Modular Wicker Outdoor Furniture Sofa Sets and More

Have you ever dreamt of a patio that was luxurious and inviting? Here at patio Productions this dream is sure to come true.

With our wicker sectional patio furniture you are no longer stuck with the same old boring piece of furniture. What is great about our furniture pieces is that they are mobile. The benefit of sectional furniture is that the pieces can be flip flopped and new designs can be created. They can be transformed into a couch, a love seat, or even chairs. A wrap around is even possible. There is no limit to how this modular furniture can be arranged, and due to the light aluminum frames, they can be moved whenever it fits your fancy.

Being made out of resin-wicker isn't that bad either. The high density polyethylene wicker is created to withstand any condition imagined. From sun to snow, your new furniture will be ripe for use anytime of the year. There are also a multitude of fantastic color options so you don't have to be stuck with the same old boring atmosphere. Warm colors from Espresso to Chocolate and cool colors from white to beige are sure to please. You will also never have to worry about the color chipping or fading because the wicker is dyed with color through and through and also includes UV inhibitors. Our UV resistant Sunbrella fabrics also add to the seemingly unmatched durability as they won't fade in the sun and are mildew resistant.

Choosing the high quality merchandise such as an outdoor furniture sofa from Patio Productions is sure to be the perfect decision and investment.
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Outdoor Wicker Sectionals

Soho 5 Piece Deep Seating Sectional 5 PC SET-903-S3
Sale price: $3999.00 (Save 28%)

Soho 6 Piece Deep Seating Sectional 6PC-SET-903-S2
Sale price: $4999.00 (Save 28%)

10 Pc. Heritage Woven Deep Seating Sectional
Sale price: $8236.65 (Save 24%)

13 Pc. Eros Lounge Sectional Set
Sale price: $8600.00 (Save 25%)

3 Pc. Cypress Sectional Set FP-CYP-3SEC-HR
Sale price: $3877.00 (Save 31%)

3 Pc. St. Barths Armless Set PJO-3001-BRN-3ACT
Sale price: $1099.00 (Save 28%)

4 Pc. Ashbee Sectional Set
Sale price: $2404.80 (Save 10%)

4 Pc. Gulf Shore Sectional Dining Set
Sale price: $8695.00 (Save 23%)

4 Pc. La Vie Sectional Set
Sale price: $3304.80 (Save 10%)

4 Pc. Monterey Sectional Set
Sale price: $5048.00 (Save 35%)

5 Pc. Ashbee Sectional Set
Sale price: $3358.80 (Save 10%)

5 Pc. Ashbee Sectional Sofa Set
Sale price: $3006.00 (Save 10%)

5 Pc. La Vie Sectional Set
Sale price: $4555.80 (Save 10%)

6 Pc. Dijon Sectional Set
Sale price: $4455.00 (Save 30%)

6 Pc. Mirabella Sectional Set
Sale price: $7475.00 (Save 10%)

6 Piece Pavilion Sectional Set FP-PAV-6SEC-SW
Sale price: $5339.00 (Save 24%)

7 Pc. San Michelle Sectional Set
Sale price: $4165.00 (Save 30%)

7 Pc. St. Barths Corner Modular Sectional PJO-3001-BRN-7SEC
Sale price: $2999.00 (Save 28%)