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Commercial Outdoor Dining Sets

Outdoor dining is a great way to attract new guests and also keep the regulars happy. There’s something peaceful and relaxing about eating outside with friends and family. Our commercial patio dining furniture is durable and high quality. We can guarantee there’s something for every outdoor dining space in our collection. If you’d like to know more about our dining sets or any other outdoor dining furniture, check out our commercial outdoor furniture page!

It’s crucial to be comfortable while enjoying delicious food and drinks. Not only is outdoor dining a fun experience, it’s a great way to advertise your restaurant, pool, or resort. The appeal of an outdoor dining experience will blow away competitors who don’t have similar amenities. Although one of the cons of outdoor dining is weather restrictions, with our top of the line selection you won’t have to worry about any patio dining furniture fading, cracking, or peeling during inclement weather. Between our all weather synthetic wicker material and intricate cast aluminum options, you should be able to find something that is reliably durable, and stylish. Some of our dining options come with top of the line Sunbrella cushions, comfort and quality in one package!

Customization of our commercial patio dining furniture is almost always available. The Sunbrella fabrics we have come in 100’s of different colors and styles. With so many options, we’re sure you will be able to find something that matches the aesthetic of your commercial dining area. If you still can’t find something that fits your space, reach out and contact us. Our team is highly experienced and will be able to come up with a solution for your outdoor dining needs! We ensure a timely delivery and have experience dealing with clients on a time crunch. We’re here to help you realize your outdoor dining goals.

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  1. Arbor 83x42" Rectangular Dining Table HL-AR-CB-8RCDT
    was $1,455.00 Special Price $939.00
  2. Arbor 3-Seater Dining Bench HL-AR-CB-DB
    was $915.00 Special Price $669.00
  3. Exo Teak Dining Table HL-EXO-TK-6RCDT
    was $2,350.00 Special Price $1,599.00
  4. Exo Dining Arm Chair - Jet Black HL-EXO-DAC-JBB
    was $650.00 Special Price $429.00
  5. Arden Dining Arm Chair HL-ARD-CH-DAC
    was $370.00 Special Price $269.00
  6. Ice 28" Square Dining Table ISP560
    was $520.00 Special Price $359.00
  7. La Jolla Dining Arm Chair 401-1
    was $495.00 Special Price $347.00
  8. La Jolla Swivel Dining Chair 401-11
    was $642.00 Special Price $449.00
  9. La Jolla 48" Round Dining Table 401-T48
    was $675.00 Special Price $473.00
  10. La Jolla 72x42" Rectangular Dining Table 401-T72
    was $897.00 Special Price $628.00
  11. 7 Pc. La Jolla Dining Set
    was $3,867.00 Special Price $2,710.00
  12. La Jolla 32" Pub Table 401-PT
    was $450.00 Special Price $315.00
  13. La Jolla Coffee Table 401-CT
    was $426.00 Special Price $298.00
  14. La Jolla End Table 401-ET
    was $243.00 Special Price $170.00
  15. Coronado Wicker End Table 2101-ET
    was $387.00 Special Price $271.00
  16. Coronado Wicker Coffee Table 2101-CT
    was $747.00 Special Price $523.00
  17. Coronado Wicker Sofa Table 2101-ST
    was $717.00 Special Price $502.00
  18. Montecito Single Adjustable Chaise 2501-9
    was $1,587.00 Special Price $1,111.00
  19. Montecito Coffee Table 2501-CT
    was $747.00 Special Price $523.00
  20. Montecito End Table 2501-ET
    was $387.00 Special Price $271.00
  21. Leucadia Dining Arm Chair 2601-1
    was $624.00 Special Price $349.60
  22. Montecito Dining Arm Chair 2501-1
    was $762.00 Special Price $533.00
  23. 5 Pc. La Jolla Dining Set
    was $2,655.00 Special Price $1,861.00
  24. Solana Wicker Nesting Tables 1501-NTL
    was $447.00 Special Price $313.00
  25. Solana Wicker Coffee Table 1501-CT
    was $447.00 Special Price $313.00
  26. Solana Dining Side Chair 1501-1A
    was $435.00 Special Price $305.00
  27. Solana Dining Arm Chair 1501-1
    was $465.00 Special Price $326.00
  28. Solana Wicker Wedge End Table 1501-WDG
    was $327.00 Special Price $229.00
  29. Solana Wicker Round Coffee Table 1501-RCT32
    was $477.00 Special Price $334.00
  30. Coronado Dining Arm Chair 2101-1
    was $762.00 Special Price $533.00
  31. Montecito Sofa Table 2501-ST
    was $717.00 Special Price $502.00
  32. Leucadia Single Adjustable Chaise Lounge 2601-9
    was $1,497.00 Special Price $838.40
  33. Leucadia End Table 2601-ET
    was $345.00 Special Price $193.60
  34. Leucadia Pub Table 2601-PT
    was $777.00 Special Price $435.20
  35. Leucadia Coffee Table (2601-CT)
    was $687.00 Special Price $384.80
  36. Leucadia 48" Square Dining Table 2601-T48
    was $1,197.00 Special Price $670.40
  37. Leucadia 84x42" Rectangular Dining Table 2601-T84
    was $1,407.00 Special Price $788.00
  38. Cardiff Dining Chair 2901-1
    was $624.00 Special Price $349.60
  39. Cardiff Single Adjustable Chaise Lounge 2901-9
    was $1,497.00 Special Price $838.40
  40. Cardiff Coffee Table 2901-CT
    was $687.00 Special Price $384.80
  41. Cardiff End Table 2901-ET
    was $345.00 Special Price $193.60
  42. Venice Dining Arm Chair 1089-1
    was $486.00 Special Price $340.00
  43. Coronado Wicker Wedge End Table 2101-WDG
    was $387.00 Special Price $271.00
  44. Coronado Wicker Round Coffee Table 2101-RCT
    was $777.00 Special Price $544.00
  45. Montecito Round Coffee Table 2501-RCT
    was $777.00 Special Price $544.00
  46. Montecito Wedge End Table 2501-WDG
    was $387.00 Special Price $271.00
  47. Monterey Dining Arm Chair 3001-1
    was $621.00 Special Price $435.00
  48. Monterey Swivel Rocker 3001-11
    was $714.00 Special Price $500.00

105 items

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