Wicker Chairs

If you wish you could spend more time enjoying your backyard, then it is time to look into outdoor dining. Dining outside is a great way to entertain friends, family, and guests. Of course, no set is complete without wicker dining chairs. You can often find them in sets, but do not let that limit you. By buying dining chairs separately ,you can customize the amount of seating. If you already own a table, we have many styles to choose from. Our modern dining chairs feature sleek designs that are bold, yet not over-the-top. Some of these designs are minimalist, making them suited for almost anywhere. If you are looking for more traditional styles, we carry those as well. No matter what your taste, you can also find additional customization in the cushions. Many of our outdoor dining chairs have cushions with many all-weather fabric options, like Sunbrella®. Some can even be ordered with contrast welting for personal flair.

Our wicker chairs are some of the best all-around options for outdoor seating. They are made from a high density polyethylene wicker (HDPE), which is an industry favorite for durability, comfort, and versatility. HDPE is resistant to UV damage, fading, mildew, and chipping. Each strand has textured solid color through and through. That means you never have to worry about flakey paint and color loss. It is also capable of giving the wicker a natural or modern look, adding to its usefulness. HDPE is also recyclable, making it one of the most sustainable options for outdoor furniture. Wicker is also great for allowing heat to escape. You can enjoy cold drinks in the hot summer with wicker dining chairs.
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Dining Chairs

2 Pc. Ares Dining Side Chair ISP009
Sale price: $198.00 (Save 41%)

2 Pc. Aruba Arm Chair ISP804
Sale price: $350.00 (Save 30%)

2 Pc. Bee Dining Side Chair ISP021
Sale price: $390.00 (Save 22%)

2 Pc. Bo Dining Side Chair ISP005
Sale price: $390.00 (Save 22%)

2 Pc. California Dining Arm Chair ISP806
Sale price: $290.00 (Save 28%)

2 Pc. Capri Dining Arm Chair ISP820
Sale price: $240.00 (Save 40%)

2 Pc. Crystal Dining Arm Chair ISP052
Sale price: $498.00 (Save 45%)

2 Pc. Elizabeth Dining Side Chair ISP034
Sale price: $398.00 (Save 33%)

2 Pc. Florida Dining Side Chair ISP816
Sale price: $198.00 (Save 48%)

2 Pc. Ibiza Dining Arm Chair ISP810
Sale price: $250.00 (Save 47%)

2 Pc. Juliette Dining Side Chair ISP045
Sale price: $158.00 (Save 34%)

2 Pc. Maya Dining Side Chair ISP025
Sale price: $198.00 (Save 41%)

2 Pc. Miranda Dining Side Chair ISP039
Sale price: $250.00 (Save 34%)

2 Pc. Panama Dining Arm Chair ISP808
Sale price: $250.00 (Save 47%)

2 Pc. Soho Dining Side Chair ISP054
Sale price: $250.00 (Save 34%)

2 Pc. Tiffany Dining Side Chair ISP018
Sale price: $158.00 (Save 34%)

2 Pc. Verona Dining Side Chair ISP830
Sale price: $198.00 (Save 46%)

2 Pc. Vita Dining Side Chair SP049
Sale price: $158.00 (Save 34%)