Outdoor Bar Height Dining Sets - Dazzle Your Outdoor Decor

It can be rather difficult to pick a premade dining set if you're hoping to create a unique style for your outdoor dining set or if you already have an outdoor dining table and just need wicker dining chairs to accompany it. With our large selection of individual outdoor dining chairs, there is bound to be a style of dining chair that is right for your dining table or outdoor space.

The perfect outdoor dining chair is one that combines durability with style and comfort. Having a heavy-duty dining chair that is uncomfortable to sit on is as equally insufficient as a dining chair that is gorgeous in style, but breaks down within a couple months of use. Thanks to modern technology and our selection of only the finest made styles, our collection of outdoor dining chairs are as durable as they are beautiful.

The most popular type of outdoor dining chairs today is the wicker dining chair. Not only is synthetic wicker one of the most durable materials used in outdoor furniture, it is also very low in maintenance and comes in a large variety of styles and designs. Whether you like your dining set to have armed chairs or armless chairs, having wicker dining chairs for your outdoor bar height dining sets makes keeping your outdoor space looking beautiful a breeze. High quality outdoor wicker dining chairs are usually made from high density polyethylene wicker – a material that is well known for its all-weather durability and UV protected finishing process. This ensures that your new wicker dining chair won't peel, fade, warp, or crack from long exposures to the elements.
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Dining Chairs

Hampton Dining Arm Chair FP-HAM-DAC
Sale price: $326.00 (Save 30%)

2 Pc. Lucca Dining Side Chair ISP026
Sale price: $198.00 (Save 41%)

Capistrano 2-Seater Dining Bench FP-CAP-DB-MC
Sale price: $732.00 (Save 30%)

Hampton Dining Side Chair FP-HAM-DSC
Sale price: $251.00 (Save 30%)

4 Pc. Diva Dining Arm Chair ISP028
Sale price: $396.00 (Save 45%)

Capistrano Dining Arm Chair FP-CAP-DAC-MC
Sale price: $434.00 (Save 30%)

Capistrano Dining Side Chair FP-CAP-DSC-MC
Sale price: $336.00 (Save 30%)

Cypress 2-Seater Dining Bench FP-CYP-DLS-HR
Sale price: $721.00 (Save 30%)

Cypress Dining Side Chair FP-CYP-DSC-HR
Sale price: $330.00 (Save 30%)

Euro Dining Arm Chair A200
Sale price: $299.00 (Save 31%)

Euro Dining Side Chair A100
Sale price: $259.00 (Save 32%)

Hampton 2-Seater Dining Bench FP-HAM-DLSB
Sale price: $572.00 (Save 30%)

Island Breeze Dining Arm Chair (PJO-1001-ESP-AC)
Sale price: $149.00 (Save 26%)

Marin Dining Arm Chair
Sale price: $758.00 (Save 35%)

San Michelle Dining Side Chair (710-1S)
Sale price: $335.00 (Save 31%)

Soho Dining Arm Chair (903-3304-JBP-A)
Sale price: $315.00 (Save 28%)

Soho Dining Side Chair (903-3304-JBP-S)
Sale price: $275.00 (Save 29%)

2 Pc. Air Dining Side Chair ISP014
Sale price: $250.00 (Save 40%)