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The Acapulco Collection by Harmonia Living

Featuring Acapulco chairs, side tables, and funky ottomans, Harmonia Living's very own Mayan-inspired Acapulco chat set will make you feel like you've been swept away to the shores of Mexico, without ever leaving your own backyard!

The new standard of comfort and style, our Acapulco Collection is based on the iconic Mexican chairs that became enormously popular in exotic resorts around the world sometime in the 1950's, and remain so to this very day.

Each Acapulco chair, table, and ottoman in the Acapulco Collection by Harmonia Living features the classic, Mayan-style weave that creates breathless shapes and a unique style that will make any patio pop. The weave itself is made from a super-lightweight and soft polyethylene that bends and molds easily to your body shape for a relaxed, comfortable fit designed to leave you prone to siestas and daydreams of tropical beaches.

The key to a great Acapulco chair is balancing its unique look with serious comfort. Our Acapulco chairs maximize breathability to stay cool on even the hottest summer days, and allow warm air to pass through on those cool fall nights. With an Acapulco chair, you can relax and unwind – no matter where you are.

The collection is manufactured with genuine powder-coated steel frames for maximum strength and longevity, and the supportive polyethylene cord weave is designed to endure any type of weather.

Currently, Harmonia Living offers their Acapulco chairs and side tables in four fun and funky colors: Glacier Blue, White Lightning, Atomic Tangerine and Jet Black. Keep an eye on this collection for more great colors in the future!

Are you ready to get started on your very own "adventure in relaxation?" Then check out the full collection of Acapulco chairs and tables today, and outfit your patio with the most fun, exciting, and comfortable outdoor furniture under the sun!

Looking for something a little more manufacturer-specific? Take a look at our complete outdoor furniture catalog and shop by brand!

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  1. Acapulco 5 Pc. Loveseat Set HL-ACA-5LSS
    was $1,760.00 Special Price $1,199.00
  2. Acapulco 4 Pc. Loveseat Set HL-ACA-4LSS
    was $1,310.00 Special Price $929.00
  3. Acapulco 3 Pc. Loveseat Set HL-ACA-3LSS
    was $1,020.00 Special Price $729.00
  4. 3 Pc. Acapulco Chat Set HL-ACA-3CS
    was $805.00 Special Price $579.00
  5. Acapulco Lounge Chair Set HL-ACA-2LC (Set of 2)
    was $580.00 Special Price $458.00
  6. Acapulco 6 Pc. Chaise Lounge Set HL-ACA-6CLS
    was $2,130.00 Special Price $1,499.00
  7. Acapulco 3 Pc. Chaise Lounge Set HL-ACA-3CLS
    was $1,065.00 Special Price $759.00
  8. Acapulco Chaise Lounge (Set of 2) HL-ACA-2CL
    was $840.00 Special Price $629.00
  9. Acapulco 5 Pc. Dining Set HL-ACA-5DS
    was $1,520.00 Special Price $1,049.00
  10. Acapulco 5 Pc. Bar Set HL-ACA-5BCS
    was $1,520.00 Special Price $999.00
  11. Acapulco 3 Pc. Bar Set HL-ACA-3BCS
    was $1,020.00 Special Price $699.00
  12. Acapulco Dining Table HL-ACA-DT
    was $720.00 Special Price $499.00
  13. Acapulco Dining Arm Chair HL-ACA-DSC
    was $200.00 Special Price $149.00
  14. Acapulco Bar Table HL-ACA-BT
    was $520.00 Special Price $379.00
  15. Acapulco Bar Chair HL-ACA-BC
    was $250.00 Special Price $179.00
  16. Acapulco Loveseat HL-ACA-LS
    was $450.00 Special Price $419.00
  17. Acapulco Coffee Table HL-ACA-CT
    was $280.00 Special Price $199.00
  18. Acapulco Lounge Chair HL-ACA-LC
    was $290.00 Special Price $229.00
  19. Acapulco Side Table/Ottoman HL-ACA-ST
    was $225.00 Special Price $189.00

19 Items

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