Patio Couches

Have you ever been sitting on a piece of outdoor furniture, such as a luxury patio sectional, and noticed that the cushions were not that comfortable as they should have been? With our cushions that is not a problem. With regards to our pieces, the cushions are a major part of the design and give each piece its distinguished appearance.

Our cushions are created out of top of the line weather proof fillings and fabrics. The cushion filling is quick dry allowing for the elimination of wetness in a timely manner. This moisture elimination also prevents both mold and mildew. The interior of each cushion is also made of high quality foam to allow for durability and maximum comfort.

Cover your patio couches in one of our eighty Sunbrella fabrics! Our fabrics are state of the art and are made to resist fading. Stains, what stains? With our Sunbrella fabric options, stains are no longer a nuisance to be worried about. Dirt and spills can simply be spot cleaned. Our fabrics are also machine washable.

Our cushions can also be customized and made to order allowing for your patio couches to flatter your outdoor décor. A variety of fabric colors and designs ranging from solids to strips and even intricate patterns are available. Each cushion also comes with the additional option of piping in the same color or contrasting color, adding to the overall look and durability.

Additional decorative cushions and pillows can also be purchased in a variety of sizes to create the perfect accessory for any patio furnishing.
So what better way to spruce up your outdoor living space then with new comfortable and functional patio cushions?
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Outdoor Sofa Sets

4 Piece Miramar Plantation Teak Sofa Set FP-MIR-4SS-TK
Sale price: $3732.00 (Save 24%)

4 Piece Pavilion Sofa Set FP-PAV-4SS-SW
Sale price: $3882.00 (Save 24%)

4 Piece Reclaimed Teak Sofa Set FP-ANA-4SS-TK
Sale price: $3103.00 (Save 24%)

4 Piece Winslow Sofa Set FP-WIN-4SS-CO
Sale price: $1869.00 (Save 25%)

5 Pc. Club Sofa Set PWS148
Sale price: $4395.00 (Save 31%)

5 Pc. Island Cove Sofa Set (PJO-8001-ESP-5PCS)
Sale price: $1099.00 (Save 25%)

5 Pc. Key Biscayne Sofa Set (PJO-7001-ATQ-5PLS)
Sale price: $2649.00 (Save 25%)

5 Pc. Lake Shore Sofa Set
Sale price: $5350.50 (Save 10%)

5 Pc. Madeira Cushion Sectional Sofa
Sale price: $5069.70 (Save 24%)

5 Pc. Rockport Sofa Set FP-ROC-5SS
Sale price: $1637.00 (Save 32%)

5 Piece Pavilion Sofa Set FP-PAV-5SS-SW
Sale price: $5330.00 (Save 24%)

6 Pc. San Michelle Sofa Set
Sale price: $3645.00 (Save 30%)

6 Piece Hilton Head Sectional Set FP-HH-6SEC-EB
Sale price: $1623.00 (Save 25%)

7 Pc. Jax Chat Set
Sale price: $3185.00 (Save 35%)

8 Pc. New Haven Deep Seating Conversation Set
Sale price: $7516.40 (Save 23%)

Allegro 5-Pc. Sofa Set
Sale price: $3614.00 (Save 33%)

Aragon 5-Pc. Sofa Set
Sale price: $2778.00 (Save 33%)

Aragon 7-Pc. Sofa Set with Round Fire Table
Sale price: $5440.00 (Save 33%)