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Sofa Tables

No outdoor living space is complete without a few useful sofa tables. A coffee table, end table, or wedge end table can make a big difference. Guests are much more comfortable when they have a place to set down their drinks and personal items such as phones and tablets. Some are dual purpose and can be used as an ottoman to put your feet up. We even have sofa tables that can be used as ice chests to keep your drinks cold and right by your side. Now that’s what the patio life is all about!

These tables are made from the very same materials used to make larger pieces of outdoor furniture. They use high quality construction methods and materials such as powder coated aluminum and all-weather synthetic wicker made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). Available in a variety of wicker styles and finishes, you’re sure to find something that will look good on your patio. If there is a particular collection you like on our website, you can find a table to go with it here.

Perfect for enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning on your patio, or snuggling up with a thick blanket and a hot chocolate in the evening to watch the sunset, a sofa table is an essential part of the patio experience.

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  1. District Coffee Table HL-DIS-TS-CT
    was $400.00 Special Price $269.00
  2. District Round Coffee Table HL-DIS-TS-RCT
    was $360.00 Special Price $249.00
  3. District Wedge End Table HL-DIS-TS-WET
    was $360.00 Special Price $249.00
  4. District End Table HL-DIS-TS-ET
    was $245.00 Special Price $169.00
  5. Acapulco Side Table/Ottoman HL-ACA-ST
    was $235.00 Special Price $189.00
  6. Ando Teak Coffee Table HL-ANDO-TK-CT
    was $665.00 Special Price $439.00
  7. Arbor End Table HL-AR-CB-ET
    was $290.00 Special Price $189.00
  8. Arden Coffee Table HL-ARD-CH-CT
    was $460.00 Special Price $299.00
  9. Arden Eclipse Round Coffee Table HL-ARD-E-CH-RCT
    was $405.00 Special Price $259.00
  10. Arden Eclipse Wedge End Table HL-ARD-E-CH-WET
    was $400.00 Special Price $259.00
  11. Arden End Table HL-ARD-CH-ET
    was $260.00 Special Price $169.00
  12. Element Sling Coffee Table HL-ELE-TP-CT
    was $485.00 Special Price $299.00
  13. Element Sling End Table HL-ELE-TP-ET
    was $325.00 Special Price $199.00
  14. Portal Coffee Table HL-PORT-CT
    was $335.00 Special Price $229.00
  15. Portal End Table HL-PORT-ET
    was $210.00 Special Price $149.00
  16. Acapulco Coffee Table HL-ACA-CT
    was $260.00 Special Price $199.00
  17. Classic Teak Rectangular Coffee Table HL-CLSC-TK-LCT
    was $699.00 Special Price $499.00
  18. Mason End Table HL-MAS-ET
    was $229.00 Special Price $169.00
  19. Tango Coffee Table ( HL-TAN-TK-CT )
    was $610.00 Special Price $399.00
  20. 2 Piece Link End Table Set HL-LINK-TK-2ETS
    was $420.00 Special Price $289.00
  21. Classic Teak End Table HL-CLSC-TK-ET
    was $399.00 Special Price $279.00
  22. Mason Square Coffee Table HL-MAS-CT
    was $499.00 Special Price $379.00
  23. 2 Piece Fifties End Table Set HL-FIF-TK-2ETS
    was $375.00 Special Price $249.00
  24. Classic Teak Square Coffee Table HL-CLSC-TK-CT
    was $899.00 Special Price $599.00
  25. Tier Coffee Table HL-TIER-TK-CT
    was $545.00 Special Price $379.00
  26. Arden Eclipse Wedge End Table HL-ARD-CH-WET
    was $400.00 Special Price $259.00
  27. District Long Coffee Table HL-DIS-TS-LCT
    was $460.00 Special Price $299.00
  28. Mason Round Coffee Table HL-MAS-RCT
    was $379.00 Special Price $289.00
  29. Arden Eclipse Round Coffee Table HL-ARD-CH-RCT
    was $405.00 Special Price $259.00
  30. Round Coffee Table Patio Cover HL-CVR-CL-RCT
    was $100.00 Special Price $70.00
  31. Mason Long Coffee Table HL-MAS-LCT
    was $589.00 Special Price $449.00

31 Items

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