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Commercial Chaise Lounges

Our commercial chaise lounges are some of the comfiest chair options you can bring to your hotel poolside or resort. Almost all of the chaise lounges we carry are adjustable which means your guests will have an easy time finding the perfect position to relax in. If you want to check out more commercial outdoor furniture options, check out our commercial furniture page!

All of our lounges come with Sunbrella cushions, so you won’t have to worry about low quality cushions or fading. We have a variety of frames, but the most common are cast aluminum and wicker. The cast aluminum is a strong, light frame material that will be able to hold up to the high volume traffic of a commercial space. The low weight of the cast aluminum frame makes it easy for guests and employees alike to move the lounges around to find the perfect spot to sit back and relax. The wicker frames available are made from a synthetic all weather wicker that won’t crack, unravel or fade. All frames available are extremely low maintenance. A quick rinse with water should be enough to wash away any dirt.

The appeal of having chaise lounges at hotels and resorts comes from the sense of luxury and style they bring to any outdoor space. Being able to relax and recline at one's leisure is often a simple comfort that many don’t have at their own home.

We’re confident you will be able to find a style that matches the atmosphere of your commercial outdoor space. The Sunbrella cushions come in hundreds of different fabrics, which should make it easy to find the perfect fit. If you’re still having a difficult time deciding on the right fit for your space, our team of outdoor furniture professionals will be able to help you make the right decision. We want you to feel confident in your choice of commercial chaise lounge. Feel free to reach out and contact us and we’ll be happy to help. Our goal is to help you set up the commercial outdoor poolside or patio space of your dreams!

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  1. Urbana Reclining Chaise Lounge HL-URBN-CB-RCL
    was $1,010.00 Special Price $410.00
  2. La Jolla Chaise 401-9
    was $1,362.00 Special Price $996.30
  3. Emerald II Adjustable Chaise 1802-9
    was $1,467.00 Special Price $1,073.11
  4. Coronado Double Chaise 2101-99
    was $3,192.00 Special Price $2,234.40
  5. Venice Double Chaise 1089-99
    was $2,397.00 Special Price $1,753.41
  6. Laguna Chaise Lounge 3501-9
    was $1,677.00 Special Price $1,226.73
  7. Solana Chaises with Nesting Tables 1501-9-SET
    was $2,961.00 Special Price $2,072.70
  8. Montecito Double Chaise 2501-99
    was $3,192.00 Special Price $2,234.40
  9. Leucadia Single Adjustable Chaise Lounge 2601-9
    was $1,497.00 Special Price $1,095.06
  10. Manhattan Adjustable Chaise Lounge 3301-9
    was $1,497.00 Special Price $1,095.06
  11. Laguna Double Chaise Lounge 3501-99
    was $2,697.00 Special Price $1,972.86
  12. Montecito Single Adjustable Chaise 2501-9
    was $1,587.00 Special Price $1,160.89
  13. Solana Chaise 1501-9
    was $1,257.00 Special Price $919.50
  14. Monterey Chaise Lounge 3001-9
    was $1,680.00 Special Price $1,228.92
  15. Coronado Wicker Single Chaise Lounge 2101-9
    was $1,587.00 Special Price $1,160.89
  16. Milano Adjustable Chaise 4101-9
    was $1,923.00 Special Price $1,314.51
  17. Cardiff Single Adjustable Chaise Lounge 2901-9
    was $1,497.00 Special Price $1,095.06
  18. La Jolla Chaises with End Table 401-9-SET
    was $2,967.00 Special Price $2,174.61
  19. La Jolla Double Chaise 401-99
    was $2,415.00 Special Price $1,766.57
  20. Redondo Adjustable Chaise 3801-9
    was $1,197.00 Special Price $896.55
  21. Provence Chaise Lounge 3201-9
    was $1,347.00 Special Price $985.33

21 Items

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