Outdoor Sectional Furniture for Longevity

If a remodel is in the works then it is important not to neglect your outdoor space. Replacing your old and out of date patio furniture with our outdoor deep seating patio furniture could be the best decision you have ever made. Not only is this furniture fabulous and functional, it is also unquestionably some of the easiest to maintain.

With patio furniture spending every day, all day out suffering the exposure of Mother Nature it is important to take maintenance into consideration. Design and materials of the outdoor sectional determine the ease at which the furniture can be kept up. Many pieces of our outdoor sectional furniture are crafted out of an aluminum frame and wrapped in high quality polyethylene wicker. The aluminum frame is rust resistant and therefore does not need to be constantly coated to protect it. The wicker is infused with UV-inhibitors that prevent fading and cracking thereby reducing the need to cover or store the furniture from the blazing summer sun. With high winds, dust and debris get trapped in crevices. This is easily taken care of by simply hosing off your furnishings which are water resistant.

Our teak outdoor furniture has its own natural oils which give it water resistant, bug resistant, mold and decay resistant qualities. These qualities allow this furniture to be left out in any weather condition.

Not only is our furniture crafted with durability and longevity but also with convenience and ease of maintaining it in mind. So why not add a piece of our affordable, functional, and convenient pieces to your home?
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Outdoor Sofa Sets

4 Pc. Leucadia Sofa Set
Sale price: $4853.00 (Save 26%)

5 Pc. Rubiks Sofa Set
Sale price: $1038.00 (Save 20%)

3 Pc. Cypress Sofa Set FP-CYP-3SS-HR
Sale price: $2876.00 (Save 31%)

3 Pc. District Club Chair Set HL-DIS-TS-3CC
Sale price: $999.00 (Save 23%)

4 Pc. Addison Sofa Set
Sale price: $1815.00 (Save 35%)

4 Pc. Catalina Chat Set FP-CAT-4CH
Sale price: $2971.00 (Save 31%)

4 Pc. Catalina Sofa Set FP-CAT-4SS
Sale price: $2511.00 (Save 31%)

4 Piece Winslow Loveseat Set FP-WIN-4LS-CO
Sale price: $1829.00 (Save 25%)

5 Pc. Catalina Chat Set FP-CAT-5CH
Sale price: $4593.00 (Save 31%)

5 Pc. Island Breeze Sofa Set with Cushions (PJO-1001-ESP-5PCL)
Sale price: $2359.00 (Save 25%)

5 Pc. Key Biscayne Sofa Set (PJO-7001-ATQ-5PCS)
Sale price: $2149.00 (Save 27%)

5 Pc. Navajo Interlocking Chat Set
Sale price: $949.00 (Save 14%)

6 Pc. Catalina Sofa Set FP-CAT-6SS
Sale price: $3640.00 (Save 31%)

7 Pc. Olympus Sectional Set
Sale price: $4000.00 (Save 25%)

Island Breeze 5 pc. Sling Seating Group (PJO-1001-ESP-5PCS)
Sale price: $979.00 (Save 26%)

10 Pc. Dakoda Deep Seating Sectional
Sale price: $7301.40 (Save 22%)

12 PC. Madeira Cushion Sectional Set
Sale price: $12153.95 (Save 24%)

3 Pc. Arlan Sofa Set
Sale price: $5307.00 (Save 30%)