoor bar sets are a wonderful alternative for smaller outdoor spaces such as small patios or balconies. The taller height provides an illusion of space in the same square footage as a standard bistro table. Most outdoor bar tables seat two for intimate drinks and dining, but larger bar tables (and actual outdoor bars themselves) are also available and seat up to four or six. When thinking of an outdoor bar set, you might envision a wrought iron table and two chairs or bar stools set outside a Parisian café. These days, the timeless appeal of an outdoor bar set is as strong as ever, but the materials they’re made of are stronger, more beautiful, and easier to care for. Cast aluminum bar sets have replaced the old wrought iron because they’re more durable and rust-proof, not to mention more lightweight! Many aluminum bar sets offer the same beauty as wrought iron – including decorative metalwork and a dark powder coat – but are built to last.

Outdoor wicker furniture is another great solution for your outdoor entertaining. Made of synthetic polyethylene instead of natural rattan (which is subject to chipping, mildew, and other problems), outdoor wicker is virtually weather-proof. Teak outdoor bar sets are another beautiful choice when choosing an outdoor bar set. Easy to care for, yet all-natural, teak is a popular choice for casual, all-American styles.

When choosing your outdoor bar set, make sure to consider the size and use of the bar you’ll use as well as whether you want bar chairs or bar stools. We offer so many options, you’re sure to find the perfect bar!

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Outdoor Bar Sets

5 Pc. Arden Bar Set HL-ARD-CH-5BCS
Sale price: $1109.00 (Save 30%)

5 Pc. District Bar Set HL-DIS-TS-5BCS
Sale price: $1109.00 (Save 23%)

7 Pc. Arden Bar Set HL-ARD-CH-7BS
Sale price: $1799.00 (Save 30%)

7 Pc. District Bar Set HL-DIS-TS-7BS
Sale price: $1799.00 (Save 23%)

5 Pc. Urbana Bar Chair Set HL-URBN-CB-5BCS
Sale price: $1109.00 (Save 30%)

5 Pc. Urbana Bar Set HL-URBN-CB-5BS
Sale price: $999.00 (Save 30%)

7 Pc. Urbana Bar Set HL-URBN-CB-7BS
Sale price: $1799.00 (Save 30%)

3 Pc. Hampton Bar Set FP-HAM-3BAR
Sale price: $994.00 (Save 30%)

3 Pc. Barbados Bar Set FP-BAR-3BAR-EB
Sale price: $976.00 (Save 33%)

7 Pc. Barbados Bar Set FP-BAR-7BAR-EB
Sale price: $2638.00 (Save 31%)

3 Pc. Austin Bar Set
Sale price: $1150.00 (Save 23%)

3 Pc. Indo Bar Set
Sale price: $1496.00 (Save 35%)

3 Pc. Island Cove Bar Set (PJO-8001-ESP-3PBR/3PSB)
Sale price: $995.00 (Save 26%)

3 Pc. Island Cove Bar Set (PJO-8001-ESP-3PCP/PBRSB)
Sale price: $789.00 (Save 26%)

3 Pc. Key Biscayne Bar Set (PJO-7001-ATQ-3PCP)
Sale price: $979.00 (Save 26%)

3 Pc. San Michelle Bar Set
Sale price: $1475.00 (Save 30%)

3 Pc. Signature Bar Set PWS153-1
Sale price: $1195.00 (Save 26%)

3 Pc. Soho Bar Set (3PC-SET-903-P)
Sale price: $1149.00 (Save 27%)