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Outdoor Glider

Lounging in some high quality patio furniture in the backyard is a wonderful activity to do when the sun is shining and the sky is bright. It's even more relaxing when you're sitting upon a comfortable patio glider that offers you more than just an old chair to park yourself during warm summer days. Porch gliders come in all kinds of styles and each type offers a slightly different type of motion and design that suits you and your outdoor space.

Wicker outdoor gliders make a sophisticated statement to any outdoor area when paired with a matching set. Many of our outdoor furniture sets have upgrade options that allow you to upgrade your club chairs or dining chairs into a more relaxing, more comfortable outdoor glider rocker. The smaller patio gliders that are usually used for dining sets tend to have round, swiveling bases that offer the up and down motion much like that of an old-fashioned rocking chair. For the deeper seating, lounging and club chair-like patio gliders, a base with the rocking, back and forth mechanism that resembles the rocking chairs found indoors is more common. Some styles even come in double-seaters so that you can share the warmth of the summer with another.

Regardless of what style you choose for your new outdoor glider, the majority of them are paired with a plush outdoor-grade or Sunbrella cushion that further enhances the custom feel for your new glider. These cushions make a unique statement for your outdoor space and allow you to decide the exact mood and feel you want for your new patio furniture.

Bringing an outdoor glider chair to your backyard or patio is a great way to create an appealing, more functional purpose to your outdoor space. These gliders are great for pairing to a larger patio sofa set, adding to the ends of your outdoor dining sets, or even pair two together with a small table to make a cozy, intimate bistro set.

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  1. Belle Isle Chat Swivel Rocker
    was $873.00 Special Price $785.70
  2. Belle Isle Swivel Rocker
    was $873.00 Special Price $785.70
  3. Belle Isle Two-Seater Glider
    was $1,456.00 Special Price $1,310.40
  4. Cardiff Swivel Rocking Club Chair 2901-21SR
    was $1,575.00 Special Price $1,152.11
  5. Coronado Swivel Rocker 2101-21SR
    was $1,497.00 Special Price $1,095.06
  6. District Swivel Glider HL-DIS-TS-SG
    was $1,095.00 Special Price $749.00
  7. Island Breeze Swivel Rocker PJO-1001-ESP-SD
    was $396.00 Special Price $294.50
  8. Leeward Hidden Motion Club Chair 861
    was $1,723.00 Special Price $1,550.70
  9. Leeward Hidden Motion Loveseat 864
    was $2,866.00 Special Price $2,579.40
  10. Leeward High-Back Single Glider 942
    was $847.00 Special Price $762.30
  11. Leeward High-Back Swivel Rocker 954
    was $929.00 Special Price $836.10
  12. Leeward Long Single Chaise Lounge 9L2
    was $980.00 Special Price $882.00
  13. Leeward Swivel Rocker 869
    was $1,930.00 Special Price $1,737.00
  14. Leeward Swivel Rocker 945
    was $890.00 Special Price $801.00
  15. Leucadia Swivel Rocking Club Chair 2601-21SR
    was $1,575.00 Special Price $1,152.11
  16. Mirabella Dining Swivel Rocker (PT-606-11)
    was $999.00 Special Price $770.00
  17. Montecito Swivel Rocker Club Chair 2501-21SR
    was $1,497.00 Special Price $1,095.06
  18. Monterey Swivel Rocker 3001-21SR
    was $1,377.00 Special Price $1,007.28
  19. Primera High-Back Swivel Rocker 904
    was $486.00 Special Price $437.40
  20. Primera Swivel Rocker 984
    was $447.00 Special Price $402.30
  21. San Michelle Rocker Club Chair (710-5)
    was $1,169.00 Special Price $815.00
  22. Solana Swivel Rocking Club Chair 1501-21SR
    was $1,077.00 Special Price $787.83
  23. St. Barths Swivel Dining Chairs PJO-3001-BRN-SW
    was $477.00 Special Price $349.50
  24. St. Catherine Sling High-Back Swivel Rocker 9T50
    was $791.00 Special Price $711.90
  25. St. Catherine Swivel Rocker 8T60
    was $1,354.00 Special Price $1,218.60
  26. St. Catherine Sling Swivel Rocker 9T60
    was $752.00 Special Price $676.80

26 Items

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