The Best Patio Furniture Sectional Ever?

At Patio Productions, we are on a never-ending quest to discover the greatest outdoor deep seating furniture in the world. Do we have the best patio furniture sectionals ever? We like to think so.

If you plan on changing your home's "look," you can't go wrong by starting with your outdoor space. Quickly replacing old and outdated patio furniture with new and improved models, especially high quality furnishings such as those listed in our expansive product catalog, is a great decision that will exceed expectations and prove to be a truly great investment.

And what makes our unique collection of outdoor sectional furniture sets such outstanding investments? Try zero-hassle maintenance, paired with the best materials on the market today, and our very own quality guarantee. Our unique resin wicker material will not fade and is completely waterproof, so your patio furniture sectional will stand strong and look great for years, no matter what Mother Nature throws at it. And all of our upholstery is covered with luxury Sunbrella fabrics - the leader in high quality, long lasting weatherproof material. Unlike rattan wicker, our wicker blend is a breeze to clean and requires next to no maintenance.

Imagine how great your backyard will look, and how comfortable your guests will be, with your amazing new outdoor deep seating furniture taking center stage. Go ahead, you can say it - at Patio Productions, we have the best patio furniture sectionals ever!
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Outdoor Sofa Sets

Barbados 7-Piece Deep Seating Group BDDSG7C
Sale price: $4369.75 (Save 45%)

Belize 6-Pc. Sofa Set
Sale price: $5326.00 (Save 33%)

Bimini All Weather Wicker 4 Piece Seating Group 47-1234
Sale price: $745.00 (Save 21%)

Biscay 5 Pc. Sofa Set
Sale price: $4338.00 (Save 33%)

Bridgetown 4-Piece Deep Seating Group BTDSG4
Sale price: $3731.20 (Save 45%)

Bridgetown Curved Seating Group BTDSG5
Sale price: $2962.30 (Save 45%)

Cornwall Woven Wood Deep Seating Conversation Set 46-3004
Sale price: $5998.00 (Save 21%)

Cotswold Deep Seating Conversation Set 43-1103
Sale price: $2295.00 (Save 23%)

Gibson All Weather Wicker Deep Seating Conversation Set 43-1251
Sale price: $2295.00 (Save 23%)

Indies 5 Pc. Sofa Set
Sale price: $4244.00 (Save 33%)

Laguna 3 Pc. Sofa Set 3501-21-SET
Sale price: $3990.00 (Save 28%)

Laguna 5 Pc. Sofa Set 3501-23-SET
Sale price: $4972.00 (Save 28%)

Manhattan 4 Pc. Sectional Set 3301-SEC-SET2
Sale price: $3936.00 (Save 28%)

Manhattan 6 Pc. Sectional Set 3301-SEC-SET
Sale price: $5227.00 (Save 28%)

Manhattan Conversation Set 3301-22-SET
Sale price: $3786.00 (Save 29%)

Rome 8-Piece Deep Seating Group with Fire Table RMDSG8
Sale price: $5981.25 (Save 45%)