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Commercial Outdoor Sofa Sectionals

It can be stressful to decide on how to design the perfect outdoor living space. Luckily, we’re here to help with our huge selection of commercial outdoor sofa sectionals. The addition of commercial sectional sofas to any outdoor space is always a good idea. The comfort and luxury that they bring will take your space to the next level. Guests love the ambiance of a well-curated outdoor space and we want to help you perfect your patio!

Our commercial furniture is built to withstand the high traffic and heavy volume of use that’s standard in a commercial space. We have even more information and examples of what we’ve put together for past clients on our commercial outdoor furniture program page.

There are many different strategies when setting up a commercial patio. It’s important to decide what kind of feel you want your guests to experience. If you’re looking for exclusivity, a smaller seating area will create more demand to sit in one area. Who doesn’t want to feel like a VIP? We have plenty of different sizes and styles of sectionals to help you achieve your patio goals, and our huge selection will help you decide on what kind of atmosphere your guests will enjoy. We’re always caught up with the latest patio trends so your outdoor space will impress even the pickiest guests.

If you’re concerned about inclement weather, we’re here to tell you not to worry. All our commercial outdoor sofas and sectionals are built to withstand the abuse that mother nature dishes out. Not only that, but our warranties and customer service will never leave you disappointed. We also have a huge selection of colors, materials, and fabrics to choose from so you’ll be able to customize anything to match your current outdoor decor.

If you have any questions or concerns about our commercial outdoor patio furniture, please feel free to reach out and contact us. We have a highly qualified and knowledgeable staff that should be able to help you with any of your needs! Don’t wait any longer to put together the patio of your dreams, with some great-looking sofa sectionals from Patio Productions!

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  1. Urbana Corner Section - Coffee Bean HL-URBN-CB-CS
    was $965.00 Special Price $629.00
  2. Arden Ottoman HL-ARD-CH-OT
    was $485.00 Special Price $329.00
  3. Arden Eclipse Curved Loveseat HL-ARD-E-CH-CLS
    was $2,390.00 Special Price $1,499.00
  4. Solana Wicker Right Arm Section 1501-RAF
    was $1,011.00 Special Price $707.70
  5. Montecito Middle Section 2501-AC
    was $1,092.00 Special Price $764.00
  6. 3 Pc. Monterey Sectional Set 3001-SEC
    was $5,517.00 Special Price $3,862.00
  7. Emerald II Sectional 1802-SEC
    was $5,547.00 Special Price $3,883.00
  8. Solana Corner Section 1501-CR
    was $906.00 Special Price $634.20
  9. 3 Pc. Montecito Sectional Set 2501-SEC
    was $5,727.00 Special Price $4,009.00
  10. Montecito Corner Section 2501-CR
    was $1,623.00 Special Price $1,136.10
  11. Manhattan 6 Pc. Sectional Set 3301-SEC-SET
    was $7,269.00 Special Price $5,089.00
  12. Cardiff Corner Section 2901-CR
    was $1,539.00 Special Price $861.84
  13. 3 Pc. Cardiff Sectional Set 2901-SEC
    was $5,787.00 Special Price $3,240.80
  14. Urbana Middle Section - Coffee Bean HL-URBN-CB-MS
    was $725.00 Special Price $459.00
  15. Montecito Right Arm Section 2501-RAF
    was $2,352.00 Special Price $1,646.40
  16. 5 Pc. Solana Sectional Set
    was $5,145.00 Special Price $3,602.00
  17. Laguna Sectional 3501-SEC
    was $5,397.00 Special Price $3,778.00
  18. 3 Pc Leucadia Sectional Set 2601-SEC
    was $5,787.00 Special Price $3,240.80
  19. 3 Pc. Coronado Sectional Set
    was $5,727.00 Special Price $4,009.00
  20. Coronado Wicker Corner Section 2101-CR
    was $1,623.00 Special Price $1,136.10
  21. Solana Wicker Middle Section 1501-AC
    was $687.00 Special Price $481.00
  22. Manhattan 3 Piece Sectional 3301-SEC
    was $5,148.00 Special Price $3,604.00
  23. Leucadia Middle Section 2601-AC
    was $1,002.00 Special Price $701.00
  24. Cardiff Middle Section 2901-AC
    was $1,002.00 Special Price $560.80
  25. Coronado Wicker Middle Section 2101-AC
    was $1,092.00 Special Price $764.00
  26. Solana Wicker Left Arm Section 1501-LAF
    was $1,011.00 Special Price $707.70
  27. Monterey Middle Section 3001-AC
    was $1,092.00 Special Price $764.00
  28. Monterey Corner Section 3001-CR
    was $1,653.00 Special Price $1,157.10
  29. Leucadia Corner Section 2601-CR
    was $1,539.00 Special Price $861.60
  30. Redondo Sectional 3801-SEC
    was $5,397.00 Special Price $3,778.00

30 Items

per page
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