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Outdoor Wicker Chairs and Additional Seating

Outdoor wicker chairs, sofas, and club seats are an excellent investment for your patio. We have a huge selection to choose from so you’ll surely be able to find something that will fit your patio perfectly! One of the best aspects of outdoor wicker furniture is how durable and strong it is. All-weather wicker chairs will be able to hold up to the elements as well as your normal day to day use. There’s a reason so many commercial properties opt for wicker furniture!

There’s a big difference between traditional, natural wicker furniture and synthetic "outdoor" wicker. Natural wicker is made from a plant material called rattan. The problem with rattan is it’s not a very durable material; it has a tendency to peel, crack, and fade in inclement weather and even moderate use. The fibers fray and fall apart, and so unless you keep your rattan wicker chairs under a porch awning and out of the sun and rain, and store it when not in use, they will fall to pieces in no time. The maintenance requirements for real rattan are higher than most other outdoor furniture as well.

Outdoor wicker, made with tough polyresin materials, is made to endure the abuses that Mother Nature deals out. Our wicker patio chairs and loveseats will last for decades with very minimal maintenance. The only upkeep that you may need to do is periodically rinsing your club chair down with a hose if it looks a little dirty. Another amazing feature of our synthetic wicker is the powder-coated aluminum frame, which will not rust, is lightweight, and is extremely strong.

We only sell quality all-weather wicker patio chairs here at Patio Productions. If you're not sure how to spot "high quality" resin wicker seating, check for any gaps in the weave. If you don’t see any gaps, that's your first good sign. Next, try to determine if the resin wicker is dyed, or if it's whole material. Many companies take the cheap route and mold their plastic weave, then dye it. This means it will fade with direct sun exposure, and if it ever gets scratched, you'd see the underlying plastic color (which would be pretty jarring and unsightly, to see your gorgeous chestnut brown wicker patio chair with some white plastic bits peeking through). At Patio Productions, all of the patio wicker chairs and sofas we sell are made from complete materials; we do not use dyes, the color you see is the actual color of each strand of resin fiber, which are then woven together to create the "weave," which is finally then woven together over the frame. It's a meticulous process, but worth it for quality. Finally, make sure the resin wicker chairs you buy are made with a high-quality polymer, like High-Density Poly-Ethylene. Cheap outdoor seating will often use PVC wicker instead, which gets very brittle in extreme cold, and very saggy in heat. HDPE withstands temperature fluctuations and weather exposure beautifully, so your wicker chairs and loveseats will look fantastic for years to come!

We pride ourselves on being able to provide a huge amount of chair styles that are sure to fit any patio. Our styles range from traditional to modern, with everything in between! We've even noticed a recent trend of using outdoor wicker chairs indoors. The wicker is so durable that it can take any kind of punishment, even abuse from pets and kids! We offer hundreds of different fabric and material options from Sunbrella as well. This makes it easy to customize any of our wicker patio seating. If you have a patio wicker dining set that needs an extra chair or two, or if you just want some fashionable seating in your backyard, you've come to the right place! If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We have a team of patio furniture experts who are ready to help. Our goal is to help you create the patio of your dreams!

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  1. 2 Pc. Aruba Arm Chair ISP804
    was $500.00 Special Price $350.00
  2. 2 Pc. California Dining Arm Chair ISP806
    was $400.00 Special Price $290.00
  3. 2 Pc. Jamaica Bar Chair Set ISP866
    was $500.00 Special Price $298.00
  4. 2 Pc. Key Biscayne Lounge Chair Set (PJO-7001-ATQ-2PCS)
    was $972.00 Special Price $699.00
  5. 2 Pc. Miami Chaise Lounge Set ISP860
    was $800.00 Special Price $598.00
  6. 2 Pc. Miami Club Chair Set ISP850
    was $950.00 Special Price $558.00
  7. Arbor Dining Arm Chair HL-AR-CB-DAC
    was $465.00 Special Price $299.00
  8. Arbor Dining Side Chair HL-AR-CB-DSC
    was $335.00 Special Price $219.00
  9. Arden Club Chair HL-ARD-CH-CC
    was $1,030.00 Special Price $699.00
  10. Arden Corner Section HL-ARD-CH-CS
    was $1,055.00 Special Price $719.00
  11. Arden Dining Arm Chair HL-ARD-CH-DAC
    was $370.00 Special Price $269.00
  12. Arden Eclipse Curved Loveseat HL-ARD-E-CH-CLS
    was $2,390.00 Special Price $1,499.00
  13. Arden Left Arm Section HL-ARD-CH-LAS
    was $960.00 Special Price $679.00
  14. Arden Loveseat HL-ARD-CH-LS
    was $1,750.00 Special Price $1,199.00
  15. Arden Middle Section HL-ARD-CH-MS
    was $800.00 Special Price $559.00
  16. Arden Ottoman HL-ARD-CH-OT
    was $485.00 Special Price $329.00
  17. Arden Right Arm Section HL-ARD-CH-RAS
    was $960.00 Special Price $679.00
  18. Arden Sofa HL-ARD-CH-S
    was $2,495.00 Special Price $1,699.00
  19. Barbados Sectional 45 Degree Corner FP-BAR-45C
    was $1,772.00 Special Price $986.00
  20. Barbados 30" Armless Bar Stool FP-BAR-BS
    was $529.00 Special Price $294.00
  21. Barbados Club Chair FP-BAR-C
    was $979.00 Special Price $545.00
  22. Barbados Sectional 90 Degree Corner Chair FP-BAR-SCC
    was $1,077.00 Special Price $599.00
  23. Barbados Curved Sofa FP-BAR-3CS
    was $2,439.00 Special Price $1,357.00
  24. Barbados Dining Armchair FP-BAR-DC
    was $521.00 Special Price $290.00
  25. Barbados Dining Side Chair FP-BAR-DCS
    was $404.00 Special Price $224.00
  26. Barbados Sectional Left Arm Facing Loveseat FP-BAR-LL
    was $1,561.00 Special Price $869.00
  27. Barbados Loveseat FP-BAR-LS
    was $1,655.00 Special Price $921.00
  28. Barbados Sectional Middle Chair FP-BAR-SCM
    was $759.00 Special Price $422.00
  29. Barbados Rectangle Ottoman FP-BAR-O
    was $497.00 Special Price $277.00
  30. Barbados Sectional Right Arm Facing Loveseat FP-BAR-RL
    was $1,561.00 Special Price $869.00
  31. Barbados Sofa FP-BAR-3S
    was $2,356.00 Special Price $1,311.00
  32. Barbados Square Ottoman FP-BAR-O
    was $457.00 Special Price $254.00
  33. Barbados Swivel Glider Club FP-BAR-SGC
    was $1,444.00 Special Price $803.00
  34. Bay Harbor Lounge Chair with Ottoman
    was $2,516.00 Special Price $1,935.00
  35. Biscay Wicker Cuddle Chair A082200-02-FCAC
    was $1,635.00 Special Price $1,090.00
  36. Cardiff Counter Stool 2901-7C
    was $645.00 Special Price $483.75
  37. Cardiff Barstool 2901-7B
    was $645.00 Special Price $483.75
  38. Cardiff Corner Section 2901-CR
    was $1,539.00 Special Price $1,125.78
  39. Cardiff Dining Chair 2901-1
    was $615.00 Special Price $461.25
  40. Cardiff Left Arm Loveseat 2901-LAF
    was $2,355.00 Special Price $1,722.68
  41. Cardiff Club Chair 2901-21
    was $1,425.00 Special Price $1,068.75
  42. Cardiff Loveseat 2901-22
    was $2,562.00 Special Price $1,921.50
  43. Cardiff Armless Club Chair 2901-AC
    was $1,002.00 Special Price $751.50
  44. Cardiff Ottoman 2901-OTT
    was $510.00 Special Price $382.50
  45. Cardiff Right Arm Loveseat 2901-RAF
    was $2,355.00 Special Price $1,722.68
  46. Cardiff Sofa 2901-23
    was $3,117.00 Special Price $2,337.75
  47. Cardiff Swivel Rocking Club Chair 2901-21SR
    was $1,575.00 Special Price $1,181.25
  48. Catalina High Back Rocker FP-CAT-HBR
    was $574.00 Special Price $319.00

442 items

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