Wicker Sofa Sets

If you prefer spending time outside with nature, then an outdoor couch from Patio Productions is the perfect addition to your patio or yard. Our furniture is designed to suit any outdoor need whether it is entertainment or relaxation. Another key feature of our furniture is that it is designed to withstand any and all weather that presents itself.

We pride ourselves with the knowledge that our furniture is made for durability and longevity. Many of our pieces begin with a lightweight but durable aluminum frame. This cuts weight and allows for easily maneuverability while also guaranteeing the structural integrity of each and every piece. Our aluminum frames will also not deteriorate or discolor as other metals do as they age and rust. The aluminum frames are then covered in high quality polyethylene wicker. Wicker protects the aluminum frames underneath while also giving each piece its functionality and unique appearance. Cushions are then added to make each piece as comfortable and welcoming as possible.

We also have products crafted out of other materials such as coated steel and Teak wood. Steel is an extremely durable substance but can easily rust with age. By covering it with a powder coating this risk has been eliminated. The coating protects the furniture from a heavy rain storm or 50 mile per hour winds without even a scratch. On the other hand, our Teak is plantation-grown giving it an elegant gold color while also being environmentally friendly. Teak lends durability to every piece constructed from it. Its natural oils prevent water damage, etc.

Why not buy a wicker sofa or other product crafted out of materials that are guaranteed functional, long lasting, pleasing to the eye to give your outdoor space the look and feel that anyone would be proud to entertain in.
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Outdoor Sofa Sets

6 Pc. Cypress Sofa Set FP-CYP-6SS-HR
Sale price: $4761.00 (Save 30%)

3 Pc. Ando Sofa Set HL-ANDO-TK-3SS
Sale price: $3217.00 (Save 33%)

4 Pc. Ando Sofa Set HL-ANDO-TK-4SS
Sale price: $4499.00 (Save 32%)

5 Pc. Arden Sofa Set HL-ARD-CH-5SS
Sale price: $3799.00 (Save 30%)

3 Pc. Urbana Sofa Set HL-URBN-CB-3SS
Sale price: $2299.00 (Save 30%)

4 Pc. Hampton Sofa Set FP-HAM-4SS
Sale price: $3641.00 (Save 31%)

4 Pc. Urbana Sofa Set HL-URBN-CB-4SS
Sale price: $2499.00 (Save 30%)

4 Pc. Coronado Sofa Set
Sale price: $7889.00 (Save 24%)

3 Pc. Barbados Sofa Set FP-BAR-3SS-EB
Sale price: $2365.00 (Save 31%)

4 Pc. Arden Sofa Set HL-ARD-CH-4SS
Sale price: $2599.00 (Save 30%)

6 Pc. Barbados Sofa Set FP-BAR-6SS-EB
Sale price: $3902.00 (Save 31%)

4 Piece Lassiter Loveseat Set with Woven Tables FP-LAS-4LS-AL-LC
Sale price: $2021.00 (Save 25%)

3 Pc. Coronado Wicker Love Seat Sofa Set
Sale price: $2709.00 (Save 25%)

3 Pc. District Sofa Set HL-DIS-TS-3SS
Sale price: $2299.00 (Save 23%)

4 Pc. Solana Sofa Set
Sale price: $2814.78 (Save 30%)

3 Pc. Catalina Sofa Set FP-CAT-3SS
Sale price: $1900.00 (Save 32%)

4 Pc. Barbados Loveseat Sofa Set FP-BAR-4SS-EB
Sale price: $2837.00 (Save 31%)

4 Pc. Cypress Sofa Set FP-CYP-4SS-HR
Sale price: $3117.00 (Save 31%)