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Outdoor Club Chairs

With ample seating room for one person, outdoor club chairs are perfect for unwinding by your pool or patio after a long day. There is nothing like the feeling of sinking into a deep club chair with arm rests and having your back, legs, and arms supported throughout by thick cozy cushions. Add an ottoman to put your feet up with an end table for drinks, and you’ve got the essentials of a perfect outdoor seating space, and a perfect Sunday afternoon.

At Patio Productions, we select the best outdoor club chairs from the top patio furniture manufacturers, including Sunset West, Forever Patio, North Cape International, and Harmonia Living. They offer complete collections to match your club chair if you ever decide to add more pieces, such as sofas and coffee tables. You’re sure to find something to match your style, whether you like something modern, traditional, or contemporary.

Thanks to the high quality construction methods and materials, many of our club chairs come with warranties that ensure you will be enjoying your new furniture for years to come. Most chairs are available with Sunbrella fabric cushions. Sunbrella is the most reliable outdoor fabric and offers hundreds of color and pattern options for your club chair cushions.

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  1. Albany Cushion Club Chair AB-483
    was $1,185.00 Special Price $770.25
  2. Albany Cushion Spring Swivel Club Chair AB-486
    was $1,562.00 Special Price $1,015.30
  3. Dakoda Cushion Armless Club Chair DK-493
    was $1,475.00 Special Price $958.75
  4. Dakoda Cushion Club Chair DK-483
    was $1,530.00 Special Price $994.50
  5. Dakoda Cushion Spring Swivel Club Chair DK-486
    was $1,815.00 Special Price $1,179.75
  6. Georgetown Cushion Armless Club Chair GT-493
    was $2,122.00 Special Price $1,379.30
  7. Georgetown Cushion Club Chair GT-483
    was $1,775.00 Special Price $1,153.75
  8. Georgetown Cushion Spring Swivel Club Chair GT-486
    was $2,064.00 Special Price $1,341.60
  9. Heritage Cushion Club Chair HE-483
    was $1,501.00 Special Price $975.65
  10. Heritage Cushion Left Arm Chair HE-496
    was $1,937.00 Special Price $1,259.05
  11. Heritage Cushion Spring Swivel Club Chair HE-486
    was $1,732.00 Special Price $1,125.80
  12. Sarasota Cushion Club Chair SO-483
    was $1,540.00 Special Price $1,001.00
  13. Sarasota Cushion Spring Swivel Club Chair SO-486
    was $1,726.00 Special Price $1,121.90
  14. Volare Cushion Armless Club Chair VO-893
    was $1,673.00 Special Price $1,087.45
  15. Volare Cushion Club Chair VO-883
    was $1,457.00 Special Price $947.05
  16. Volare Cushion Spring Swivel Club Chair VO-886
    was $1,686.00 Special Price $1,095.90
  17. Sarasota Cushion Armless Club Chair SO-493
    was $1,330.00 Special Price $864.50
  18. Oslo Cushion Spring Swivel Club Chair OS-486
    was $1,427.40 Special Price $1,098.00
  19. Oslo Cushion Club Chair OS-483
    was $1,245.40 Special Price $958.00
  20. Palisades Cushion Spring Swivel Club Chair PE-786
    was $1,419.60 Special Price $1,092.00
  21. Palisades Cushion Club Chair PE-783
    was $1,302.60 Special Price $1,002.00

21 Items

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