Harmonia Living

Harmonia Living is an up-and-coming manufacturer of outdoor wicker furniture from San Diego, California, where patio living is in vogue all year round!

An owner-operated furniture manufacturer, Harmonia Living was born out of a desire to provide a middle-of-the-road solution to consumers looking for high quality wicker lounge furniture, without having to pay the exorbitant prices associated with most luxury brands.

Most manufacturers sell furniture that is either cheaply made, or outright expensive; why would you pay as much for your rattan couch as you would for an automobile? And on the other hand, why would you pay less for a patio set that was doomed to fall apart on you in very little time?

The company began developing new materials and manufacturing methods in 2007 that incorporated powder-coated, industrial-strength aluminum frames and high-density polyethylene resin wicker in all their designs – the resin is less costly than organic wicker, but is also much stronger and is all but completely weather proof.

Then, Harmonia Living pairs their sturdy and affordable furniture with real Sunbrella-brand premium fabrics that are at the apex of the industry in terms of performance, comfort, and durability.

The company further innovated the manufacturing process by developing a system to produce fewer but longer wicker strands that are intricately woven together in unique and efficient patterns; the weave also negates the need to 'staple' the wicker to the frame, as is often the case with most major brands.

If you're looking for a cutting-edge patio set that's stylish and easily affordable, then Harmonia Living is the company for you! Be sure to visit their company site here: http://www.harmonialiving.com/

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Harmonia Living

8 Pc. Urbana Sectional Set HL-URBN-CB-8SEC
Sale price: $3499.00 (Save 30%)

4 Pc. Urbana Sofa Set HL-URBN-CB-4SS
Sale price: $2499.00 (Save 30%)

5 Pc. Urbana Dining Set HL-URBN-CB-5DS
Sale price: $809.00 (Save 30%)

7 Pc. District Curved Sectional Set HL-DIS-TS-7CSEC
Sale price: $5999.00 (Save 23%)

3 Pc. District Club Chair Set HL-DIS-TS-3CC
Sale price: $999.00 (Save 23%)

9 Pc. District Outdoor Dining Set HL-DIS-TS-9DS
Sale price: $1699.00 (Save 23%)

8 Pc. Arden Sectional Set HL-ARD-CH-8SEC
Sale price: $3999.00 (Save 30%)

9 Pc. Arden Dining Set HL-ARD-TK-9DS
Sale price: $3199.00 (Save 46%)

3 Pc. Arden Sofa Set HL-ARD-CH-3SS
Sale price: $2499.00 (Save 30%)

2 Pc. Acapulco Lounge Chair Set HL-ACA-2LC
Sale price: $498.00 (Save 31%)

3 Pc. Acapulco Chat Set HL-ACA-3CS
Sale price: $549.00 (Save 30%)

5 Pc. Acapulco Dining Set HL-ACA-5DS
Sale price: $999.00 (Save 30%)

9 Pc. Arbor Dining Set HL-AR-CB-9DS
Sale price: $2599.00 (Save 30%)

5 Pc. Arbor Bench Dining Set HL-AR-CB-5BDS
Sale price: $2499.00 (Save 23%)

2 Pc. Arbor Stackable Chaise Lounge Set HL-AR-CB-2SLS
Sale price: $798.00 (Save 30%)

8 Pc. Element Sectional Set HL-ELE-TP-8SEC
Sale price: $4199.00 (Save 30%)

3 Pc. Element Club Chair Set HL-ELE-TP-3CC
Sale price: $1099.00 (Save 30%)

5 Pc. Element Sofa Set HL-ELE-TP-5SS
Sale price: $3699.00 (Save 30%)