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Outdoor bar sets are a great way for creating an intimate outdoor dining experience! Whether you're hoping to renovate the look of your own backyard or the outdoor dining area of your restaurant, an outdoor bar set makes a beautiful statement for the entire area. Our collection of bar sets range from stylish and bold to the simple and refined style of modern design to give you a variety of outdoor bar sets to choose from.

Most outdoor bar sets come with two bar chairs or stools with an accompanying bar table. If you're hoping to give your outdoor dining area a rustic, classy look, choosing a bar set with lots of style and intricate designs will do the job perfectly. Usually, these classy outdoor bar sets are made from cast aluminum because it is easier to create beautiful designs on the seat and tabletops. If your outdoor dining area needs a modern makeover, wicker bar sets are the key. These wicker bar sets tend to be more modern in style and simple in design because the wicker itself offers a rich, sophisticated look.

Choosing the design you'd like for your new bar set is just the beginning. How big and how tall you'd like your bar set to be is another important aspect to creating the perfect bar set for your outdoor area. We've divided our outdoor bar sets into two categories – counter and bar height. Bar height patio furniture are great for adding to your pre-existing outdoor bar, while counter height bar sets offer a shorter set that can be incorporated to any counter 27" or lower.

Regardless of what kind of outdoor bar set you need, we're here to help you find exactly what you're looking for! If you like a certain style but can't find the options that you need to make it perfect, call us and we can work with you to create the perfect bar set!
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Outdoor Bar Sets

3 Pc. St. Barths Bar Set PJO-3001-BRN-3PCP/3PSB
Sale price: $895.00 (Save 28%)

5 Pc. Eden Bar Set
Sale price: $1599.00 (Save 23%)

5 Pc. La Casa Cafe Bar Set PWS172-1
Sale price: $1649.00 (Save 29%)

5 Pc. Nautical Bar Set PWS144-1
Sale price: $1895.00 (Save 31%)

Barbados 3 pc. Bar Set 22-3014
Sale price: $1870.00 (Save 22%)

Bridgetown 5-Piece Counter Set 44" Dynasty SQCTDY44-BT
Sale price: $1612.05 (Save 45%)

Bridgetown 5-Piece Counter Set 52" Monarch RCTMN52
Sale price: $1988.25 (Save 45%)

Cornwall Woven Wood Bar Set with 36" Square Table 46-3000
Sale price: $3999.00 (Save 23%)

Island Breeze 3 pc. Pub Table Set (PJO-1001-ESP-3PCP)
Sale price: $699.00 (Save 28%)

Island Breeze 3 pc. Slatted Bar Set (PJO-1001-ESP-3PBR/3PSB)
Sale price: $929.00 (Save 26%)

Island Breeze 3 pc. Slatted Pub Table Set PJO-1001-ESP-3PBRSB
Sale price: $949.00 (Save 25%)

Jamaica 5-Piece Bar Set JMBST5
Sale price: $2275.35 (Save 45%)

Laguna 5-Piece Counter Set 44" Dynasty SQCTDY44-LG1
Sale price: $1642.85 (Save 45%)

Laguna 5-Piece Counter Set 52" Monarch RCTMN52-LG1
Sale price: $2019.05 (Save 45%)

Naples 5 pc. Bar Set 22-3008
Sale price: $2949.00 (Save 22%)

Naples 7 pc. Bar Set 22-3011
Sale price: $4209.00 (Save 22%)

Tutto All Weather Wicker Bar Height Dining Set 43-1309
Sale price: $2299.00 (Save 35%)

Tutto All Weather Wicker Mezzo Bar Set 43-1312
Sale price: $2398.00 (Save 20%)