Family Gathering? Try a 9 Pc Patio Dining Set

Having a large dining set can prove to be a valuable asset to your outdoor setting. If you're constantly entertaining during the summer, having a 9 piece outdoor dining set, or even an 11 piece outdoor dining set allows you to seat many more people without having to add additional seating elsewhere.

Most large outdoor dining sets included a large dining table that is generally rectangular, but may also be rounded or even squared. With rectangular dining tables, your new outdoor dining set may take up a little more space, but it provides the most comfortable arrangement when lunch or dinner is ready for the table. Rounded dining tables make 9 piece outdoor dining sets or even 11 piece outdoor dining sets more space-efficient, but may make you and your guests feel a little more cramped.

When it comes to a large outdoor dining set, the dining chairs are essential in creating both a comfortable dining experience as well as for portraying the type of style you want to exude for your outdoor space. Whether you decided to have armed or armless dining chairs, each chair should offer your guests a level of comfort that is suitable enough to make them want to sit around the table and chat after dinner. Most of our styles of outdoor dining chairs feature a durable and weather-resistant cushion for each chair so that your guests can have this level of comfort, while allowing you to decide what color theme or style you want your dining set to look.

The perfect 9 pc patio dining set or 11 pc. outdoor dining set provides style, sophistication, as well as comfort to your outdoor space. These large dining sets are perfect for outdoor dinner parties or a table by the pool for mid-day snacks and lounging in the sunshine. With a large selection of dining sets to choose from, you'll surely find a dining set style that fits perfectly in your outdoor space. See a smaller dining set that you like, but would like more chairs to make it a bigger set? Many of our dining sets have options to expand the set to be able to accommodate more people!
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Outdoor Dining Sets

5 Pc. Nautical Dining Set PWS124-1
Sale price: $1595.00 (Save 31%)

5 Pc. Orlando Dining Set ISP8751S
Sale price: $625.00 (Save 44%)

5 Pc. Palm Beach Dining Set
Sale price: $6815.00 (Save 23%)

5 Pc. Rockport Dining Set FP-ROC-5DN
Sale price: $1682.00 (Save 32%)

5 Pc. Signature Dining Set PWS152-1
Sale price: $1895.00 (Save 29%)

5 Pc. St. Barths Dining Set (PJO-3001-BRN-5PCS/5PCA/5PCSD)
Sale price: $1095.00 (Save 26%)

5 Pc. Traditional Garden Dining Set PWS134-1
Sale price: $1495.00 (Save 30%)

5 Piece Lassiter Dining Arm Chair Set FP-LAS-5ADIN-AL
Sale price: $2440.00 (Save 25%)

5 Piece Lassiter Dining Side Chair Set FP-LAS-5SDIN-AL
Sale price: $2025.00 (Save 25%)

7 Pc. Ares Dining Set ISP1861S
Sale price: $899.00 (Save 41%)

7 Pc. Bucarest Dining Set
Sale price: $2089.00 (Save 23%)

7 Pc. Budapest Dining Set
Sale price: $1599.00 (Save 23%)

7 Pc. California Dining Set ISP8063S
Sale price: $1349.00 (Save 36%)

7 Pc. Chippendale Dining Set PWS121
Sale price: $2249.00 (Save 30%)

7 Pc. Dusseldorf Dining Set
Sale price: $1629.00 (Save 23%)

7 Pc. Helsinki Dining Set
Sale price: $1799.00 (Save 23%)

7 Pc. Island Cove Dining Set (PJO-8001-ESP-7PC/7PCSW)
Sale price: $1479.00 (Save 27%)

7 Pc. Key Biscayne Dining Set (PJO-7001-ATQ-7PC)
Sale price: $1849.00 (Save 25%)