Bistro Sets

Love eating or chatting outdoors but hate the bulkiness of an outdoor dining set? Well, you're definitely not alone. There are times when that gigantic dining set is just too large to hear a friend as you two chat across the table that seems a mile long. Bistro sets solve this problem with ease! When you have a 3 piece bistro set in your backyard or patio, you provide your home with not only a cozy area to sit and enjoy the sun, you also provide the outdoors with a more homier setting. The two chairs give off that cozy, intimate setting for a fun, and comfortable place to sit, have a drink, relax and talk about the latest gossip or this morning's news.

When it comes to outdoor bistro sets, there are many different types of materials to choose from. A wicker bistro set offer an outdoorsy look that is also portable and long-lasting in the sun's penetrating rays with its protective coating and high-quality materials. Resin bistro sets are usually paired with wicker bistro tables that unify the look of the overall set. Wicker sets are usually accompanied with Sunbrella fabric, providing you with a customizable look that fits you and your home. If wicker is not for you, then choose from our many great sets of cast aluminum or sling patio bistro sets. Sling bistro sets provide comfort in a way that wicker or cast aluminum pieces cannot and are very easy to clean. With these materials, the tables are often as gorgeous as the chairs, with their slatted look or glass tabletop.

Putting bistro sets outdoors gives you tons of options to shape the outdoors part of your home the way you want it to look. Wicker or resin bistro sets offer a sophisticated look that is topped with a gorgeous set of cushions, while an outdoor bistro set made from sling or aluminum provides the same versatility, but enhancing the casual and cozy feel of a home. You'll love how absolutely useful a bistro set is as you sit in your garden and enjoy the sun, air, and warmth of the outdoors.

A bistro set fits into nearly any space available to you in the backyard or patio of your home. Unlike the larger dining sets, a patio bistro set provides the same functionality and sophisticated looks but without taking up all the space. Whether you're looking for a bistro patio set that is a smaller version of a dining set, or one that works as a poolside seating area, you cannot go wrong with a versatile, trendy, and long-lasting bistro set.

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Outdoor Bistro Sets

3 Pc. Acapulco Chat Set HL-ACA-3CS
Sale price: $549.00 (Save 30%)

3 Pc. San Michelle Bistro Set
Sale price: $1045.00 (Save 30%)

3 Pc. Aruba Bistro Set ISP804-3BS
Sale price: $639.00 (Save 33%)

3 Pc. Florida Dining Set ISP882-3DN
Sale price: $487.00 (Save 41%)

3 Pc. Ibiza Dining Set ISP884-3SDN
Sale price: $549.00 (Save 40%)

3 Pc. Island Cove Bistro Set (PJO-8001-ESP-3PC)
Sale price: $569.00 (Save 26%)

3 Pc. Key Biscayne Bistro Set (PJO-7001-ATQ-3PC)
Sale price: $699.00 (Save 26%)

3 Pc. Maya Dining Set ISP025-3DN
Sale price: $333.00 (Save 38%)

3 Pc. Soho Bistro Set (3PC-SET-903-DS)
Sale price: $1095.00 (Save 29%)

Bolla 3 Pc. Bistro Set 28-3004
Sale price: $549.00 (Save 19%)

Compass 30" Rd. Marble Mosaic Bistro Set 21-1328
Sale price: $980.00 (Save 30%)

Dublin 3 Pc. Ceramic Bistro Set 28-3000
Sale price: $499.00 (Save 30%)

Island Breeze 3 Pc. Dining Bistro Group (PJO-1001-ESP-3PC/3SD)
Sale price: $499.00 (Save 28%)

Island Breeze 3 pc. Slatted Balcony Group (PJO-1001-ESP-3AE)
Sale price: $439.00 (Save 26%)

Martini 3 pc. Bistro Set in Bianca Finish 26-3001
Sale price: $349.00 (Save 21%)

Martini 3 pc. Bistro Set with 31.5" Bistro Table
Sale price: $349.00 (Save 21%)

Martini 3 pc. Sky Blue Bistro Set 26-3000
Sale price: $349.00 (Save 21%)

Martini 3 Piece Bistro Set
Sale price: $349.00 (Save 21%)