Dining Chairs

Sometimes, a dining set is just too much to handle – whether it's because you love the dining table, but not the chair, or vice versa, a complete dining set is not for everyone. With our great selection of solo outdoor dining chairs, you can make your own dining set that's perfect for you and your outdoor setting!

Unlike indoor dining chairs, outdoor dining chairs have a much wider variety of styles to choose from. Whether you like your dining chairs to have deep seating like a club chair, or a more intimate, yet casual look like a dining bench, we've got them all! Choose from our great selection of wicker dining chairs, dining benches, and cast aluminum dining chairs!

Some of our dining chair models are paired with durable, UV-treated outdoor cushions. When you add a Sunbrella cushion to your dining chairs, you provide you and your guests with an added bit of comfort to make outdoor dining as wonderful, if not grander, than indoor dining! We also offer a myriad of colors to choose from, providing you with a customizable option to make your new dining chair perfect for your outdoor setting.

Our separate dining chairs are also great for adding to the dining set you love too! Give your matching dining set extra chairs to make your outdoor setting party-ready for the warm summer days to come! If you have any questions about our selection of dining chairs, give us a call and we will be more than happy to help you!
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Dining Chairs

Sands Dining Arm Chair HL-SNDS-SD-DAC
Sale price: $249.00 (Save 23%)

Sands Dining Side Chair HL-SNDS-SD-DSC
Sale price: $229.00 (Save 23%)

Sylvan Teak Dining Arm Chair HL-SYLV-TK-DAC
Sale price: $179.00 (Save 23%)

District Dining Arm Chair (Set of 2) HL-DIS-TS-2DAC
Sale price: $358.00 (Save 23%)

District Dining Side Chair (Set of 2) HL-DIS-TS-2DSC
Sale price: $298.00 (Save 23%)

Urbana Dining Arm Chair (set of 2) HL-URBN-CB-DAC
Sale price: $358.00 (Save 48%)

Urbana Dining Side Chair (set of 2) HL-URBN-CB-DSC
Sale price: $298.00 (Save 31%)

Arden Dining Arm Chair HL-ARD-CH-DAC
Sale price: $269.00 (Save 31%)

Exo Dining Arm Chair - Jet Black HL-EXO-DAC-JBB
Sale price: $399.00 (Save 36%)

Arbor 3-Seater Dining Bench HL-AR-CB-DB
Sale price: $449.00 (Save 30%)

Arbor Dining Arm Chair HL-AR-CB-DAC
Sale price: $299.00 (Save 30%)

Arbor Dining Side Chair HL-AR-CB-DSC
Sale price: $219.00 (Save 30%)

Acapulco Dining Arm Chair (set of 2) HL-ACA-DSC
Sale price: $298.00 (Save 31%)

Brasserie Dining Arm Chair HL-BRASS-SB-DAC
Sale price: $159.00 (Save 31%)

Barbados Dining Arm Chair FP-BAR-DAC-EB
Sale price: $293.00 (Save 30%)

Barbados Dining Side Chair FP-BAR-DSC-EB
Sale price: $236.00 (Save 30%)

Cypress Dining Arm Chair FP-CYP-DAC-HR
Sale price: $429.00 (Save 30%)

Boracay Dining Arm Chair (set of 2) 701021
Sale price: $596.00 (Save 33%)