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Aluminum Dining Tables

Aluminum dining tables are a solid choice for any outdoor space. One of the many benefits of aluminum outdoor furniture is that it can come in many different finishes and is very easy to work with. We have a wide range of tables to choose from, in styles from traditional to modern, and everything in between. There are cast aluminum options that are finished to look like wood, and other tables that have fireplaces built in! The possibilities are endless! We’re confident that you’ll be able to find something that fits your patio without any problem.

There are many benefits to purchasing cast aluminum dining tables. Aluminum is consistently one of our most popular types of patio furniture material. The other materials we carry are great too, but you can’t ignore all the perks of aluminum. The first is the strength and durability of the metal. Our favorite aspect of cast and thick-gauge aluminum is that it doesn’t rust! This means you can leave your dining table out in inclement weather without worrying about damaging it. To give you further peace of mind, the metal outdoor furniture we carry is all powder coated - it’s like double protection from mother nature!

The maintenance for aluminum is also extremely low. Since it doesn’t rust at all, you don’t have to worry about covering it or moving it under cover every time it might rain. If it is starting to look a little dirty, there’s a very easy fix. To clean up your aluminum table, you just need to give it a quick rinse and pat it down with a dry rag. It’s as easy as that! No need to worry about refinishing it or protecting it from rust like other materials.

Finally, the lightweight aspect of aluminum is awesome! If you’re like us, sometimes you feel the need to rearrange your patio. Having the same arrangement can start to get a little stale after some time. Usually, moving patio furniture (especially bulky tables) around can be a pain because of the weight of some of these pieces. Aluminum is extremely lightweight which makes moving it a breeze! No need to recruit friends and family to move a dining set a couple feet. The new trend with cast aluminum is creating pieces that stack easily. If you’re hosting and need to make some room for your guests, being able to stack your furniture is a huge plus.

If you have any questions about our outdoor aluminum dining tables, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We have a team of patio dining experts who would love to help you out! Our goal is to help you create the patio of your dreams.

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  1. Cast Slats 54" Round Dining Table C0154RD-01-CRPN
    was $843.00 Special Price $562.00
  2. Cast Slats Rectangular Dining Table C014482-01-TBPN
    was $1,185.00 Special Price $790.00
  3. Cast Slats Square Dining Table C014444-01-CRPN
    was $717.00 Special Price $478.00
  4. Belize 54" Round Dining Table V0254RD-01-TRLN
    was $1,995.00 Special Price $1,330.00
  5. Belize Rectangular Dining Table V028244-01-TRLN
    was $2,982.00 Special Price $1,988.00
  6. Center Ring Slats 48" Round Dining Table L1248RD-01-FPCN
    was $1,119.00 Special Price $649.00
  7. Center Ring Slats 54" Round Dining Table L1254RD-01-FPCN
    was $1,353.00 Special Price $902.00
  8. Center Ring Slats Rectangular Dining Table L124484-01-FPCN
    was $1,803.00 Special Price $1,099.00
  9. Embossed Wood Grain Slat 54" Round Dining Table 17004510
    was $1,152.00 Special Price $768.00
  10. Embossed Wood Grain Slat Rectangular Dining Table 17004589
    was $1,467.00 Special Price $978.00
  11. Fauxwood 54" Round Dining Table 17004978
    was $1,920.00 Special Price $1,299.00
  12. Fauxwood Rectangular Dining Table 17004961
    was $2,487.00 Special Price $1,699.00
  13. Fauxwood 84" x 44" Rectangular Fire Pit Dining Table 17005531
    was $4,383.00 Special Price $2,922.00
  14. Island Breeze 30" Round Bistro Table (PJO-1001-ESP-BT)
    was $297.00 Special Price $219.00
  15. Island Breeze 42" Round Dining Table (PJO-1001-ESP-42)
    was $396.00 Special Price $289.00
  16. Island Breeze 60" Square Dining Table (PJO-1001-ESP-60)
    was $780.00 Special Price $579.00
  17. Island Breeze 60x36" Rectangular Dining Table (PJO-1001-ESP-RT)
    was $597.00 Special Price $439.00
  18. La Jolla 48" Round Dining Table 401-T48
    was $675.00 Special Price $473.00
  19. La Jolla 72x42" Rectangular Dining Table 401-T72
    was $897.00 Special Price $628.00
  20. Laguna 48" Square Table 3501-T48
    was $1,197.00 Special Price $838.00
  21. Laguna 90" Table 3501-T90
    was $1,497.00 Special Price $1,048.00
  22. Lisbon 6-Seat Dining Table HL-LIS-WHT-6RCDT
    was $419.00 Special Price $299.00
  23. Mixed Material Cast 48" Round Dining Table C1448RD-01-CRCN
    was $1,482.00 Special Price $988.00
  24. Mixed Material Cast 54" Round Dining Table C1454RD-01-CRCN
    was $1,626.00 Special Price $1,084.00
  25. Mixed Material Cast Rectangular Dining Table C144484-01-TBCN
    was $2,148.00 Special Price $1,432.00
  26. Mixed Material Cast Square Dining Table C144444-01-CRCN
    was $1,440.00 Special Price $960.00
  27. Oslo 6-Seat Dining Table HL-OSL-WHT-6RCDT
    was $290.00 Special Price $229.00
  28. Plymouth Bay MGP/Aluminum 32" x 64" Dining Table
    was $1,020.00 Special Price $918.00
  29. Post Leg Slats 48" Round Chat Table L8848RD-01-FPPN
    was $885.00 Special Price $590.00
  30. Post Leg Slats 54" Round Dining Table L8854RD-01-FPTN
    was $1,158.00 Special Price $599.00
  31. Post Leg Slats Rectangular Dining Table L884484-01-TBTN
    was $1,392.00 Special Price $799.00
  32. San Michelle 48" Round Dining Table (710A-48)
    was $895.00 Special Price $629.00
  33. San Michelle 72x42" Rectangular Dining Table (710C-72)
    was $1,390.00 Special Price $975.00
  34. San Michelle 96x42" Rectangular Dining Table (710C-96)
    was $2,245.00 Special Price $1,570.00
  35. Stone 54" Round Dining Table V1354RD-01-TRTN
    was $1,734.00 Special Price $1,156.00
  36. Stone Coffee Table V133244-01-TRTN
    was $1,197.00 Special Price $798.00
  37. Stone Rectangular Dining Table V138444-01-TRTN
    was $2,427.00 Special Price $1,618.00
  38. Traditional Cast 54" Round Chat Table C8354RD-01-CRPN
    was $582.00 Special Price $388.00
  39. Traditional Cast 54" Round Dining Table C8854RD-01-CRPN
    was $606.00 Special Price $404.00
  40. Traditional Cast Rectangular Dining Table C884484-01-TBPN
    was $864.00 Special Price $576.00
  41. Trinidad F-Top 48" Round Dining Table B3748-F048U
    was $1,255.80 Special Price $966.00
  42. Monterey 60" Dining Table 3001-T60
    was $1,497.00 Special Price $1,048.00
  43. Aluminum Grey Rectangle Creatop Table A853863-01-CGGN
    was $849.00 Special Price $566.00
  44. Aluminum Grey Rectangle Glass Table A853863-01-GGGN
    was $633.00 Special Price $422.00
  45. Trinidad Slate Top 42x84" Rectangular Dining Table B3784-J284U
    was $2,678.00 Special Price $2,060.00
  46. Redondo 48" Square Dining Table 3801-T48
    was $1,197.00 Special Price $838.00
  47. Aluminum Grey Round Creatop Table A8544RD-01-CGGN
    was $543.00 Special Price $362.00

56 items

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