The Best Wicker Loveseat

Tired of that same old boring, outdated, un-functional outdoor sectional sofa or alternative wicker patio furniture? We thought so! To spice things up, we have taken care of this unsightly problem by offering a substantial amount of wicker style options and colors.

We offer a wide variety of resin wicker finishes ranging from dark to light and every natural color in between. Why not purchase an outdoor sectional sofa in a Black finish? A Black finish exudes a sense of modernity and sleekness. Dark colors such as Espresso, Coconut, Smokey Brown, Walnut, Dark Ash, Cappuccino, Chocolate Brown and many more. Light finishes include those of silver for that lustrous gleam and cloudy white for the crisp homey feel. Each finish bestows a product with different characteristics and auras.

There is a wide variety of wicker weave styles that are sure to please your eye. A few of our products showcase wide weave wicker boasting an open, airy semblance. Unique wicker weaves give each piece a distinguished characteristic that cannot be found anywhere else. By choosing a more common weave – the basket weave- one can't go wrong. It looks great on any style piece and in any color.

Do you have a smaller outdoor space? Why not try a wicker loveseat from Patio Productions? They fit two people comfortably and are available in a variety of styles and many colors.

With all of these combinations of wicker weaves and colors there is no doubt that a suitable option can be found for your outdoor living pleasures. Our pieces go nicely in sunrooms too!
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Outdoor Sofa Sets

3 Pc. Bay Harbor Sofa Set
Sale price: $4819.00 (Save 23%)

3 Pc. Indo Sofa Set
Sale price: $3394.00 (Save 35%)

3 Pc. Key Biscayne Sofa Set
Sale price: $3665.70 (Save 10%)

3 Pc. Marin Sofa Set
Sale price: $3977.00 (Save 35%)

3 Pc. Monterey Sofa Set
Sale price: $5379.00 (Save 10%)

3 Pc. Rockport Sofa Set FP-ROC-3SS
Sale price: $1185.00 (Save 33%)

3 Piece Pavilion Sofa Set FP-PAV-3SS-SW
Sale price: $3466.00 (Save 24%)

4 Pc. Arlan Sofa Set
Sale price: $8731.00 (Save 30%)

4 Pc. Avian Sofa Set
Sale price: $15979.00 (Save 30%)

4 Pc. Club Sofa Set PWS147
Sale price: $2049.00 (Save 29%)

4 Pc. Cosmopolitan Sofa Set 701840-SET
Sale price: $2986.00 (Save 33%)

4 Pc. Key Biscayne Sofa Set
Sale price: $6950.70 (Save 10%)

4 Pc. Lake Shore Sofa Set
Sale price: $4250.70 (Save 10%)

4 Pc. Miami Sofa Set ISP845-4S
Sale price: $1032.00 (Save 41%)

4 Pc. Monterey Sofa Set
Sale price: $3996.00 (Save 31%)

4 Pc. Rockport Sofa Set FP-ROC-4SS
Sale price: $1213.00 (Save 33%)

4 Pc. Venice Sofa Set
Sale price: $2987.00 (Save 28%)

4 Piece Lassiter Loveseat Set with Teak Table FP-LAS-4LS-AL-TK-LC
Sale price: $2220.00 (Save 25%)